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  1. This is a good thread topic and I’m enjoying the comments. 1. the Players will come out of this game tougher and better prepared. 2. Bills fans are now in position to endure nail biters in the playoffs. It’s what many of us have been envious of Pats* fans for so many years. ENJOY IT, it’s worth the blood pressure. 3. some are saying that the competition has the blue print to beat the Bills. I say perhaps they do, but our coaches will be watching both AFC games today and we’ll have a blueprint on them too. 4. I was at the playoff game when the Bills lost to Jacksonville. It ended up
  2. Bass should kick left footed to keep this game interesting
  3. Belicheat would have out-thrown Newton if it wasn’t for the cord
  4. Chunk plays all game. Rack up the yards for the AFC East title and MVP for #17!!!
  5. Points are well made in this discussion. A healthy Edmunds shows finesse most of the time but physical when needed. His tackle at the goal line against the 49ers proves he is capable of turning a running backs sideways when duty calls. The young LB has room for improvement and it’s fun watching his game take shape each week.
  6. Surprised the refs didn’t call the kick “good”. This crew sucks tonight
  7. Wallace doing his part to milk the clock 😀 that return was slow.
  8. Refs???????? They should bend over and look out their good eye.
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