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  1. Thought I remember Beane saying he likes to use free agency to fill starter needs and then draft BPA. Upgrade a Pass rusher, RT, WR and CB across from Tre. There are a lot of good veteran corners that might hit free agency. Same for pass rushers. You listed a bunch above. One that I thought of today is Emanuel Ogbah. Would probably come cheaper that Ngakoue, he’s bigger at 275, and put up 5.5 sacks in 10 games mostly as a backup.
  2. wth man. He had the play that would have sent them to the super bowl if Ford doesn’t line up Offside.
  3. Big blindside block not called in that last play
  4. don’t think he’s playing this week
  5. Nah. That guy started a call out thread last off-season. Calling someone a “douche” for saying we don’t know which QB is the better passer yet.
  6. pathetic how you stick to your guns despite all evidence Lamar is a better passer than Allen. Or at least on par.
  7. McDermott took the team out for ice cream during training camp. I think it was after the Panthers scrimmage. When asked at a press conference what flavor he ordered he said “the Peach”
  8. download the roster update. Then edit player ratings to make Tre White better. Also no way singletary should be lower rated than gore.
  9. look at zekes deal on spotrac. They have a potential out in two years if something goes south. Damn, this is where I’m leaning now too. On the other hand I keep thinking ‘what makes the offense The absolute the best it can be next season?’
  10. I would transition tag Phillips. It would be one year for around 13 million. See if he can remain productive. If he leaves after 2020 maybe we get a comp pick.
  11. I like it. They need to target 2-3 above average starters in FA so they can go BPA in the draft. I really like Conklin and Yannick and don’t mind spending the money because there is plenty of cap space now and in the future. Don’t listen to the barrage of “we need to sign our own guys!” Post you’re about to receive. there is plenty of money coming free in the next few years (Hughes, Star etc) Some other ideas for free agency I’m thinking about: AJ Green - they could give him a 1-2 year deal and overpay/give guarantees. Draft WR this year and next to replace him and Brown down the line. Derrick Henry - I never thought I’d say this about a RB but just today I’m thinking he may be a good signing. He’s going to command a lot of money but he’s a unique player and Belicheck kryptonite. I’m not saying give him Zeke money, but look a lot Zekes contract on spotrac and notice they can technically get out after 3 years with relatively little dead cap. Bills could do something similar with Henry.
  12. I can admit the good plays but the bad plays are “comically bad” 4th and 27 he gets no protection somehow with Houston rushing only 4. But he runs backward 20 yards? He almost put Houston in fg range. I wasn’t laughing but I was pretty upset in the first half when (I thought) McDermott was setting up the FG with the gore run and spike. turns out that was another Josh blunder as he audibled to a run. the lateral could’ve easily been recovered by Houston. Why does josh her credit for the fact that it didn’t?
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