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  1. I really like this new 14-team playoff format. It rewards the best record in the conference with a week off, all of the division winners are guaranteed a home game, and you still have over half of the teams in the regular season not qualifying.
  2. Well I'm glad everyone here at least seems to understand the dangerous potential for crony capitalism in the coronavirus bailout bill. When the time comes, will we put away partisan bickering and push every single elected politician for the necessarily strict oversight? I have my doubts, but maybe I'm being too cynical. Regarding your statements on the need for more individual responsibility: there's no doubt a lot of truth to it for many Americans. But I also think you are generalizing too much here to the point that you may be ignoring the fundamental flaws with our current economic system. It’s hard for many to financially prepare for emergencies like this pandemic when wage growth isn’t keeping up with costs of living, health care, education, etc…
  3. Ok, well thanks for the advice which I am taking up by defecting to the Green Party, but just so you know I don’t reject capitalism and I have a feeling that we don’t agree on the same definition of socialism here either. I like capitalism with a healthy social safety net and a few key regulatory limits on otherwise laissez faire business and bank interactions. I also don’t have a problem with the existence of billionaires. My problem with some of them is the way they use their wealth to corrupt government, the media, and the military for their own benefit while simultaneously exploiting the working and middle classes. Don’t worry! Joe Biden won’t be capitulating in any meaningful way to progressives because he has said so very bluntly and repeatedly. Best of luck with the under-40, Latino, and white working class voting blocs. I can try and keep you updated on what percentage of the Bernie voting coalition I think will stick with Biden, based on my experiences and connections with the Sanders campaign. Right now I’d say a solid 80%, though that’s still double the attrition percentage from 2016. The coronavirus, however, presents such a huge unknown for society and for the economy that predictions at this moment in time seem pointless… You and me, 1915 Buffalo Bill Cody Fan! Howie’s campaign may be as unconventional as your use of punctuation, but together we can help him defeat Trump and Biden on November 3. Then we can celebrate with a big bowl of delicious TRUMPOLINI (I’m vegan, so no cheese please).
  4. Hi Bill, I have some free time tonight, so I will try to answer all your questions. I think the establishment Dems pander to progressives only in a very selective way. When it comes to most issues of civil liberties, I think they do a good job of giving us what we want and going to battle for us in promoting these positions. However, curiously enough when it comes to issues like social welfare programs or Wall Street regulations or progressive tax codes at the very high limit or the military-industrial complex or foreign policy or the environment, I don’t think they come even close to compromising with us. Keep in mind I am referring to how politicians actually vote and govern, not to what they say behind microphones. The reason for this discrepancy of support between issues? As you have probably figured out by now from my rants, my opinion is that it comes down solely to their corporate donors and how these politicians themselves benefit financially from these particular policy stances. Maybe you know a lot more about Cuomo than I do right now? I kind of stopped following him so closely since his days battling Cynthia Nixon. If he’s been pivoting more toward true progressive ideas, that is news to me and might actually make him an even more salable alternative to Biden at the convention. He’s connected to the Kennedy dynasty, too, which gives him a lot of cachet with low information voters. Oh yeah, here’s a fun fact for y’all: his dad Mario (a Bills fan, BTW) was a big national name back in 1988 and was the leading candidate to replace Jessie Jackson at the national convention if Dukakis couldn’t finish off Jackson during the primaries. History possibly repeating itself, in a way??? I would have liked the Democratic Party to have moved away from Obama and Bill Clinton and gone back to their FDR and LBJ roots. This sounds too radical to many message board readers here, but it’s not seen as remotely radical to Millenials (my people!), Generation Z, and citizens of modern Western democratic countries. I’m also somewhat to the political right of your stereotypical Bernie supporter on a number of issues like PC culture, second amendment, late-term abortion, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, border control, and nuclear energy. I’m also to the extreme left of them on a select few issues like the drug war, animal rights, and many aspects of environmental protections. As you can see, choosing a political party to belong to isn’t as simple for me as it is for others. That’s also probably why it’s easier for me to quit the Dems than it is for other Bernie supporters. Overall, I do still think of Bernie Sanders as an honest politician and a good person. I have no regrets volunteering for his campaign this past year. At the national level, I think history will view him more as an influential political iconoclast like Eugene Debs than just another presidential candidate has-been like George McGovern. I don’t think Bernie ever had the killer political instincts to defeat the party establishment and become president like Trump did. Bernie listened to a lot of bad advice from certain campaign insiders and did not do a good job of sifting through the typical ideological purity test nonsense that progressives tend to engage in so to unite the different factions of the movement. One example: I have insider knowledge that a certain high-up campaign manager personally dislikes Tulsi Gabbard and pressured Bernie to reject her endorsement because she is seen as too far-right for the movement…a bunch of high school mean girls nonsense that Bernie didn’t quell. I hope any of this was remotely interesting to anyone? Yikes I type too much…
  5. Hmmm.... I would maybe substitute CB with an LDE Lawson replacement here. Now normally I'm a BPA kind of gal, and I think Beane is a BPA kind of guy, but I - like you - think he should prioritize an RB Gore upgrade this year. Not too many draft picks are going to make this season's roster, so I would use a couple of these picks to trade up a bit to secure players whom Beane likes. Singletary is the McCoy-like lightning; the Bills still need some Lynch-like thunder.
  6. starters: Dawkins - Spain - Morse - Ford - Williams backups: Nsekhe, Long, Feliciano, Bates, Boettger, Salako This is a really solid group! They lack elite talent but have outstanding depth. Can the Bills even find a rookie OL starter in the draft outside the top 53 picks? Can any OL draft pick outside the top 85 picks even crack this roster's top 8?
  7. I personally know multiple Bernie supporters who will be voting for Trump in November. They seem to be motivated as much by dispassionate strategy as they are by anger toward the DNC. A sound Trump victory over Biden is supposed to be the second best outcome for progressives (aside from the obvious of Bernie beating both Biden and Trump) to try and take over a then weakened and humiliated Democratic Party. The pandemic fallout is also supposed to make the need for progressive policies like universal health care, student debt relief, and minimum wage hikes that much more obvious to the otherwise low-information, "orange man bad," Biden-voting Dem. I won't bother explaining their reasoning any further because I think it's foolish. The Democratic Party has proven to be corrupt to its ossified neoliberal core and beyond any internal reform. The latest example among many is the complete bipartisan support of the disgusting coronavirus bailout bill that was just passed. Even all of our so-called progressive Democrat heroes like Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and The Squad could barely muster effective collective pushback beyond a few lame speeches. Feckless at best, complicit charlatans at worst. This was the most galling example of crony capitalism in American history with virtually no enforced oversight of the gigantic bailout money about to be siphoned off to large company CEO's over the next several years. This is worse than anything we saw in late 2008-early 2009. And then the hoi polloi were allotted $1200 checks to keep quiet for the time being. Maybe...or maybe not? My preferred strategy is to burn the Democratic Party down from the outside. Coordinate nation-wide worker strikes in the spring, organize grassroots protest movements in the summer, vote Green Party in the fall, and possibly organize a new People's Party beyond if the Green Party proves unwilling to try and actually win elections. Voting for a corrupt senile rapist war-mongering neoliberal low-key racist like Biden is only enabling the establishment Dems. Voting for Trump is only enabling a 40-year tradition of a failed Reaganomics libertarian economic philosophy that has hollowed out the middle and working classes, to the point that half of this entire country doesn't have enough savings to survive more than a month of a pandemic quarantine. Voting for the Green Party is at least a genuine vote for progressivism and can help them reach the critical 5% general election benchmark. I think I've now said all that I needed to say here in the "Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary Thread." I don't care anymore what happens to this disgusting political party. I'll give the Republicans credit in that at least they are honest and upfront about who they are and what they believe. The Democrats no longer represent the working class and probably never will again. So I don't have a strong opinion on the Andrew Cuomo emergency option that has been bandied around the internet. But my advice to the Democrats is to go ahead and make the switch at the convention if your only public policy is beating Trump, as has been made obvious since Super Tuesday. I think Cuomo could conceivably stoke the necessary voting enthusiasm in the general election to win. I've long doubted Biden's ability to seal the deal, and that latest enthusiasm poll only reinforces my doubts. Force Biden to step down in July for "health reasons" or due to the Tara Reade controversy. The optics of wasting everyone's time during the primaries to undemocratically select a candidate at the convention are...well...not good, but at this point the bar for DNC political integrity is so low that Cuomo can easily clear it in July. Anyway, my political rant is over. Stay safe, everyone, and God bless all you health professionals! We will celebrate your heroism after all of this passes.
  8. Could the Bills afford him if they also want to extend White, Dawkins, and Milano? If so, he'd be a perfect fit in Sean's defense. There's still a need for someone to play strong-side DE. I think Addison prefers playing on the same side as Hughes, Murphy isn't good enough to start, and I'm not sure if an obvious high-quality DE exists in the draft after the first 50 picks.
  9. Wooooo! Kyle nailed it (see clip: 2:12-3:35). He didn't explicitly mention a Diggs trade, but the sentiment was 100% correct. I love the Bryce Paup reference (I would also add Mario Williams in 2012). I LOVE what the Bills are doing up in Buffalo. Maybe the third best AFC team on paper right now?! I appreciate everyone's kind words in this thread. I know all you dirty old WNY men have (red, white, and) blue balls right now, but I'll be back soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy:
  10. I don't know, to be honest. I had assumed Howard was coming to Buffalo. There should be plenty of additional options through the draft and post-June cuts. Maybe the Bills should call Marshawn Lynch?! I saw him on the Westworld season opener the other night while locked up in my apartment waiting out this coronavirus apocalypse.
  11. It's all part of their 4-year plan! 2017: build locker room culture 2018: build defense 2019: build offense 2020: finishing touches for deep playoff run Bare minimum goal should be AFC East Division title and first playoff victory since 1995.
  12. He might be too expensive and not want to share carries with Singletary. We're almost done with free agency. Just need to add a vet RB to replace Gore and maybe Chris Harris too. After the draft, Beane also needs to extend White, Milano, and Dawkins. Of the OP's list, I think the following players end up getting replaced with draft picks and other free agents: Yeldon, Wade, Foster, Croom, Boettger, Thompson, Dodson, Phillips, Lewis. Interesting note: 5 players on the roster have connections with Carolina, all on defense (Butler, Star, Klein, Addison, Norman).
  13. Yup. Doing the following voter math is incorrect: Sanders + Warren + Gabbard = total % progressives. Bloomberg + Biden + Klobuchar = total % moderates. Many people don’t vote along political ideological lines like that and sometimes (unfortunately) don’t even know much of anything about the public policies of the candidates. They may vote instead on perceived electability, personality, physical appearance, age, geographical representation, gender, race, single issues, and so on. The proof is with polls that show the second choice for voters. You’ll often see a progressive second choice paired with a centrist first choice, and vice versa. As I think I mentioned before, there’s actually a fair amount of evidence that the Democratic Party voters and the American population at large may be quickly shifting to the progressive left. Take Medicare For All as an important example: I saw a Reuters poll where 70% of overall Americans were in favor of it and so were 85% of Democrats. You see similar trends with a variety of other individual progressive policies. Polls going against this argument usually revolve around the word “socialism” and the electability of a labeled “socialist” candidate. The Bernie campaign, however, has internal (un-scientific) canvassing data suggesting that this stigma is eroding in practically every demographic. It already collapsed with the Millenials. But who knows? We’ll find out the truth soon enough.
  14. I’d like to say that it’s none of my business how others spend their money. But we don’t live in an anarcho-capitalist society. If you like living in the US and you like the Constitution, then right away you are relinquishing some level of autonomy for the paid service of national defense. I also assume you like the fire department, law and order, transportation, maybe the post office, etc… so as you see, you are already acknowledging that not all economic goods and services you consume should necessarily be subject to the whims of the free market. The key argument from the progressive left is that we should spend the next 8 months revisiting the following goods and services in a similar way: 1. Health care: Is tying health care access to employment status reasonable? Should people suffer or die if they didn’t choose a high-enough-paying job or if they have struggled finding decent employment? Should families go bankrupt over health issues? Are other modern industrialized countries around the world doing it better and cheaper? 2. Education: most of us are okay with providing free public education from kindergarten up through high school. Why is that? What about child care and pre-k care during the most critical development stages in a human’s life? What about college and trade school? Are the outrageous costs of higher education prohibiting working class families from attending? How is student loan debt affecting the rest of the country’s economy? 3. Environment (air, water, public land ownership, energy extraction, etc.): this could get pretty contentious if you don’t believe in global warming, but at the very least I hope you acknowledge that our use of air and water can have negative economic externalities that require government oversight. Analysis of Biden’s win and overall strategy: Hillary won SC roughly 75% to 25% in 2016, so it was always going to be a major struggle for Bernie to do much better in a Dem voting pool that skews old and centrist. This time, Biden won about 50% to Bernie’s clear second of 20%, with 4 other viable candidates in the race taking the remaining 30% (interestingly enough, exit polls had people in favor of Medicare For All at 50%, even though Sanders is the only candidate currently supporting it). So Biden did succeed in part one of his questionable strategy, which was to put almost all his campaign resources into securing his SC firewall. Part two of his strategy is now to ride this momentum and his “most electable” narrative into Super Tuesday and beyond. The major problem here is that Biden has practically no ground game or advertisements running in the Super Tuesday states! He put too many of his resources into winning SC. Fellow centrist Bloomberg is also in the race and eating into Biden’s vote percentage, and Bloomberg at least has the ads and a (sloppy but well-paid) ground game he put together at the last minute. Meanwhile, over here in Bernieland, we have a large, well-funded, well-organized grassroots ground game installed all over the country that has been extremely active since last February. The Super Tuesday polls largely reflect our superiority in organization. Understanding Biden’s Appeal to Centrist Dems: Yeah…I can’t do this one. Is it his amazing public policy platform of not being Trump and being friends with that one black guy from a few years back? His extensive history of government bribery and crony capitalism? His approval of the student no-bankruptcy bill? His support of the prison-industrial complex? Or his decades-long history of warmongering neoconservatism? Or his decades-long history of middle class-destroying neoliberalism? His potential for cutting social security? Or maybe it’s simply the large crowds he attracts at events? His highly organized campaign organization flush with cash? The way he challenges voters to fights and push-ups? The way he creeps up behind young women? Perhaps it’s his stellar debate performances? His dementia-fueled gaffes? His soft racism? His youthful exuberance? The sexual allure of his pearly white dentures? His excellent parenting of Hunter? What is it?! In any case, I find the centrist Dems’ affection for Joe Biden absolutely adorable. Like a kitten hugging a puppy. Awww…some think he actually has a chance! How precious. Have your fun for a couple more days, centrist Dems. But by Wednesday morning, it’s time to BEND THAT KNEE to Comrade Bernie. My pre-Super Tuesday power ranking: 1. Sanders – only question now is whether he gets the 1,991 delegate majority or whether he goes into the convention with a plurality and the joyous opportunity to have superdelegates undemocratically steal his nomination (as Milwaukee burns to the ground). 2. Bloomberg – the only centrist with the money to go all the way to the convention. 3. Biden – top current centrist who is only popular with black Boomers in the South, but will exit after deal made with Bloomberg sometime in March. 4. Buttigieg – only staying in because the Deep State told him to, but will exit Tuesday night [EDIT: ooops, just found out he's gone! Yay!!!] 5. Warren – fake progressive who is only staying in to keep Sanders from winning Massachusetts or running away with California delegates, but will exit Tuesday night. 6. Klobuchar – only staying in to keep Sanders from winning Minnesota, but will exit Tuesday night. 7. Gabbard – doing her Sanders VP tour, energizing the independents and libertarians!
  15. Good personal story and a quintessential American one, but as you said yourself, you needed a lot of people to help you along the way. What about the people who are telling us that they're not finding sufficient help? What percentage of these people are too lazy? Entitled? Hopelessly incompetent with their personal lives? Too immersed in victimhood? Indoctrinated in the left-wing school system? I don't think these kinds of blanket statements and accusations are productive if there is a genuine interest in halting the rapid rise of the progressive left-wing. I'll reiterate what I've said before somewhere in this monstrously large thread. There are two central themes behind the Bernie Sanders political movement of the post-Great Recession era (2008-now): 1. The corporate elite have corrupted America's political, government, economic, military, and media institutions to a now completely intolerable level. 2. Absolute wage growth is not keeping pace with the cost of living and health care and post-secondary education. The centrist Democrats since the 1990's and the Republicans since the 1980's have either done a terrible job addressing these issues or have done a terrible job communicating their thoughts and solutions to the working class, Millenials, and minorities of this country.
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