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  1. Can’t believe Nate is hyping our D. Did he watch the half?
  2. What are we going to do on D? What can you do? This is a joke how we’ve been letting teams march up and down the field on us.
  3. We are toast with Barkley and this defense. Praying for JA right now.
  4. I’m saying I forgot about those two. Good call for mentioning them.
  5. Ahh. Yes. Speaking of heart and emotion. Completely missed on those two. Good call.
  6. Zo and Star are only key changes to D this year. No clue what’s going on, but they are playing with no emotion. No swagger. Concerning.
  7. That’s none other than Adam “Dirty Sanchez” Archuleta.
  8. Yes, we got the key stop holding them to 3, but I’m really concerned with the D. Something is missing.
  9. Teams should just continue running straight at us. DL is soft right now. Where is Ed Oliver lately?
  10. Me either. And that’s concerning. Back in the old AFC East days, the Colts were an absolute embarrassment. So much so that I started feeling a little sorry for them. Then Peyton Manning showed up.
  11. Don’t get too excited folks. Jets are front runners for Trevor Lawrence. Most highly touted prospect since Andrew Luck. Personally, I’m hoping the Jets can scratch out a 5 win season and take themselves out of the running.
  12. Great kick, but what a Ficken schnoz. That’s some beak on him.
  13. Gore seems like a great guy, and no doubt a heckuva player in his day, but anyone else sick of them mentioning his rushing totals like it really matters anymore? It would be different if he was still showing some level of great play instead of the inevitable 12 carries for 25 yards. Guy is holding on by a thread. Idk, kinda cheapens it for me. 🤷‍♂️
  14. What a terrible game. Can’t get myself too excited for Darnold v. Rypien.
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