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  1. Only if he ate a box of Tide Pods.
  2. RememberTheRockpile

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Looks like Guido the hit man.
  3. RememberTheRockpile

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    For what it's worth. After Hackett was fired the Jags scored a total of 48 points (5 games - 9.6 points/game). For the first 11 games while Hackett was OC the Jags averaged 17.9 points/game.
  4. RememberTheRockpile

    Speculation on Golic and Wingo that Rosen could be traded

    Maybe the Cards should rename the stadium Jurassic Park.
  5. RememberTheRockpile

    Nick Foles Contract

    If they pick up his 2019 league year option it cost the Eagles $20 million. If Foles opts out by paying back the $2 million and is subsequently tagged for $23.8 million he gets $23.8 million minus the $2 million he payed back for a cool $21.8 million. Under this scenario Foles wouldn't be $2 million poorer, he would be $1.8 million richer.
  6. RememberTheRockpile

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    The way he runs reminds me of Tasker.
  7. RememberTheRockpile

    We need to trade down...

    Pretty much agree except for RB. While not an issue as far as running the ball is concerned. Knowing when to stay and block or go out as a safety valve. Knowing who to block and knowing where to be on a blitz is pretty important and undervalued. That all comes with experience and coaching.
  8. RememberTheRockpile

    We need to trade down...

    This is what the Bills get this year: 1st - 1 2nd - 1 3rd - 1 4th - 2 5th - 2 6th - 1 7th - 2 Likely the first 4 rounds picks all make the team. Assume one from the 5th and one more from the 6th and 7th. That is 7 rookies or 13% of the 53 man roster. Imagine trading down in the first for a 1st and a 3rd. Throw in a undrafted rookie and your up to 9 or 17% of your roster. At some point, and I don't know what that point is, the inexperience becomes a liability especially early in the season. IMO, they would be much better served if they traded down and got future draft picks. For example instead of a 1st and a 3rd a 1st and next years 3rd.
  9. RememberTheRockpile

    We need to trade down...

    How many rookies can you have on a roster before the inexperience is detrimental to the team? This is a question I have when I see people advocating trading down for more picks.
  10. RememberTheRockpile

    Bills sign Derek Anderson to extension

    At 900k he is costing around one half of one percent of the salary cap.
  11. RememberTheRockpile

    Jets O-Line remove the wheels to Darnolds car

    Autographed footballs and membership in jelly of the month club?
  12. That is a pretty optimistic view of the officials.
  13. RememberTheRockpile

    Josh Allen and QBs bought the OL iPads for Christmas

    psychedelic man ... psychedelic!
  14. RememberTheRockpile

    Josh Allen and QBs bought the OL iPads for Christmas

    Oh man ... don't be a square ... its not cool.