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  1. BB@Shooter

    Tanner Gentry is the exact WR Bills should sign

    What a clown. Are most Bills fans uneducated on this site? The Bears are loaded at receiver for those that are clueless. And calling someone who you never heard of until today super douchey leads me back to you being the douche. And Gentry was at his best when Allen was scrambling. And there are some great hall of famers who didn't have a good 40 time as receivers. But they did run excellent routes and had great hands. Another ec Wyoming receiver the Bills should look at is Jacob Hollister at tight end. He is on the Patriots roster. Bellicek made room for him on the roster. And we all know how poor his judgement is on tight ends. So that would be one more person they could pick up that Allen could us. If they could pry him away from the Patriots. But all of the smart fans on here know better. Too funny.
  2. BB@Shooter

    Tanner Gentry is the exact WR Bills should sign

    Gentry can at least catch a ball. More than I can say for a lot of the Bills receivers.
  3. BB@Shooter

    WR Technique Q - Overthrow to Foster

    I agree with this. I guess it depends on what the receivers coach is preaching . And Allen could have put a little more air under it or a little less distance. But overall the hope is to one day have the timing down. And if they do.... watch out. Good catch Hapless. I wouldn't have put that much thought into it or broke it down. Now I am curious as to what the receiver coach thinks about it.
  4. BB@Shooter

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    I like to get the ire of a loser who continually tries to bull#### his way around an argument. And that sums up your rhetoric. I highly doubt you played college ball, but good try. You come off as a squirly nerd who hasn't played the game, that tries to weasle around posts. Pompous little feller aren't you?
  5. BB@Shooter

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    I knew you had journalism in you. Lol. I didn't read the politician part in. The journalist part of you was kind of a smokescreen hiding it. I am pretty good at reading people, but tend to be in attack mode on these sites because people have a tendency to twist your words. Kind of like politics.🤔 I will enjoy your threads even more now. Thanks for opening up . With my Wyoming ties, I am an Allen fan big time. But don't get me wrong, I am hard on him internally. It is just so many others were bashing him, I wasn't going to give them ammunition. Lol.
  6. BB@Shooter

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    For beginners I don't think he has accuracy problems. That is a myth that the media and casual observers chant. Do you actually watch other qbs who only have three years or less playing time? They are inconsistent at best. There are a few like Mahomes who were put in the right system with the right players who are strutting their stuff. As far as receivers getting better seperation, I suppose that is a little bit better from time to time, but even McDermott said yesterday that Allen is still having to put up with his receivers not getting seperation. For one, the receivers we are bringing in are players who have been cut from other teams or couldn't even beat out our own crappy receivers at the start of the year. Saying that, so what makes you think these receivers are anywhere near what other teams use to make their qbs preform better ? What does that say about their route running? Their understanding of our offense and the timing they have built up with Allen? Sometimes it takes years for QB's to get on the same page as their receivers. Even Brady struggled with new receivers earlier this year and the media flocked to his defense. And he is a guy who has been in the same system forever, is considered to be the greatest ever, throws quick passes that don't take long to develop, and has a better line and talent all around him. He also has an OC that knows him, that keeps him one step ahead of defenses most all times , and they have worked together forever. But anytime the Patriots miss one lineman or one leaves for free agency, the media makes like it is the end of the dynasty. Do you think Josh Allen gets that kind of support from the media? That they justify a few bad passes and don't scream accuracy problems every time he throws a ball that doesn't hit a receiver in the chest? Why you and others are fixated on saying he has accuracy problems is lost on me. When you watch the other two thirds of football games with teams who don't have qbs named Brady, Brees, Rivers, etc, you see guys who would be considered to have accuracy problems if you watched tape along side with Josh Allen. There is no difference between them and Allen as far as ball placement. The main difference if it really matters that much is Allen will have two or three that are not even close. And that right there is when people like you jump on it. But if another qb does it. It is overlooked as being a rookie , or a miscommunication. I could go on all day and address every one of your "opinions ". But this thread would be way longer than it already is. And when you accuse me of being incredibly vague, I really have to laugh. One thing I am not is incredibly vague. A few last things, I am not and don't have to be on a fishing expedition to catch anyone who is flipping on their opinion about Allen. They stand out on their own easily enough. It wouldn't be hard to go back to some of the posts they ranted on about Allen and how horrible he was. They didn't bother to give themselves an out like you do. So in effect, I don't have to catch anyone as I remember it quite clearly. Some of us have stayed the course and understood he is a rookie on a bad team. After one game everyone was saying the Bills might win 1 game all year. That is how bad the talent on the Bills is. I think if our veterans and veterans of other teams brag on Allen , it validates it enough in my mind that I don't feel the need to read "opinions" from wannabe GM's. This is basically a fan site that serves as a sounding board for a lot of guys who might have played jr. high football. Most are not even to the Al Bundy level of high school football. I can at least say I played at a level above high school. And I have no real problem with guys hashing out football, that is what this site is for. Freedom of the press baby. But I will defend my opinion, just like what you do. After all, that is the fun part. My wife is the boss, so I don't get to talk sports as much as I like. Thus, the use of this board. Sorry this got so long. Vague my butt. Lol.🙄
  7. BB@Shooter

    So our bust qb was responsible for nearly 400 yards of offense

    Kirkegaard was an option qb. Coffman was a transfer from I do believe Illinois. Neither one had a very good skillset. Plus the line play was pretty bad. They had decent running backs, and the receivers were barely adequate and young. The season Allen took over for Coffman and got hurt, he was special right away. You could tell on his first drive. Unfortunately Wyoming is a lot like Buffalo, not much good happens to us, thus the injury. But some goof did come from it, Allen bulked up in the weight room and added needed weight.
  8. Yeah. The Titans, Vikings, and Jags took him to the woodshed. Add Houston to that one also, they needed an illegal hit to get the job done. Did you say you were a Bills fan or just a troll? I have never heard you declare either yet. As another poster said, at least you are consistent. Wrong, but consistent.
  9. You are really going out on a limb there. Craziness I tell you. Stating the obvious, and then circling back. It is ok to have an opinion. You won't get jail time for it. At least I don't think you will. Look around the league and ask that about almost any qb but Brady. Uh, okay.
  10. BB@Shooter

    Underclassmen declaring for draft

    I watched Who I am guessing is Sternberger in that 7 OT game with LSU. He is a stud. I am thinking 1st rounder after that game. Talk about the prototypical body for the NFL. I am saying that just based on that game, I meant to look up his stats. Grades is probably why he was a Juco. A non qualifier.
  11. BB@Shooter

    So our bust qb was responsible for nearly 400 yards of offense

    He is fun, but very raw. I like that he is a sponge, gobbling up all the info fed him. One small example is how he made himself slide feet first this last game and go out of bounds. A quick turnaround from a short week ago.
  12. BB@Shooter

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    I guess that is your opinion, and no problem with that. But I feel with the pressure to win coaches aren't going to protect their QB's as much as they used to. Why should they, if they don't produce they will be gone anyway. I think the scales are tipping the other way. And Watson is staying in the pocket more because he is hurt. And playing is better than watching. No, I believe at some point the old guard is going to be split and the new trend will set in. Like I said before, they are adopting college offenses because they work. There are certain teams that are hard to stop. If you can't see that Allen is a special player that got limited coaching up to this point, I don't know if you will ever get it. Riding the fence is very clever. This way you can say you had it figured whatever way it swings and you can keep on being the voice of reason while not committing. A very safe way to go about it. That way if either side attacks you , you then can go on record saying you never said that. I smell a guy that might have a journalism background. Or at least been around it enough. Kudos.
  13. BB@Shooter

    So our bust qb was responsible for nearly 400 yards of offense

    Success, I lived it. I wished they would have built a part of the offense around Allen. But they tried to fit a square peg in a round hole. Didn't even try to adjust to his arm talent. It is amazing scouts stayed with him. But they saw what was happening I guess. I wished I could have seen that article. Who was the coach? Thanks.
  14. BB@Shooter

    So our bust qb was responsible for nearly 400 yards of offense

    They had a better line and better team and played in a division lower. They also had won 3 national championships in a row. I don't feel Bohl and his coaches had much to do with Wentz and his development. I do believe he was a freshman when they came to Wyoming. Maybe a sophomore. And Allen was a natural, and they couldn't even teach him proper footwork. Allen is a very quick study. I do believe he was at the Manning academy twice. I do believe you have to be invited to it. Watch his second stint in the Senior Bowl. He made every pass asked of him. I hate the Wyoming OC, he had Allen handing off his last year because all of his receivers graduated. You don't ask a top ten qb pick to hand the ball off when he has an arm like that. It was sickening to watch. But they get the credit for Wentz and Allen. Look at Wyomings offensive stats the 5 years they have been at Wyoming. They are near the bottom of FBS stats because they run the ball on 1st and 2nd down regardless. No *****.
  15. BB@Shooter

    So our bust qb was responsible for nearly 400 yards of offense

    You still don't get it. Allen doesn't get to build his percentage up with screens, checking down and hitting sideline passes and easy plays like that. With his arm strength he ends up rolling out from design or pressure, and hitting receivers farther downfield. It is more risk, but higher reward. So not a typical offense. Same hoes for at Wyoming. Bohl coached teams run clock, take shots downfield after the run game gets going. But if the run game is bad, so is the pass game. Allen carried Wyoming in his two years there. I never missed any home games or close road games. So I have a better look than anyone who writes about him.