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  1. In NYS Most cities use third party assessors on buildings over 1M. and like you said. most banks do the same.
  2. This is the case that started as an investigation into him not paying enough taxes. and in an IRONIC twist. its now for him over stating his assets (means he paid more taxes than he should have) they got him this time. thats for sure.
  3. And in double IRONIC twist. you all called those folks pathetic. Now thats you all doing it.
  4. Most of that bill is just corporate welfare . those IRS agents are not for the elite.
  5. oh snap. how much longer till this thread gets memory holed. If this raid was all over some documents its looking more and more like another political move by the FBI. similar to using Clintons Dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on the opposition candidate. Might have just gave the midterms and 2024 to the right. the left is showing everyone they are what they accused the last guy of being.
  6. from the video it looked like he was just playing hard. other guys were swinging on him.
  7. All the impeachment and Mueller crap got 81m to the polls. they are not stopping. this entire J6 hearing is just theatre to keep them angry for the election. they have nothing else
  8. It really helps make the point. by sharing a meme from a very shady PAC. remember when the folks hated PACS in politics.
  9. its strange to read folks arguing that he is responsible for the opinions of his wife. this isn't the Taliban. in this country, a husband does not own his wife or her actions/opinions
  10. Seems like just yesterday folks like Pelosi and Schumer called edited videos, propaganda. but in this case, an ABC produced edited video, is evidence? in a kangaroo court?
  11. This was this and my son's first game together. He was 10. Had to explain the entire stadium chanting"#######" every time belecheck stepped on the field. Trying to remember what defensive line man lost his temper at the end of the game and gave us the unsportsmanlike so we could take the clock all the way down.
  12. its a damn shame. I wont support the NYT at all. but love the athletic.
  13. MNF game against dallas. (dont remember the date, but romo took them down the field for the winning field go at the very end). started tailgating in the morning..... walked though the gates, shouted "Go bills". Cop pulled me aside and said he was throwing me and charging me with public intox.. he changed his mind and let me in. told me to stay in my seat. I didnt move till half time. Dude next to me pulls out entire subway subs and bags of chips from his jacket. SMH..
  14. yeah, I am in elmira heights and it sure looks like Im going to have to find a stream or something..
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