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  1. I've always hated the "squish the fish" chants. It makes Bills fans come across as ignorant, slack-jawed yokels instead of the refined folding table jumpers that the rest of the NFL has come to know and admire.
  2. I don't know if it's laughable. When you only have 100 spots and are including every football position over 100 seasons, there are going to be some all-time greats left out. I see 8 post-WW 2 RB's (Motley, Dorsett, Peterson, Campbell, Faulk, Tomlinson, OJ, Dickerson) already. There will be 4 more (Smith, Payton, Sanders, Brown). Was Thurman a top-10 all-time RB? No. More like mid-teens. Playing at the same time as Sanders and Smith didn't help his cause.
  3. The Broncos are my Sealy Posturepedic. Flacco is going to lay a voluminous turd against the Buffalo defense. 10-1, entering Thanksgiving weekend. The way the AFC is shaking out, that may be enough to clinch a playoff spot. My vegan-themed Thanksgiving meal is going to taste SOOO good while I watch Oliver and Phillips collapse the pocket onto Prescott over and over and over again.
  4. Woooo!! That's my cue!! The Big Kay Signal in the internet sky has been observed. So all you dirty old men ready to talk some Bills football?! Or are you too busy ***** it to my pics? Josh Allen is my guy. Him and Devin Singletary are coming out of the bye ready to tear up the league and elevate the Buffalo offense to playoff-caliber. Disagree? Do so at your own peril. My esteemed colleagues, Kyle and Peter, have expressed skepticism to me regarding Josh Allen. I currently have Kyle in a headlock as I type. Peter is in the corner of our studio with his underwear over his head. This is how I roll.
  5. The Buffalo sports battle cry of the 21st century. Looking forward to those days being over (for the Bills AND Sabres...and Bandits ). Pay particular attention to what's going on with the Raiders and the Chiefs in the West. They both have difficult schedules over the next 3 weeks and may collapse. If at least one does, there's a not entirely unlikely chance that the Bills finish their home stand at 7-1 and with a FOUR game lead over the next closest wild card competitor. I know, I know..."one game at a time, Kay!" ***** you. Let me have my moment of joy.
  6. I have, yes. The Bills are top 10 in rushing attempts, total rushing yards, rushing yards per carry, and rushing TD's. But I understand your point. They've been passing more than running this year, and some of those rushes are coming from Allen runs in broken pass plays. I'm not saying that Daboll's offense is like Greg Roman's. What I am saying is that I believe the Bills would generally prefer running than passing, and we may start to see this as soon as Singletary returns from injury. For these first 5 games, defenses have not respected Allen and have been lining up to neutralize the run. I suspect that's a big part behind why Daboll has called so many pass plays. This will change as Allen improves (we're seeing it!) throughout the season.
  7. Do people actually think the Browns will run the table after losing to the Pats and starting 2-5? Coaching matters. Offensive lines matter. The Browns have neither. And if you think the Browns will finish 6-0 in their division, then you haven't been paying attention to the nature of division rivalries, especially in the AFC North. I'll put them at 7-9, losing to the Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, and....BILLS.
  8. We don't have the best D in the league. Right now we have the 3rd best behind NE and SF. We need to see more turnovers and a better pass rush from Hughes, Oliver, Lawson, and Murphy before considering them for #1.
  9. I have very little doubt we will be seeing both QB's. I assume Frazier is smart enough to prepare for both.
  10. Once the Chargers lose tonight, there will be 9 AFC teams with at least 4 losses after only 6 weeks. That leaves 7: Pats, Bills, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Raiders, Chiefs. Who's the odd one out for the playoffs? Most of you are probably thinking the Raiders (and the pessimists here will suggest the Bills). But check out the Chiefs' schedule, in combination with their injury list and terrible defense. Could they be the odd ones out?
  11. I was going to post the run defense stats for the Chiefs, but then I realized there may be kids reading this thread. I am curiously loving the demise of the Chiefs and Browns. I think it's because they represent everything that the Bills are not: hype, big names, big personalities, and flashy new-age NFL flag-football style fantasy football points-producing nonsense. The Bills play as a team and still believe in delightfully quaint football notions such as defense and running the ball.
  12. That's not fair to characterize the younger Bills fan base like that, for two reasons: 1. In the modern NFL, it's much easier to rebuild a team from scratch in a comparatively shorter amount of time. Three years is enough time to expect a competent GM and HC to take a cellar dweller to playoff contention. 2. Any Bills fan under 30 years old probably has no memory of a home playoff game or a playoff victory (January 1996). No professional sports fan should ever have to experience their favorite team missing the playoffs for 17 straight years. The young Bills fans who are still fans have more than earned their stripes.
  13. https://slate.com/culture/2015/01/stats-show-the-new-england-patriots-became-nearly-fumble-proof-after-a-2006-rule-change-pushed-by-tom-brady.html
  14. You mean back when they knew every play the offense was going to run because they had been illegally videotaping practices for year?
  15. You mean passing offense, right? Because the Bills were a top-5 rushing offense before today. I think the return of Singletary, Allen's improved decision-making with more experience, and better OL pass-protect cohesion with more time will lead to a much better offense towards the end of the season. Remember that this unit has a lot of new faces (only 8 left over from last year; only Allen and Dawkins starters from last year).
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