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  1. Like madden when somebody jumps out on you running the same plays, then you adapt and they are shot cause they cannot adapt and only have like 4 plays they know how to run.
  2. Its not just him. Have heard a lot of folks like Cover 1 stating our offense is predictable and has gotten much simpler than what debal ran.
  3. I have heard folks from cover 1 to national reporters make off the cuff comments that we run a very simple O. are teams figuring it out?
  4. you and your crush. But like almost everyone. A break in tax liability. Why did Pelosi give up the child tax credit for salt deductions to be back. and why are they actively fighting to remove the cap on it? since we are tossing out strawmen.
  5. hmm. for how long? till the breaks and welfare ends? Its funny cause your parroting that old GOP trickle down story about giving corps welfare and tax breaks. What you wanna bet none of them even use a union. And like the empire zones of the 90's. will be cheap industrial space when said breaks and welfare ends. I dont know why you are obsessed with that dude. its kinda creepy and cultish.
  6. LMAO how the handful of profiles in here, that always parrot the state/MSM headlines, are calling others cultist. like a chant or something. Waiting for reporting on who made that Wix site. shows no one paid to read whatever was in there.
  7. So russia is using the Wagner group. Anyone hear from Eric Prince lately? Its almost like we have to keep the money flowing, to fund a merc army or something.
  8. the funny part about that comment is most of Bidens bills have been spending full of corporate welfare. His chips bill is nothing but corporate welfare and TAX breaks for those donor corporations.
  9. They have no intentions of doing anything for inflation. as long as its not hurting the investor class and above
  10. the one provided by a known FBI paid operative, to a known foreign State asset, for a known pollical campaign. Many still wonder how china got the list of US intelligence agents back in 2010. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-china-espionage/chinese-paper-applauds-anti-spy-efforts-after-ny-times-report-cia-sources-killed-idUSKBN18I059
  11. LMAO. someone is still referencing the fake Dossier created by an FBI informant that provided it to a campaign so they could use it to get a warrant to spy on the opposition party candidate? ? The same one Sussman stated in his trial, that he told Mueller was false? Seems like a silly thing to even bring up now.
  12. Interesting opinion piece. Pretty much states exactly what the goal of the theatre was. Political theatre for the next election/midterms
  13. And he created a task force to look at moving it down the scheduled drug list. Not off it. or actually did it. Running for candidacy on the left is easy. just promise free crap that you have no intention of following through with. then blame it on the right for when said policies fail. Create grand conspiracies on the right, then blame the right for why said conspiracies never come to fruition. and when all is said and done. just call anyone outside the DNC group think script some negative sounding talking point. Shoot. twitter is full of grifters that just say crazy crap about the right, so people will donate to their go fraud me or buy the cheep trump bad merch. its amazing how much that grift makes off simps and land chads.
  14. LOL. its good PR. its unlikely any person is in federal prison for simple possession of pot.
  15. Dang this is an old thread. Seems like we could have done something since 08 to remove us from having to beg them for oil.
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