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  1. I sure hope so. What a pointless tangent you just created. Glad it's over.
  2. Ok now I'm confused. A few posts ago you said "I haven't been involved in an argument suggesting Dareus's absence didn't negatively impact the defense when it obviously did." Now you're saying his premise is faulty? I was only pointing out your desire to change the subject, which you have been successful, because here we are discussing which stretch was technically worse for the defense which doesn't matter at all. Dareus was a key part of the defense during a playoff run and the decision to trade him had a negative impact. That's his premise, that's what you disagree with in the bold, but agree with in the above quoted statement.
  3. Yes it is laziness because my whole point is it doesn''t matter if there was another 3 game stretch that was worse. No need to embarrass yourself further by attempting to use the same insult twice. Apparently you don''t know what a drama club is. It reminds me of the time my dad thought the secret service's main job was to keep secrets.
  4. And now you get to back that up. I didn't feel like looking it up because it doesn't alter the point, but Badol seems to think he's still correct. Congrats on changing the subject though! Not sure how my use of the word "hope" implies I may be interested in acting.
  5. McDermott said so= You previously said that McDermott said Star is doing his job. That’s the only attempt I’ve seen to defend his lack of stats/playing time for the highest paid player on the team.
  6. And now your hope is that we will argue which was the worst run in Bills history. Instead of staying on the topic of Dareus’ absence negatively affected the defense immediately. Sure maybe it was hyperbole. So what? The point is still taken, you’re ignoring it and changing the subject.
  7. Even if I concede what you’re saying about Dareus, he’s still much better than Star. Until you come up with any evidence other than “McDermott said so” it’s pretty clear. https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/marcell-dareus/6155 https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/star-lotulelei/7795 Change the subject much?
  8. Speaking for myself obviously, but my concerns are all based on failed personnel moves (mostly on offense) and game day management from this regime only. Whenever there’s a new coach the only clean way to evaluate them at first is game management because there are clear-cut right and wrong answers to those decisions. McDermott has failed repeatedly in this aspect.
  9. Good GMs huh? Thanks for telling me what good GMs think. You don’t think Watkins could’ve helped last year? Use the rams as the moral compass but disregard the chiefs who realize that even though they have tyreek hill and Travis kelce they can afford 17 million for Sammy Watkins because they hit a grand slam with a rookie quarterback. Who’s lookin’ myopic now?
  10. Name me 5 teams that definitely have a worse wr corps on paper. We we went from worst WRs to maybe not worst. Last season we opened the year against the Ravens no one here seemed to be too concerned about facing John Brown AND Crabtree. The Dallas Cowboys were making national headlines for neededing WR help because they ONLY had Beasley and some scrubs. So they traded for Amari Cooper and their offense instantly improved. Your perception of Brown and Beasley is clearly being skewed by the fact that the Bills signed them. If they both ended up on the Jets are you honestly concerned for their two meetings a year?
  11. “Getting what they want from him” those are your words with nothing in particular to back them up.
  12. People on here are saying Williams is trolling. Others are saying he’s a terrible coach. Some are defending what he said. Some are criticizing the idea. When the the real issue is that culture vs. strategy is an insane thing to bring up. They’re not mutually exclusive. McDermott said he would rather have culture than strategy. Mike schoop said why bother even saying that. Can you answer that question? Why bother saying anything about strategy because you want a great culture?
  13. I remember hearing the same stuff about Dareus before and after the draft that I’m hearing about Star now. His impact won’t always show up on the stat sheet. Dareus was clearly traded for attitude reasons. He is a better player than star though.
  14. As as soon as we traded Dareus we were gashed on the ground for 3 straight weeks. I guess I can see their logic but of course I don’t agree with it. It’s just too hard to keep up with all the other teams in the league when you trade good young players away for draft picks that might turn into good young players. With each trade/ lack of QB selection in 2017, I was basically saying “ok, I don’t agree with it but hope it works out” here we are two years later with the 31st ranked offense while Mahomes and Watson are stars. I guess we will see now that their self-Imposed cap restrictions are lifted, but it’s very reasonable for any fan to be impatient at this point. Btw, Dareus/Sammy/Darby all have been to the championship game at least.
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