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  1. They can't do Saturday until college football season is over. Has something to do with their the anti-trust exemption.
  2. It will be clear the devil gave Brady a contract extension. Getting Brown was his signing bonus.
  3. Greg Wilson is in law enforcement. Instead of throwing a flag he will just taser the the offending player.
  4. The team is 5th in points allowed. The defense is 3rd behind New England and Green Bay.
  5. We may have to go 15-1 to insure the Dolphins don't get the first pick of the draft.
  6. Would you would prefer they be the Bills Borg? Resistance if futile ... your tables will be annihilated.
  7. Here is an account from local news source. From this story we know the driver of the Mazda had been drinking but don't know if she was over the legal limit. Even if below the legal limit there is going to be some impairment of reaction time. Also worth noting is the accident occurred at 2:00 a.m. If the driver of the Mazda had been awake since 7:00 a.m. she would have been awake for 19 hours. There is plenty of research showing sleep deprivation can reduce reaction time as significantly as alcohol. From the article the Lamborghini hit the center median which would be south shoulder but Smith and Petara were standing on the north shoulder when she was hit. Sounds like the car ended up back toward the north shoulder. The only thing that makes sense to me is the car came to rest mostly in the right lane facing west. The driver of the Mazda to avoid hitting the Lamborghini swerved right attempting to go around it on the north shoulder. So why wouldn't the Mazda driver swerve left instead? Maybe there was already a car on her left or maybe she was behind another car that swerved left and slammed on the breaks. It's all speculation, we just don't know.
  8. http://thegiantsboard.proboards.com/thread/4293/get-lot-worse-giants-quickly
  9. Pity the poor suckers that have to suffer through the Pats/Dolphins game.
  10. It isn't "data driven" as ESPN's Total QBR is loaded with subjective judgements.
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