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  1. Thank you, honestly I appreciate actual football insight instead of made up narratives that usually get spewed on here.
  2. Wow they sure do exploit the middle of the field...just wondering if we make Tua throw down the sidelines is he less accurate or has he been good there as well?
  3. It comes down to the Bills finishing off drives with tds. We are capable of putting up points and I would like to believe with Harris and Murray we can add some nasty in the run game, something the Dolphins have yet to see out off Bills in quite awhile. The Dolphins are going to score points no question about that imo. But if the defense can get some timely stops and force a few field goals, I think we can win in a close one.
  4. He is spinning in circles now based on games played last year. No valid points other then...yeah but last year. That's a tired and lazy way to try and make a point imo. He can get the attention he obviously desperately needs from the other people on here, I'm done with him because he has nothing left but....yeah but last year.
  5. And what does that have to do with us being 60% on 3rd down which AGAIN is very very good in the NFL?
  6. To be fair this post is more realistic then most I've been seeing on here since yesterday lol.
  7. But the counter point is they converted 9 out of 15 third downs yesterday. And in the NFL converting on a 60% clip is great
  8. Honestly I was wondering that same thing, instead of a few plays here and there, let's now take away whole quarters of games and base arguments on that lol
  9. It's very very impressive, but this no different then people on here discrediting the Bills for crushing the Raiders and the Commanders.
  10. In before the "we should of kept Levi Wallace" thread starts lol
  11. So in you're opinion how did the Bills look today?
  12. To be fair last year is last year. Things change from season to season, different players, different offensive and defensive adjustments. Last year really has no bearing on how Sunday will play out.
  13. He is in full melt down mode, he obviously wasn't expecting the Bills to roll the commanders like they did, so this is his way of coping. Very interesting imo lol
  14. Well..if you read about him on here..that can't be true lol
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