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    Zay to Active-Non-Football Injury, Palepoi released

    Naked bootlegs.
  2. RememberTheRockpile

    1964 Buffalo Bills AFL Highlights

    Don't think that was it at all. It wasn't any secret that Wilson meddled with the football side which didn't sit well with Saban. Didn't help that Saban had a short fuse when it came to control of the team. Wilson mellowed over the years but that tendency to want to control things never went away entirely. Can you say RJ - Flutie? I think Marv Levy's success was in part due to his ability to assure Wilson and keep him at bay.
  3. RememberTheRockpile

    1964 Buffalo Bills AFL Highlights

    Actually he was one season away from the Superbowl. Joe Collier took over as head coach in 66 after Saban resigned. The difference in the team without Saban was rather obvious. Had Saban stayed I think that 1st Superbowl would not have been as one sided as it was.