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  1. It is hard. I have a scientific background, and skepticism based in reason and logic is fine, but what has happened over the last few years is a travesty. People would rather believe in conspiracy theories or would rather see hundreds of thousands of their fellow man die because they rather reach herd immunity naturally. For me it just feels selfish and immature.
  2. Doubtful. There is something deep down wrong with this country and scientific understanding and conspiracies. Out of all the western countries on Earth, the US concerns me.
  3. Beasley is hurting the team with his antics. If he can’t follow protocol then he needs to retire now so the team has time to adjust.
  4. What do you mean one of those? Those don’t exist, and the ones that do are used alternate 3rd world items with memorabilia on top.
  5. If I ever need a place to scan my 100’ x 50’ document, I know where to go.
  6. I really hope this happens. While teams like Bama, Ohio St, Clemson, and Oklahoma deserve to be in the playoffs most year because they have the talent, it would be nice to see some other near worthy teams get a crack at it. I think 12 is a really good amount. Any more and it would water down the experience and 4 I also felt was not enough. It makes sense to have a big tournament for college basketball, but it would be terrible for football. 12 is just right.
  7. If the Bills did land Julio, it easily makes us Super Bowl favorites IMO.
  8. It won’t happen, but good luck covering Julio and Diggs. Man that Offense would be fire.
  9. Which is bad. But we both have 0 super bowl wins, which is all that matters. I don’t care if we had the most super bowl appearance. If we don’t win, we are just 1st losers.
  10. Which is bad. But come on, do we really get to say much when we are like near last place in the race? It’s like being happy we didn’t place last lol woooooooooo we didn’t finish last!! Look at our fancy participation trophies!
  11. The only thing that matters is super bowl wins, everything else is failure.
  12. Well we both have an active 52 year streak of no Super Bowls. We have been a historic mess nearly as much as they have. Probably the Washington Football Team, their mascot is non existent lol
  13. Yep, only results. Until Beane wins a super bowl for the Bills. He’s just like all the other failures before him in my eyes.
  14. I like McDermott, but he has to bring this city a super bowl. Otherwise he’s just like all the rest of the failed experiments.
  15. Maybe he wants to train it to catch a football. I mean, who tf could tackle a lion 😆
  16. Not only does Wade have incredible carries in short limited action, he can catch the ball and run through 3 defenders for 30 yards+ . I’d much rather have that threat than someone playing special teams 5 plays out of a game with a punter that pins people with big hangtime.
  17. You don’t beat the Chiefs or Tampa playing the special teams game. Special teams is very important, but is Taiwan truly a difference maker that we can’t plug in someone else to get competent production from with 5 plays a game? Even more relevant this year because Haack has increased hangtime and can pin people making a player like Taiwan even less important. You beat the Chiefs and Tampa by putting people on the field who is a threat to score anytime he has a hand on the ball.
  18. If it was my call it would be going into the season Moss Breida Singletary Wade I would have a few plays were I have Moss and Wade/Breida on the field at the same time.
  19. So Taiwan 5 plays per game or Wade 5 plays per game. I view Taiwan as more replaceable on special teams than I do Wade possibly ripping off large chunks of yardage.
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