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  1. RememberTheRockpile

    1964 Buffalo Bills AFL Highlights

    Actually he was one season away from the Superbowl. Joe Collier took over as head coach in 66 after Saban resigned. The difference in the team without Saban was rather obvious. Had Saban stayed I think that 1st Superbowl would not have been as one sided as it was.
  2. That is after they post it on Pornhub.
  3. RememberTheRockpile

    Caption This (Eli Manning)

    "The coach told me you're to go work out with the receivers ... Oh ... and take off that red jersey. "
  4. So he throws an interception on a blue field against an opponent wearing blue. Might have a problem playing the Jets.
  5. Lake effect off of lake Ontario compounded by increasing elevation going into the Adirondacks. Lake Ontario is deeper than Erie so it doesn't freeze over making for a longer lake effect season.
  6. RememberTheRockpile

    Caption this...

    Who wants to hold the clipboard?
  7. RememberTheRockpile

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is now a cheesehead

    Maybe he thought packers were people that used pack animals.
  8. RememberTheRockpile

    Baker Mayfield

    Clearly the guy at the top has no future in pizza commercials.
  9. RememberTheRockpile

    Bills to Renovate New Era Field Premium Areas this Offseason

    The evidence shows that governments have ignored the financial realities. The economic benefits the the politicians crow about simply don't exist. As far as the politician is concerned that doesn't matter as long as the voters believe it is true. It appeals to emotion which makes it an easy sell.
  10. RememberTheRockpile

    Does the new tackling rule help the Bills?

    It did once.
  11. RememberTheRockpile

    Geno to Chargers

    I am going with the Geno test. Peterman was a rookie in his first start. Geno, on his 24th start, threw 3 picks on 8 attempts with 2 completions in the first 10 minutes (before he was pulled). In contrast, it took Peterman 13 minutes and 40 seconds to throw 3 picks. Guess Peterman needs to work on that. Like Geno, Peterman had 8 attempts and managed to completed 4 of them. To his own players! Oh, and Geno got a whopping 5 yards on his 2 completed passes while Peterman managed 39 yards on his 4 completions. That being said I think both of them will have fine careers in the new XFL.
  12. "The duel threat QB is the wave of the future in the NFL". Been hearing this one since the 60's. Still waiting for it to come true.
  13. RememberTheRockpile

    Bring back Bump 'N Run

    Nope. This old fan feels the same. I think the rules have amplified the importance of the QB to the detriment of the game.
  14. You do realize there was no chuck rule until 1977 which allowed the defender to chuck the receiver once. Anywhere. A defensive player could level a receiver anyplace anytime as long as the ball wasn't in the air. It wasn't till 1978 when the chuck rule limited the defender to the first five yards. The rule was only loosely enforced until 2004. Until 1978 offensive linemen were not allowed to extend their arms. That is why you see old pictures of linemen with their elbows out and fists up against their chest. Passing and blocking in the 70's
  15. RememberTheRockpile

    Question for Bills Nation

    Is there a rule saying you can't have an 8 year bridge QB?