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  1. I feel like this team was so bad for so long that it took a lot of time to build this team. There is no denying with Allen and Diggs we will always be competitive. I voted for not on track, but I’m willing to give them 1 more offseason to correct the obvious needs. There is no denying we need another opposite WR to help Diggs, there is no denying we need O-line help. If Beane address and fixes this issue, it will go a long ways to giving me hope for the 2023 season. If we come out of the draft with a WR that runs sub 4.4 and has 1,000+ yards against legit talent and a bunch of mean o-linemen I’m willing to switch my vote to on track. This is the make or break year for my faith in Bean and McD.
  2. We only have Diggs. And that’s a problem. When he’s taken away, Allen regresses. Look at all the top teams and they have two reliable options or a good coach that can scheme. If we had another AJ Brown to pair with Diggs, we are likely talking super bowl right now. Oline and elite WR to pair with Diggs is what this team needs.
  3. I’ve seen enough talent from Josh to know he has the same abilities as Mahomes and Burrow. So that got me thinking why such a disparity. Then I do a roster to roster to roster comparison and begin to realize that the difference is coaching and talent. It’s not a Josh Allen problem. We are only winning because of him. You put him on a team like SF or Philly and you are talking about a multi year dynasty.
  4. I’m not saying all bills fan will leave, but I have to assume there are quite a few like me who have been fans for a very long time that are losing hope and feel like they are wasting time and resources on a team that will never figure it out.
  5. Josh is more than capable of winning a super bowl. But I’m not sure our GM or coach has what it takes to surround Josh with enough talent to win. Which is sad, because I’m not sure we will ever get a QB as good as Josh ever again. We are basically wasting him.
  6. Honestly a lot of us have been Bills fans for years. Beaten and battered. We show up and cheer no matter what. But this last year actually weighed on me like no other. For the first time ever, I contemplated is all of the time worth this. I never thought I’d ever get to that point. I never even felt like that during the drought years. I’m not even sure why. I think a super bowl victory will cure all these weird feelings, but if Josh can’t bring us one over the coming years, it’s probably going to take my fandom enjoyment to new lows. Which I never thought this moment would come or was even possible.
  7. I’ve been a fan for a long time, not as long as some of you but old enough to have seen a lot. Super bowl years were soul crushing, but the last few years are starting to do me in. At least during the decades of suck, there was hope we could attain super bowl glory years. Now we have an elite QB, more elite than Kelly, and we are still struggling to bring one home. I’m willing to be a fan as long as Josh Allen is our QB and will likely continue being a fan of Allen brings home a super bowl victory, but if he can’t by the time he retires, I’m likely done being a Bills fan. It’s just not worth it at that point. I’ve never lurked in the shadows before, even during the bad years, but year after year after year of fail even with elite talent is depressing.
  8. If we can’t win with a Josh Allen, then we are likely never going to win a super bowl. At some point people are going to spend their time doing something else. Every year of football and it’s getting harder and harder to justify the time investment. If we can’t win a super bowl during Allen’s tenure, I’m likely done watching the NFL.
  9. Because fans pay the bills. If they want fans to show up, they need to win the big one at some point.
  10. For good reason, dude was looking all pro before the injury.
  11. Jalin Hyatt is worth the #27 at face value anyways. All SEC WRs that ran sub 4.4 and posted at least one 1,000 yard season went in the first round. Not only did they go in the first round, every single example the WR with similar stats went on or are looking like all pros.
  12. Don’t mind the homers, most realist fans understand that Beane has been terrible outside of Josh Allen. You guys have drafted very well. As long as we have Josh Allen though, we always have a chance against KC. If we can close the gap with some good drafts over the next few years, we will be just as good and super bowl appearances will be obtainable.
  13. Could you imagine if the Niners had Josh Allen? They would be a dynasty for a decade.
  14. Was this before or after the one bite?
  15. Apple roasted like a pig on a spit.
  16. 27. Dorian Williams LB Tulane 59. Garrett Williams CB Syracuse 91. Rayshad Williams CB Texas Tech 128. Chantz Williams EDGE Miami (FL) 135. Bennett Williams S Oregon 160. Mario Williams WR
  17. So the rest of the league will have to keep up with the Jones’s?
  18. Well OP said no trades. That means 6 picks. I took 2 WR and 2 OGs. As much as I want to take nothing but WRs and OL we have other issues we have to address. With Benford moving inside and White possibly never returning to form, we need another CB to play along with Elam or in case of an emergency. We might lose Poyer and with Hamlin likely not up to form, we likely need to draft a Safety, even with Benford shifting.
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