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  1. 3 minutes ago, jkirchofer said:

    Meh. I am starting to think McCarron may be their guy. No way they can get to two without both firsts this year, a second this year, and next year's first. If McCarron was a franchise guy, someone would have tried him away from Cincinnati. Same mistake Rex made with Taylor. 


    Agreed ... that's potentially 4 starters for a "franchise QB".  I'd forget about moving up and fill the holes on the roster starting with #12. And I just can't see the Giants parting with #2 given Manning's age. 

  2. Just now, DriveFor1Outta5 said:

    I agree, but we can’t choose guys based on who wants to be here imo. We’d be picking from

    the bottom of the barrel regularly. They’ll all be fine with it once they arrive. Kelly didn’t want to come here in the beginning either. 


    The Giants need a QB as well as Eli is 37 and in "decline" as some say. Assuming Rosen sits for a year or maybe even 2 would be a perfect transition as well. 

    Rosen telling the Giants he would love to play for them might influence their decision to trade down with the Bills. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, DriveFor1Outta5 said:

    Because QB is the most important position in sports, and some of us believe that Darnold, Mayfield, and Rosen are leaps and bounds above Jackson and Allen. Anything less gives us Losman, Manuel flashbacks. 


    This is true, but I want someone who wants to play here. Rosen is giving shoutouts to the Giants, not the Bills. Mayfield is a big city Jets type personality (Broadway Baker) and Darnold has already stated he would love to lead the Browns. That leaves Allen and I see him with the Broncos backing up Case for a few years. 

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