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  1. The D sucked even to start the year when they were healthy they have sucked all year with guys in or out of the lineup..they cant stop ANYONE in ANY game...and havent...even games they got way up in they made close because they couldnt stop anyone on D. Now the O sucks too 16/17 points and Tenn D also sucks....KC isnt world beaters on D but they are ok.
  2. They made me a bandwagon fan because watching games like the last 2 weeks is too hard...i get pretty involved so i stop bothering..they MADE me a super casual bandwagon fan now..they can do it lol. Yes Ive said this and im 100% on record..back on the late 80's early to mid 90's i was a die hard then they killed me from 2000-about 3 years ago with being bad so they made me a bandwagon fan..sure I HOPE they win EVERY game but i wont get emotionally invested again in them till they MAKE me..aka this team now has to PROVE its a contender again. I am 100% a fan its the only team I cheer for and I hope they win every game but I am a very bandwagon fan..If they are doing poorly I can go mow the lawn or get Groceries like tonight..when they play a game like tonight when i fully expect a loss I can record and watch later if they win or Delete..i refuse to get depressed again over this team
  3. This team simply is just NOT VERY GOOD..16 one week 17 the next and Vs very MEDIOCRE at best D's to boot
  4. I will record it and do like I did with Bills games last year(that are on TV) record and then watch it if they win delete it unwatched if they lose..If I had any REAL confidence in them id watch but I really dont.
  5. Im not even gonna bother probably dont want the frustration like last game. Hope they win but I think I will pass on watching
  6. Can they just get this over with take their 20+ point loss and get to winnable games please
  7. Bad game and I think this is more to the TRUE nature of the Bills.....I think this first 4 games was like the Sabres when they started out hot then ended up a heartless sack of crap...I think this is the Bills...they dont have a D its a league BOTTOM 3 D...its HORRIBLE and also UNFIXABLE this season....they will have a BOTTOM 3-5 D all year...this is PLAYER based not scheme....it wont be fixed till the off season/draft/FA period. The O was playing WAY WAY WAY above their level....this game was the "split the difference" game..they are not nearly as good as the first 4 games and are not as bad as tonight...its enough to get them to 8-8- 10-6 but no better......if they happened to hit that Magic of this years O and last years D they are a SB contender....that didnt happen this teams a probable-possible playoff team early out because the D SUCKS...by next week today they will be 4-2 next weeks game Bills lose by 20+
  8. They cant this run D especially is HORRID..i bet they could stick 10 guys in the box and they would still get run on they are THAT bad Vs the run..this game will be decided on..if the Bills can score enough to win and if the Titans are rusty or off because of all this Covid stuff they did... but if its just our D vs their Run and say Allen was off or the O had a brain fart..they can and would win our D is just not that good anymore/or at least this year. Titans win IF: Bills O is stale, has a bad game or just doesnt do well(aka they cant score like they have been scoring aka 30+) because Bills D cant stop ANYYONE Bills win IF: they score more than 30 and Allen has another decent to great day..and if somehow this "layoff" has been bad for and effects the Titans poorly...aka since they couldnt practice they look bad The WOW I didnt think they had it in them scenario would be: Bills shut down the run and win going away.....and I think this is a 5% or less sceanrio...as they have shown the ability to shut NO ONE down yet this year.
  9. Now look we all know the NFL is almost always wrong and reactive and errs on the side of utter and pure STUPIDITY....you KNOW they dont care about this really and you KNOW some slaps on the wrist are coming over this..you also KNOW they dont care that the team getting screwed over the most in all this is the BILLS....why did nothing wrong and the NFL is 100% OK with screwing them over...
  10. He sucked Vs speed rushers at T HERE with the Bills....he simply couldnt get to them. Thats why he is at G. we can agree to disagree.
  11. Thats his natural spot and a spot IMO he can excel at..you saw he simply does not have the FOOT SPEED to keep up with elite speed pass rushers..doesnt mean with a injury bug or in a pinch he cant fill in..it DOES mean he can be a VERY good G and he will never be a VG Tackle.
  12. Ever notice the 2X Allen really got "hurt" it was in the pocket?
  13. Why do it when you dont need it..on quite a few plays the other team has people "spying"(if you dont believe it go look at the tape and watch) Allen..whats that do////leaves 1 less guy in the pass protection as he is spying Allen..YAY! And whats good? with this WR group(top 3 in the NFL) 1 less guy covering them and watching Allen instead = awesome!
  14. How about just a laser/infared beam that goes straight up from top of goalposts ffs seriously with todays tech you(or i mean the NFL) cant even get a FG right??? REALLY??
  15. This..if they had just lost a playoff game and EVERYONE saw this...same deal...he would have gotten a TON of heat...but instead they demolished a team in a opening game and overall it had ZERO effect on the outcome..same play but in 2 totally DIFFERENT circumstances. Thats the difference and why little was said/
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