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  1. No they're just overreacting to any criticism. The insults today weren't even directed at me. Just a few posters on here who think they're "real" fans. One in particular started a call out thread a year ago calling someone a douche for suggesting nobody knows if Allen or Lamar is the better passer. Then today is calling someone a douche. Yet no one says anything about how wrong he was. Just one example.
  2. I'm not the one in here calling people douches and idiots. Those are the ppl you should be concerned about.
  3. I do. Pay attention. It bothers me when anything negative is met with an insult from certain posters stopping all conversation.
  4. I respond to other people calling names mostly. Josh hasn't hit ONE deep ball all year. Does that hurt your feelings? I don't care. People are calling names over pointing out negatives. I don't make it personal.
  5. Ya know... I think critical posters should start calling names too
  6. Nah it shows we are a long way from contenders. You are not a good fan either. There got ya back.
  7. How'd Lamar Jackson do against the same defense ya douche?
  8. Some adversity? This game is a disgrace. It's embarrassing.
  9. I don't think he has hit on one pass over 20 yards in the air all season
  10. Huh? yeah it's still terrible on deep balls. Did you mean to say Boast?
  11. Stop making excuses for Josh. He was open.
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