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  1. Many posts ago, I said it was a theory. And I didn't come up with the conspiracy theory ... there are folks who think the McNairs are in on it as retribution for Watson saying he would never play for the Texans again for various reasons. I'm out ...
  2. Read Hapless' post above and then speak to the ~70 other Texans as to who they use.
  3. Not yet - she was evaluating her options at the time of the SI story. Do you think these licensed sport massage therapists just worked on Watson ? What about asking the other team members who they see ?
  4. You don't think the owner could get the names of the massage therapists Watson was seeing or had seen ? True, but the fact she said she would tells me she either wasn't that bothered by his conduct or he tipped really well.
  5. As I said, it's a theory as no one looked at the other side. But carry on if it makes you feel better.
  6. No, I'd rather not - I'll let you use your detective skills to figure it out or maybe not as you seem to have it all figured out. How would you know whether Hardin plans to counter-sue the women ? Because it hasn't happened yet ?
  7. What prompted the women to come forward in the 1st place ? All 19 sought out Buzbee from the yellow pages ? How many of the women had Watson as a repeat customer despite their allegations ? Getting a list of sports massage therapists that worked on Watson ? A few phone calls is all it would take. According to Watson's lawyer, it's a crock. So we'll see ... Even more telling she would book him again if his previous conduct was unacceptable.
  8. No one planted any texts but until you can produce evidence of incriminating texts, it's a non-prosecutable money grab. And how would you know Watson is furiously deleting texts on his cell phone ? Maybe so - it's just a theory. The Oklahoma City police department had no trouble getting 13 cooperative victims to proceed against Daniel Holtzclaw. So these women would just want compensation instead of Watson being criminally charged if indeed he actually did something criminal ?
  9. Are there there any smoking gun texts that you know about that would warrant criminal charges ?
  10. If Watson is guilty, his career should be over. I have no problem believing that massage therapists filing civil suits against Watson are looking for $.
  11. Exactly - I'm leaning toward Watson being guilty and almost everyone else here already has him guilty with no criminal charges filed. I put a theory out there as far-fetched as it may be and if I'm way off, so what ? Wouldn't be the 1st time someone in a position of power tried to ruin someone. But until there's evidence that Watson is guilty other than words, I will wait until it plays out.
  12. Either the claims in the lawsuits are true or not. If they're not, someone paid these ladies to manufacture the claims against Watson. Let's assume the claims are false. Who would've paid the women to make them up, contact Buzbee, and get the lawsuits filed ?
  13. To you, it might not be but maybe the McNairs are vindictive SOBs who basically are taking the position "don't f*k with us". You don't want to play with us so you'll end up playing nowhere. Or maybe there's more to the story we haven't heard yet. Or maybe yet, he's actually guilty of the accusations and the timing is coincidental.
  14. Don't really have a theory but I'm sure Watson's $156 mil contract would be voided if the McNair's lawyers could prove any misconduct legally and no other team would even sign Watson essentially ending his football career. The timing is certainly suspicious given Watson's stance of not ever playing for the Texans again.
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