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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Suddenly our offensive skill players would be very hard to cover no matter what secondary they're facing.
  2. Oh you got your opinion from someone else? Even lazier! ive seen that article. He glosses over the 2018 per-game production by saying he only had this many yards then got hurt. A lot of opinions on this thread are nuanced and informed on both sides. Don’t come in here with a two word dismissal of a player that has already been disputed back and forth many times over then try to say it’s not lazy by posting a link to bleacher report with no additional insight. None of these players were considered first round picks before the combine. Metcalf was considered the top WR before last season and was on pace for elite production THEN he ran a 4.33 (somehow that’s a negative for some people)
  3. Youre just flat out wrong about his lack of production. Look at his game stats from last year before the injury.
  4. Injury history is the only one of those that kind of scares me. However since I’m not a doctor I’ll leave that to them. Route tree was a product of his strengths and the ole miss play calling. When you have a guy that’s 6’4” and can run a 4.33 40 why wouldn’t you have him run a go, post, corner every play? Especially when you have AJ Brown able to run the other routes. Production is a result of the injuries. Go look at his numbers in the individual games he played in last year.
  5. Dk was considered the top WR by many before the combine AND before the season. Combine warrior label is lazy analysis.
  6. I for one would take him first overall so I guess we neutralize each other lol
  7. I hope we don't draft a linebacker at all. This is a weak linebacker class and we have 2 young solid starters. Only need 2 on the field most of the time. Add depth through vet free agent pickups after the draft.
  8. https://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-shady-scheme-to-buy-nfl-buffalo-bills
  9. A report came out a few months ago that Trump paid someone to spread the rumor that Bon Jovi was planning to move the team. Even went as far to plant news stories about bars in Buffalo banning Bon Jovi music
  10. You have fun watching any DT we add at this point sitting on the sidelines for about 40% of defensive snaps.
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