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  1. Aaron Maybin was the best player for his size. Sack master.
  2. I’ve requested that the mods create a “Around the NFL” sub forum so people have a place to discuss it. We have a college football subform, and I don’t understand why we don’t have a general NFL subform. We have other nfl threads here that don’t even pertain to the Bills. At least this thread pertains to the Bills twice a year.
  3. No way am I keeping Moss over Duke. Moss has shown nothing of value.
  4. With White coming back and with the addition of Elam, plus Poyer on a contract year, our secondary is going to be much stronger. This is going to allow Miller, Rousseau and Oliver to feast. I expect Rousseau and Oliver to continue to improve and maybe even substantially so. I think this defense will be feared, and it will be be so good that I see multiple sub 15 defensive allowed point games. This is the year we win a super bowl and it will be because our offense is near unstoppable and our defense is lights out.
  5. Just create an around the NFL sub form and move this thread to there. Problem solved. Locking threads don’t accomplish anything because someone will eventually start a related thread when it can just be discussed here.
  6. No, my pitch was we play the jets twice a year and a Breece Hall thread is relevant to the Bills. People can get an idea how much or how little of a threat he is based on his production throughout the year. This thread was already created, why lock it and just let people post related material in here when they want? It’s not hurting anything. If a mod want to move this thread, they can move it to around the nfl or something. No since I’m locking it just to have someone start a new thread on the same thing. We have plenty of other non bills still that has even less involvement then this thread.
  7. It’s a free world. It gives posters here something to do when we play them twice a year. We have plenty of even more worthless threads on here, this is actually somewhat pertinent to the Bills still.
  8. Why lock it? If people want to follow his career, they can just do so here without creating new topics and wasting space.
  9. Who said anything about rooting for the Jets. I’m not rooting for the Jets to win. I’m only rooting for Breece Hall to have a good game and still lose. I have no reason to root against Breece Hall as a player.
  10. Maybe he took the beaver tranquilizer because he didn’t give a dam?
  11. I will always cheer for the Bills to win first and foremost. As long as we win, I will root for Hall to have a 100 yard game.
  12. Sure, feel free to wait. Poll closes before kickoff week 1.
  13. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/opponent-points-per-game
  14. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/opponent-points-per-game
  15. We had 18.3 PPG allowed last year. What makes you guys think we take a step backwards after we added Miller and Elam and have another years experience with Rousseau and Oliver? Plus we are getting White back.
  16. Not sure how we can say that though. There hasn’t been a record since 2013 and Mahomes didn’t beat the record while having Kelce and Hill at his disposal.
  17. I think we should wait to see how Cook does in his first few games before we label him. I wanted Hall, but we will have to hope Cook can help Allen.
  18. @Hapless Bills Fan Is there a way we can close this poll, but not the thread and the defensive PPG thread just before kickoff in week 1? I don’t want people cheating after that point.
  19. Let’s see who will predict the defensive PPG allowed! I went with 13.1 to 14.0 . I feel like Miller and Elam will really help shave a few points off last year. I also think Rousseau will improve enough to contribute a lot.
  20. Let’s see who can predict it right for this year!
  21. For the fun fan pick it’s Araiza. But the real practical immediate improvement is Elam. If Elam can do anything close to what White can do, we will have 2 true lock down corners and with the addition of Miller, it’s basically over for the opponents offenses. I honestly would not be surprised to see a record offense and near record defense this year. This defense has the potential to be 85 Bears good and the offense has the potential to be 2013 Broncos good. In 2019 we had 16.5 PPG on defense. I think we can beat that this year.
  22. Stupid Jets. I truly wonder if nobody traded up and Hall fell to our pick if we would have taken him.
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