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  1. Because Beane likes to live dangerously. Red means ready to fire. No safety.
  2. Lol the PC police out in full force and gave Dorsey a ticket. Amazing that someone must feel to apologize for that.
  3. Yeah, I’d thought we’d go undefeated this year. I thought Allen would be able to overcome the Oline issues. It’s too much for him and I don’t blame him. He gets no help, he’s asked to do everything.
  4. I would not be surprised if the Ravens beat us. Har is a better coach than McD with a worse QB and wr group.
  5. We finally got our Bruuuuce, now we need our Thurman. Should have just draft Hall and a bunch of linemen.
  6. Trent Dilfer would know. An average QB that won a super bowl due to a good D and coach. If Dilfer can win a super bowl, McD should be able to win with Ferrari Josh. Anything less is embarrassing.
  7. Our first string o line is nearly as bad. Josh improvises so much and masks how bad they are. When you can’t establish a run game, you know your line sucks.
  8. Imagine if we had the colts line and Taylor? Would be unbeatable.
  9. Imagine losing a race with a Ferrari. Somehow the ravens keep over performing with a Jackson bmw. Har is an underrated coach I guess.
  10. Somebody needs to do something. We are a franchise with zero Super Bowls and keep losing unacceptable games with crazy lopsided stat lines and 3rd and long miscues. I don’t blame Dorsey at all. He’s likely tired of the ineptitude like some of us are. Dorsey is going to be a good one.
  11. It’s coaching and lack of a professional Oline. Imagine having the best QB in the NFL and losing a stat line like that. Some people just can’t win a race even if they have a Ferrari. Sad.
  12. It’s the Josh Allen and Diggs show. The fact that McD and Beane can’t protect him and have a respectable running game is sad. If it wasn’t for Josh’s mobility, we would be screwed. Imagine losing a race with a Ferrari, that’s what McD is doing.
  13. You are one of the better posters here, don’t stop, we need more critical analysis. 0-8 isn’t a fluke, it’s a feature.
  14. They should start handing out trophies for close loses. It’s a hard to win in the NFL…
  15. The fact that we lost with the stat line we had is a national embarrassment. We always do this, we are King Billsy.
  16. Lol Ravens won with Trent fan Dilfer. Imagine not winning a super bowl with Josh Allen. Embarrassing really.
  17. Let me know when McD wins a super bowl with a Ferrari QB. He has zero excuses. It’s win or leave.
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