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  1. dang. How many profiles does this dude have? ITs so easy to see that ONE person has multiple profiles. that's a lot of work, logging on, posting some crazy. then logging off, back onto another profile and upvoting and replying to the other profile? strange.. someone needs a hobby.
  2. you all must be bored to engage that. Its hard to ignore that its one "person" with a few profiles, just puking ignorant talking points, while replying and up voting its other sock puppet profiles. its like an inside the mind view of a schizophrenic.
  3. Trump is forcing Biden's crimes into the news cycle and googles search results....
  4. This thread reads like one person with a few profiles, is trying to destroy the it But makes sense as this entire topic has blown up in the lefts face.
  5. Interesting how the media is trying to make this about a poem. Some racial angle. when most agree with new citizens being able to fend for themselves and not needing social services.
  6. Better. But media doesn't profit from that narrative..
  7. Lol. Lefty rage is the single biggest thing helping trump.
  8. So what will be the narrative when absolutely NOTHING new is presented?
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