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  1. ITs crazy how none of those articles even mention the huge RSV outbreak thats happening in those areas (across most of the nation) and how its spiking partisally due to a year and a half of isolation and mask. How many of those kids in those hospitals have COVID. the articles jump around that.
  2. "We're only gonna test Vaxed people weekly." - NFL (Vaxed infected guy contacts players for 6 days) "Why would Beasley do this!" - NFL
  3. So if they were vaccinated they wouldn't of been sent home? other vaccinated people were close contact and are still in the facility?
  4. Control. keep people afraid. scared people are easier to control.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/29/cdc-mask-guidance/This Wa-Po artilce that states that vaccinated people are spreading covid might be what Cole was talking about ‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe - The Washington Post Ill stick to looking at deaths/cases on the CDC site. CDC COVID Data Tracker Even look at hospitalization rates. New York COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Hospital Capacity: New York COVID-19 Hospital Capacity | news-leader.com (news-leader.com)
  6. Someone makes an opinion and we got a thread over 50 pages. If you are worried. Get the shot. It's that easy. It's none of your business if he or anyone else gets it.
  7. So many get upset when someone has an opinion they dont agree with.
  8. people over reacting. he never said not to. he stated his opinion. its still a free country, everyoen still has the first.
  9. Jamien Sherwood would fit the bill.
  10. Hopefully he is moved to guard and provides competition. He got Burrow almost killed.
  11. High ceiling physical freaks tends to be what Brandon looks for.
  12. interesting and typical the MSM calls it an inserection, the MSM parrots then use the samer term. But not one of those moron rioters have been actually charged with inserection.
  13. Most of the world requries ID to vote. only allows mail in voting for absontee reasons. Third party (super pac) ballot harvesting is illigal in most of the world, should be here as well. all to protect election integrity.
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