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  1. I said it in another thread - I don't want any of them right now.


    I'd wait till the trade deadline. See how our offense is doing, and if necessary, trade for someone then. Some teams with bad record might want to trade a player and it will be cheaper than now. Seahawks, Titans, Raiders, Bucs and Rams all seem like a good potential candidates for this (from one OP listed).

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  2. 5 hours ago, julian said:

    Yeah, by saying I expect McGovern to start sounds like VPGs dad lol


    I think I was the one rooting for the best player to play, I don’t care who it is, McGovern great, VPG great.



    4 hours ago, Buffalo716 said:

    I don't care if it's Alec Anderson lol


    I want the best guy to play.. I'm just pretty sure vpg won't win it this year 


    Just my opinion


    After reading your conversation I think it is safe to say that neither of you is a parent of McGovern or Van Pran, you both want the best guy to win a job, but one of you expects that to be Van Pran rather soon, and the other one expect the opposite :)


    It will be interesting to see what happens next season for sure.

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  3. 9 hours ago, GASabresIUFan said:

    Beane has already said that money isn’t going to a WR.  I think he said in a recent interview that the June 1 money is going to used to sign the rookies and for operating cap space.  I think what he means by that is having cap room to add someone like Douglas in case of injury during the season.  

    I’m pretty bullish on the plan.  I watched the Packers 4 1st and 2nd year receivers and 2 1st and 2nd years TEs put on a show last season and the Bills group of Kincaid, Knox, Coleman, Samuel, and Shakir are at least if not more talented.  If one of Claypool, Cephus or Hamler can beat out Hollins for the 4th WR job all the better.


    I think the plan is to wait and see until trade deadline. If there is a need and opportunity, Beane will add WR1 through the trade then. If Seahawks are 3-5 at deadline or so Metcalf can be much cheaper than before the season.


    Sounds like a good plan to me. Give our current WRs every snap you can until mid season, and the reevaluate.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Bleeding Bills Blue said:


    Look at it like this - Morrow 1.5M cap hit, 750k Guaranteed.  If he doesn't make the team (say Ulofoshio does) - and his first year is like 850K.  So it ends up being a net loss of 100K in cap space.  

    Yeah but it is still wasted $750k if we cut him. If Morrow has no guarantees, and Ulofoshio makes the team, cap hit is $850k. And that's it.

  5. 1 hour ago, HappyDays said:

    Like Joe says, Smoot is probably a lock to make the roster. Camp bodies don't get four void years.



    I just saw it on OTC and came to post this. Smoot has $1.75M guaranteed so he is close to lock to make the roster. Claypool and Jones have no real guarantees.


    Looks good to me. One thing I don't like is $750k guaranteed to Morrow. Seems like a wasted money if he gets released, which seems quite possible to me.

  6. I think we didn't, even though I feel much better about our WR room than average TBD poster.


    But I'd like to remind everybody that this time last year we had the same conversation about OL and RT in particular, when many thought Beane should've brought serious competition for Brown who was considered a bust. And this suddenly became a non issue after game 4 or so.

  7. Week after the draft, after watching Keon, listening to him and reading about him all I can think of is Josh scramble play where he gets close to the sideline and unleashes 30-40 yard bomb to Keon who is "covered" but doesn't care and catches the damn ball for huge gain.


    Everything won't be perfect but these plays will make up for it.


    Season can't start soon enough!

  8. 4 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


    Hmm. It's not showing that now for me. Possibly a glitch yesterday? He is close though because Edwards does count at $2.8m, so Hollins at $2.6m is only just the wrong side of the line. 

    Wasn't a glitch. Hollins is no. 671 today, and thus under the line. Yesterday he was no. 670, and therefore over the line - cutoff is 670. So he is really on the edge, and I have no idea when will be real line actually drawn (and I also guess OTC doesn't necessarily have complete and correct data).


    Anyway, it seems that it might be really close.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Aussie Joe said:

    Intersting ,,, thought Beane said they were looking to trade UP from 60?


    They seemed to entertain the move down …

    Both can be true, but then he either wasn't trying to trade up for Bishop or he was thinking about moving down only in case that Bishop was gone.

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  10. On 4/29/2024 at 7:44 PM, GunnerBill said:

    The next one was the pick that flummoxed me a bit - Edefuan Ulofoshio (and not just because I can't pronounce it!) The Bills traded out of #144 for a 2025 4th rounder, then they took a linebacker at #160. This is a team that only plays with two linebackers and already has Milano, Bernard, Williams and Spector on the roster and added Nicholas Morrow to be vet insurance in free agency. I don't understand why a 6th linebacker there was a preference. I get that they like him for special teams but both Morrow and Spector are already good special teamers. Jamari Thrash was still on the board when they traded out and then Malik Washington was still on the board when they Ulofoshio. Do they really feel better about their receiver room than their linebacker depth? I dunno. Oddest pick of the draft IMO. Maybe it is in Beane's contract that he has to pick at least one linebacker every year?

    Thanks for your thoughts Gunner, appreciated as always.


    It seems pretty obvious that you didn’t like Ulofoshio pick, you were unusually vocal about it in other threads 😊


    Two things.


    1. As for WRs, you are the one who says Bills have 100 or so players on their board. So maybe Thrash just wasn’t on their board at all and Washington was rated way lower than Ulofoshio. Then they made the right choice. I don’t want them to take flyer on WR just for the sake of taking flyer (or actually I do want, but not at all costs).


    2. I have no idea about the player, but if they think he could for example play Matakevich’s role in ST, and be as good as him, that alone makes him a good pick. We need to fill these roles with cheap rookies and not pay $3M a year for ST players and depth pieces at DL. And if he also becomes solid backup LB, even better.


    I wanted 2 WRs from this draft just as anybody else. It seems that they felt differently, and apparently it wasn’t their priority. Maybe they really see something in Shorter or Shavers or Hamler we don’t know. I am ready to give them benefit of doubt. Last summer we all thought we are doomed at LB and look how it all changed thanks to Bernard.


    And apart from not drafting 2 WRs I really like how they filled the holes. I’d prefer more BPA oriented approach, but at least Beane is really good to match value and need.

  11. Sort of random observation but today there has been a big shift in OTC data. Mack Hollins, who was previously way below the threshold, is now listed exactly as cutoff player at 670 (I am not sure, but he was listed as something like 710th or so before).


    This results in Bills losing 5th round pick for Floyd, and leave us with 4th round for Gabe Davis only.


    I know that after Tremaine debacle these unofficial sources need to be taken with a grain of salt, but I still find it interesting.


    Hopefully once all is said and done Hollins will fall under the line and we'll get 4th and 5th.





  12. 13 hours ago, Cash said:

    In order of my preference:

    1. Odell Beckham Jr - His last 2 stops have been highly successful (except for the injuries) as a mercenary receiver.  Dude will be an injury risk for the rest of his career I think, but he can still play.  And it's hard to go wrong with a guy who likely would've won a Super Bowl MVP if he didn't get hurt.  I would have no problem with him mentoring Coleman, also.  This is the only guy worth spending the Tre White money on, IMO.
    2. DJ Chark - I liked him a lot coming into the draft, and he did have some early production in Jacksonville.  Size/speed guy who hasn't fully put it together, but also hasn't played with a QB nearly as good as Allen.
    3. Michael Thomas - His injury history makes Beckham look like Cal Ripken Jr.  I don't think he'll ever play a full season again.  But he's a guy who has been ELITE, and he showed some real flashes of his old self at times last season.  He also disappeared a lot last season, but I'm not sure how much of that was because his relationship with the Saints was completely broken a couple years ago.  On a 1 year deal, could he be both healthy and fully bought in?


    Gallup was the only other guy that interested me, and according to this thread he's off the market.  1 year, $3 million is about what I'd offer Chark or Thomas.  Beckham will ask for (and get) significantly more than that.


    No matter what, I'll be super interested to see how the Bills spend the June 1st money.  I'll be shocked if they don't sign someone with a decent chunk of it.  But they could split it on maybe 2 Gallup-level signings, or put it all towards a bigger Beckham or Leonard Floyd-style signing, maybe with the help of void years.  I think who they DON'T sign will be just as telling as who they do.

    I agree with your comments re WRs, provided that it won't be for more than $3M.


    I disagree with the bolded though. We can't use decent chunk of it, if by "chunk" you mean more than $5M. We will need cap space for signing rookies, 52/53 player, practice squad a keep some space for in season moves. That  is total of  $8-10M or so.

    12 hours ago, hondo in seattle said:


    That's probably true.  But is this a Super Bowl roster?  

    We had SB roster last 3 years and it didn't help us. Maybe we get lucky this year and win with worse roster (if it is worse).

  13. 28 minutes ago, Process said:

    O line is in great shape, we already have more than enough depth 

    Agreed. And that deserves some attention.


    I do remember that after 2022 season a lot of people on this board were vocal about how Beane has neglected OL and how it sucked.


    Fast forward 12 months and there is literally not a single word about needing to bolster OL or draft any OL high.


    I think Beane deserves a lot of credit for this.

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  14. 39 minutes ago, billsfan89 said:

    I wonder how he’s going to make the roster? The Bills usually carry 9 offensive linemen. 







    That is right now the starting five. Then you look at the likely reserves and you have the following 4.

    Van Pran

    Van Denmark 

    Alec Anderson


    That takes you to 9 offensive linemen. Unless there is a camp/pre-season injury I think in order to keep Grabel on the 53 they are going to have to carry a 10th offensive linemen which they have done before but isn’t what they usually do.


    Overall I would say that if Collins is healthy they will likely have Grabel be on the path to “red shirt” the season.


    Every other rookie besides the international pathway prospect who’s gonna have a special PS slot has a space on the roster. So if they gotta “stash” a guy for a year it’s likely going to be Grabel in my opinion.

    Last year we had 10 whole season.

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