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  1. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen Responds to Jalen Ramsey's Trash Talk

    But you read about Allens quotes and any person with moderate unbiased coping skills could figure out it wasn't racist. Maybe you could be the one looking at it racially and trying to project your feeling onto team members. This kid isn't racist. I hope you aren't either. No reason for it.
  2. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    I went back right away and deleted the Trump thing, but not quick enough. I forgot no politics allowed. Sorry about that. Just trying to make a point about the media.
  3. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    If it is good news, bury it. If it is negative, exploit it. And there you have it. Haters gonna hate.
  4. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Wyoming never failed to score in the red zone all year except for one time against New Mexico. They had a 40 point lead and Allen was sitting. The backup got them in the red zone and Wyoming was trying to run the clock out without scoring. They ended up giving it up on downs. If not for that Wyoming would have been perfect in the red zone as far as scoring. Bohl is a classy coach and didn't run the score up even though New Mexico ran the score up on Wyoming the year before.
  5. Are you sure Walsh didn't quote Justice...The Quarterback Whisperer.
  6. BB@Shooter

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    Maybe have Justice check out his throwing motion and get his input. Or maybe he will just pop in anyway.
  7. If the Bills play defense as hard as Justice, we will be great. That daffy fellow has it stuck in his noggin that everyone should run timing passes out their ying yangs. He doesn't understand that if the receiver can't get seperation, there is no timing route. Just because it is a timing route, then the receiver automatically gets open? This guy is a wannabe qb coach. Maybe the Bills can hire him to help get that New England offense in, and he can take over showing Allen what he is doing wrong. Lmfao. I can see it now, Justice tells Palmer to move over. That he is starting up the Justice Throwing Academy. Kind of like the Manning Camp, but with a better coach and probably player. He will tell all qbs to concentrate on timing passes, and don't hold that ball back behind your head. And done. Forget that Allen had as fast as a release time as Aaron Rodgers. Threw faster and harder than anyone else has been recorded at. Justice is now the official qb guru of Bill Nation. Whether we want him or not. Because he keeps bouncing back faster than a kick me dog.
  8. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    It was at LAX, hardly constitutes a fan. More like a guy trying to get autographs to sell online. And it wasn't like it was a little kid.
  9. Finally, some people are starting to understand about Allen and who he is. He didn't ask for the scrutiny and wasn't out there begging for attention. The kidoctor has been fun to watch. He has grown in the two years I have watched him. His film shows he regressed, but you have to understand the film and what the circumstances were . It was like he was playing with one hand tied behind his back because of the OC. It seems like the OC kept putting him in 3rd and long situations expecting Allen to bail him out. All the while the opposing team would pin back their ears and bring the heat. If the play calling would have mixed it up and kept the defense back on their feet, Allen could have put up better numbers. But when a qb is used mainly to hand the ball off on the first two downs, it makes it tough to move the ball.
  10. I only accused you of being a know it all who won't listen to someone who has a lot more info on the subject than you do. Now you can't even get who said what to you right. I never accused you whatever you are claiming above. You are one of those types of guys that think they are never wrong. On this subject you are. You don't see me go off talking about anything else about the Bills because I am soaking it in, trying to learn about them before I give any input. Allen and Wyoming is what I know. You claim to know but aren't even close because you aren't willing to take the info myself and others have given you to work with. You would rather run with the mob mentality and read the negatives. There is plenty of negative out there on all the qb's if you want to look. I don't look for it because they aren't the qb of my newly adopted team. Spin it any way you want, I know more about Allen and his situation than you do by a long shot. Pick a different area and I am sure you can blow me out of the water. But not this. I am around the program , I know the players and coaches. Palmer and others are not going to stick their necks out for Allen on a whim. In all actuality, Palmer is very respected in the league. Along with Chris Simms and others touting Allen. If you can't understand all the things Allen had to overcome to get this high in the football world, then I guess you never will. He had poor stats, small school, no offers, etc,etc, and still could have been a #1pick. He wasn't groomed to be a qb his whole life like the other guys he is being compared to. He made huge leaps in the small time that Palmer and the Senior Bowl staff had him. He is a sponge about receiving instruction, and picks it up quickly. Football people don't stick their necks out for guys they don't have it. And if you look at how many qb's who had great stats and came from big schools that didn't make it, you would realize no one really knows if any qb touted is going to make it. Everyone in football had already written Goff off, a few changes and he is considered one of the best qb's playing. So I really get tired of the real analysts, little alone the self proclaimed ones that think they know who is going to pan out. All I can say is don't let his quiet demeanor fool you, he is a competitor. Watch the UNLV game where he throws a pick. He is so mad at himself he runs the guy down and puts a violent tackle on him at the 2 yard line preventing the score. I already know you are the type who will post as soon as you see this . You have to get the last word in regardless, so have at it. I tried to educate you and save you from yourself, but it won't happen. For some unknown reason you are the guy who has to show the world you know more than the guy you are debating. Any other subject and I would let you run with it. But not this one.
  11. The Wyoming AD office said that the Jets scouts spent the most time in Laramie during the season than anyone else by a large margin. So I though it was a smoke screen when all the analysts were saying the Jets wanted Mayfield. Then the Jets take Darnold over Allen. I wasn't sure where Allen should have gone. I just wanted him to go to a team where he wouldn't get killed and maybe get a chance to sit and learn.
  12. And yet you have never seen them play in person once. But assume you know more than me. Laughable. You can crap football for all I care, but I will go with seeing him live 20 times over you watching him on your phone. You make me laugh comparing New Englands offense and Brady to Wyomings situation. What about Allens competition? I watched them also. Understand one thing, Wyoming and their OC did not build this offense around Allen. They plugged Allen into their offense. You have to understand Bohl shortens the game by running the ball, working field position and relying on the defense. So our offense was very conservative. Allens receivers in 2017 didn't finish routes, came up short on 1st down markers, stood around and watched while he scrambled for his life, ran basic routes, and dropped a lot of balls that were catchable. I don't care what the stats say about his dropped balls, they dropped more than the stats show because I saw it in person. I don't care what you saw or thought you saw on your phone. I know Allens stron points and weak points. And he is cleaning his game up a lot. Time will bear that out. So go join another state site, so you know the game even better.
  13. Like I said, I have seen tons more Wyoming football than you have dreamed about. If the D is in our backfield as soon as Allen drops back, when is he supposed to time these receivers? Another thing you don't get, you don't the simplicity of our routes. You have taken a very small sample to talk points to me who has actually seen Allen play in person 20 times. You are trying to tell me what Wyoming does with their receivers after watching a few clips? Wyoming receivers hardly ever get open, so you don't not what you are jabbering about. If you had a clue about how jr. high our offense looked you would might begin to understand. Why do you think you know more about Wyoming and Allen than I do? You seem like a nice guy but you are out of your depth. He led his receivers in the Senior Bowl because they got open. I know you don't want to be wrong, but you are. Don't give up your day job bud. They may have passed on them for a qb, but they weren't assured it would be Allen. That is the point.
  14. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    I was watching it and thinking the board would think Allen was a prick. I have never seen him anything but cordial and respectful to anyone and everyone. Glad he recognized scum for what it is. He might do OK off the farm and out of Wyoming after all.
  15. BB@Shooter

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    TMZ comes off as so sleazy. I wouldn't give them the time of day. They would rather skewer you for a story as not.