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  1. It's what I call "Chris Kelsay scar tissue." You see it everywhere throughout the Buffalo Bills fanbase that endured The Drought Era. You are either hard-working, team-oriented, blue-collar, always carrying your lunch in a pail form, completely devoid of talent, and somehow a perfect fit for the Buffalo franchise or you are a supremely talented but egotistical, lazy, and possibly criminal diva of an athlete who belongs with one of those teams that wins playoff games and division titles at least once every 25 years.
  2. The defense is still mediocre against the run and in the red zone, though I think these issues have more to do with schemes, gap responsibility, and tackling technique than with personnel.
  3. Clowney is a swiss army knife in the front 7. He can be lined up at Sam LB, either DE spot, nickel/dime DT, or as a LB/DE in a 3-4 scheme. Frazier's defense is at the point now where they can add layers of complexity to confuse even the most experienced of QB's and advance from really good to legendary. Clowney could singlehandedly do this for Frazier. Clowney's impact is not measured in personal sacks as much as it in the statistics of the overall defense. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Brain Gaine is pushing Beane hard to go after him.
  4. He's not reading this message board. You'll have to fly over to Baltimore and tell him.
  5. This was my interpretation of the stats as well. The defense's sack totals were higher than expected, while the pass breakups and interceptions lower than expected, because fewer QB's were willing to take chances against the back 7...of which Hyde and Poyer play a key role. Buffalo's defense has a reputation for being perhaps the best in the league at disguising coverages. Buffalo also led the league in fewest pass plays given up of 20+ yards (34 all season). They deliberately scheme to keep everything in front of them, which can limit the opportunities for safeties to get interceptions and pass breakups. Also, I think some of y'all either don't watch enough football outside the Bills or are having memory selectivity biases. Safeties are missing tackles and giving up pass plays all the time...even the very best ones. Overall, Hyde and Poyer are excellent. Neal and J. Johnson are looking good, too.
  6. Ryan Hickman can't do all of BillsMafia's dirty work. Someone else needs to step up! I've been doing my part. Notice how I'm always seated so far away from Kyle and Peter on the set of GMFB? That's because they have a 10ft restraining order on me for a few Bills-related "misunderstandings." Also, I'm about halfway through the entire series of The Wire and have some deliciously witty retorts lined up for the internet Ravens fan world. Am I worried about any blowback similar to what Jerry "Poor Woman's Ray Romano" Coleman received? No. Vinyasa yoga nights have been replaced with women's self-defense classes. All three of my assigned emotional support animal companions are cats that have not been declawed. KAY DON'T PLAY.
  7. Oh goodness, no! I was referring to an infamous incident with ex-Bills RB, Travis Henry, who got into trouble when meeting up with an underaged girl at a gas station. No one else remembers this? Or am I imagining things again? In any case, I have higher standards. At least take me to a Dave & Buster's first.
  8. A former Buffalo Bills head coach who quit the team. No, not Doug Marrone. No, not Lou Saban. No, not Chuck Knox. No, not John Rauch. No, not Lou Saban again.
  9. There seems to be an unusually large number of quality free agent pass rushers this off-season. I wonder if this will suppress the market value a bit for Lawson and Phillips? Even so, about half of the league's teams are in good enough cap shape where they can throw wild money at a pass rusher if they so choose.
  10. I see the point he was trying to make, but when I think of young athletes having children, I don't immediately think of stability and dedication to one's profession; I think of a rather unromantic rendezvous with some guy named "T. Henry" in a dimly lit parking lot behind a gas station off of I-90.
  11. He wasn't kidding when he talked about turnover in the NFL and the difference between the 2017 Bills and the 2019 Bills. Him and DiMarco are the only players on offense that remain from the 2017 roster! Overall, you can add Ferguson, Hauschka, Hughes, Lawson, Alexander, Milano, Hyde, Poyer, and White. So that's only 11 players total out of 53 that were jumping around like maniacs in the locker room when Dalton became a hero. And only 4 of these ever experienced the Rex Ryan Circus of 2016.
  12. Well your X receiver doesn't need to have talent at the level of Julius Jones or AJ Green, but he certainly needs to be an upgrade over Duke Williams. I'm thinking along the lines of a less lazy version of Kelvin Benjamin. I'm thinking of ways the Bills can improve the offense from #24 to top-10. How do you propose they do it? This is what I suggested: 1. X receiver in first two rounds of draft. A healthy AJ Green would be ideal! 2. Scherff or Conklin on the right side of the line to pair with Ford. 3. Power RB, like Carlos Hyde in free agency or someone in the middle rounds of the draft. Derrick Henry would be ideal! 4. Josh Allen improving. 5. Everyone staying healthy.
  13. 100% agree. At bare minimum, the Bills need to improve on the following: 1. Upgrade from Gore as the between-the-tackles power RB. 2. Replacement of Alexander at Sam LB. 3. Genuine #1 WR (the "X" WR) with a large catch radius. 4. A young or relatively young DE who can at least share reps with Hughes but eventually replace him. 5. One more good OL (RT or RG, depending on Ford's situation). Incremental improvements on offense will not suffice. The Bills need to go from the #24 offense to somewhere within the top 10 if they want to overtake the Chiefs and Ravens. Josh Allen doesn't need to be as good as Mahomes or Jackson, but he needs to be solidly above average and he needs help in the form of at least one significant upgrade at RB, WR/TE, and OL...as outlined above. I also noticed that Sean McDermott is already among the 15 longest-tenured head coaches in the NFL. 6 of them have already won a Super Bowl, all within the first 5 years of coaching. An additional 2 at least have made it to the Super Bowl. An additional 4 are currently alive in the second round of the playoffs. Finally, the 2 remaining (ironically both former Bills head coaches: Marrone and Lynn) have already won playoff games before but are both likely to be fired next year. So my point is that another one and done playoff appearance should not be acceptable. Neither should be getting swept by the Patriots again when all of the other 4 AFC playoff teams have shown this season that they are capable of beating them. Bills fans need to shake off the legacy of failure from the Drought Era and raise their expectations!
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