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  1. I know, but the best way to stop that is to keep the offense on the field and keep extending plays and eating up clock. Offense didn’t do enough in that regard. This is why we need a better Oline and RB. To beat physical teams you have to keep them off the field.
  2. They weren’t, but again, our offensive woes at times kept Tennessee around. The best defense is a good offense. We keep Tennessee 1 dimensional, we win. The way to beat teams like TB, Tennessee, and Cleveland is to score early and force them to throw the ball. We have proven we can beat 1 dimensional teams like KC this way.
  3. I think they are still good. We don’t play well against power teams. Our offense needs to be able to take over games against these kind of teams, to get a substantial lead early. If Josh goes 3 and out against a team like Tennessee and TB we become trapped and even more 1 dimensional than we already are. Every time we play teams like this, it’s apparent our Oline isn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl, but we are very close. If we had the Colts Oline we would win the super bowl this year, no doubt about it.
  4. We do need better trench play for certain. Whenever Allen has a clean pocket, he’s nearly unstoppable. I fully believe we are a LG/C away from being super bowl winners.
  5. It doesn’t matter, we are way to 1 dimensional and loss the point of attacks all to often. We need to invest more into the lines.
  6. It is a major issue. Allen has to dance back behind the line because he has no choice. I was always wishing we had the olines Peyton had. Clean pocket for days. Then watching our Oline get tossed around in the trenches when we need a nice run play or two. You are blind if you don’t see the Oline as a major problem.
  7. We don’t have power TEs or FB to play the bruiser game though. You could throw screens all day, but who blocks once teams figure out what you are doing. We are just to 1 dimensional. We are a poormans KC with a better defense.
  8. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m still really happy with this team, but like all of here I want to win a super bowl. The only way to do that is get past physical teams like Cleveland, Tennessee, Tampa, and KC. KC is just unbalanced as a team enough to the point we can play a little 1 dimensional to stop Mahomes. You can’t do that against teams like Cleveland, Tennessee, and Tampa. We are really close to winning a super bowl, I just think we are short a couple of players still. If we focus super hard on the Oline in the draft and get 1 FA difference maker on D, and I think we win next year.
  9. Our identity is obviously a passing team, which it should remain so. But we still have to control the line of scrimmage during running attacks when we need to control the game. We are unable to do so because our line sucks. We are incredibly lucky to have a mobile QB like Allen or we would be screwed. They just aren’t good enough. They don’t have enough talent to breakthrough the NFL barrier. They don’t do anything particularly well to stand out. They don’t have enough speed, and they don’t have enough strength. Watching runners like Hunt, Henry, and McC is just proof.
  10. A center as well. There is no reason why a QB sneak can’t get a good push up the middle. Morse and Mongo aren’t good enough. The only NFL elite olineman we have is Brown imo. I honestly hope we draft every single pick on the line next draft and just cut the ones who don’t stick.
  11. But the OL/RB situation is precisely why we lost. We couldn’t extend drives when we needed to, and we couldn’t control the line of scrimmage. It’s a recipe for losing against physical teams like Tennessee or a Tampa. We aren’t winning a Super Bowl with just an Air Allen. Every Super Bowl winner in the history of the NFL won because they had elite trench play.
  12. As good as Allen is, he can’t win it all by himself. Everyone can down vote me or give me a red X, but won’t win a Super Bowl if we can’t control the line of scrimmage.
  13. Oh I know, I’m not worried about making the playoffs. My concerns and focus are squarely on the super bowl. I don’t think we are quite built to win. I thought were were going into the season, but our Oline is just not physical enough. You can’t lose at the point of attack and win a super bowl. A team like Tampa will eat our Oline for breakfast. It’s really sad honestly. We just don’t have that d lineman that can take over a game. I think Rousseau will be a good one, but we need big massive human wrecking balls that will command 2 blockers at all times.
  14. We need to draft OL OL RB in the draft next year.
  15. For me, it’s obvious, that RB/OL is a major need. We aren’t balanced enough to take games under control because we aren’t physical enough when it matters. Allen is exceptionally good, but so is Mahomes, and we have shown and been shown that it isn’t enough. To win in the NFL, you have to be balanced and dominate opponents to keep them off the field in critical moments. If a team wants to take Allen out of the game, we have no counter attack. How many times have we needed Singletary or Moss to impose their will enough to extend downs and to keep enough pressure off Allen to get in a grove. Sometimes it feels like Allen still thinks to himself that he needs to play hero ball at times because he thinks he needs to pick up large chunks of yards or else. I love that he has the heart of a lion and we need that, but its wrong to place that much responsibility on Allen. Most NFL teams have just enough of a power running attack to extend plays when needed, and we just don’t have that because we don’t have a good enough RB and we don’t have enough road graders on the line. We can blame the defense all we want, but at the end of a the day, a powerful balanced offense is the best defense.
  16. One of the reasons why a healthy Cleveland scares me the most. No, but they are balanced enough to give us problems. Balanced teams give the Bills fits. Just like I think we would struggle against a team like Cleveland.
  17. Honestly how do you stop Evans, Brown, Godwin, Gronk? Especially when Fournette is serviceable. We just don’t have a physical enough personnel. They ate KCs line for dinner, what do you think they are going to do to Morse and Mongo?
  18. We have no answers for it. I hate Brady, but he actually has weapons now. Watching Tennessee is what you are going to get when we play Tampa.
  19. Levi can stay, he’s good when we are in zone. We just need to draft a physical corner for teams like Tennessee and Tampa.
  20. It really doesn’t matter though. We have no answers for a team like Tampa. Tampa is a better version of Tennessee, minus Henry, but they are competent enough in the running game. KC is a good RB away from being to good to beat as well. The only way we win a super bowl is to get better on the line and get a RB.
  21. Anytime we play a physical team we struggle. Pittsburgh, Tennessee. We would probably lose to Tampa, but we match up better against Arizona and Green Bay. Tampa, Pittsburgh, Tennessee are all very balanced and physical teams. I think they are all beatable, but we have to play clean football and tonight wasn’t clean enough. There are only 4 teams I worry about. Tampa KC Tennessee Pittsburgh Cleveland if fully healthy would concern me, mostly because they are fairly balanced as well.
  22. I’ve already placed some blame on the D. We need a true #2cb.
  23. Moss just isn’t fast enough, and neither is motor. I often think about having a RB like Henry and Hunt or really 50% or the RBs in the league. I honestly feel bad for Allen, when he has time, he’s nearly unstoppable.
  24. He sucked tonight, not even just that play but he got pushed back a few times. We don’t have 1st round grade Oline talent, and when we did we whiffed.
  25. Balanced teams give our offense fits. We are lucky going up against a Chiefs team with a not very good runner. We just aren’t built physical enough.
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