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  1. You can’t argue he has been lucky with multiple dropped interceptions in his past 2 and even 3 games going back to the wild card. He still looks much better this season and is basically our entire offense so far.
  2. it starts with Allen/Edmunds draft. I get that. I was in your camp until I realized a couple weeks ago that they are going to at least give Allen the 5th year option unless he implodes this season. So giving him an extension instead of the option would be only slightly more risky. Once he’s done with year six there may not be much (relatively) guaranteed money left on his deal if it’s front loaded. But, if he ends up getting even better you have a good/great QB on a good deal. If you wait til after the 5th year option (w/ no extension) you risk having to pay him more than Dak and Lamar, possibly Baker if he bounces back. Either way works for me but I would rather take the risk. If you structure it properly and he tanks, you can just eat the dead cap for one year like Jacksonville did with Bortles.
  3. I was wrong, but you are also wrong. The tag would be around $24.8mil currently. The amount of the transition tag. But that could go up if say, Dak Prescott signs a large extension. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/20/fifth-year-options-to-be-guaranteed-in-proposed-cba-no-longer-tied-to-draft-slot/amp/
  4. Why not? 1) Signing him earlier means you get him cheaper. 2) You can push a lot of that guaranteed money into years 4 and 5 where he will likely be in Buffalo anyway. This will lower his average salary and in a worst-case scenario where he needs to be cut, lower the dead cap hit. Also, the 5th year option is now fully guaranteed and for a QB will be 30mil plus. Instead of exercising that option , Beane should just present a longer extension with that 30 million built-in since we will be paying it either way. Beane did this with White's extension and to a lesser extend with Dawkins. When announced, White's extension said 17.5 average, but if you look on spotrac it's around 14mil in the later years due to pushing some money into this year and next. This is incorrect
  5. With that logic maybe peterman just needed some more time? It’s a sample size issue.
  6. You were asking about the response to the pass/performance. That’s why the response is different. He’s all time leader in TDs yards and comp %
  7. I’m down 1 point now after that TD. I have Kamara, opponent has Trequan Smith.
  8. yeah. Not sure about MIA game but against the Jets I heard someone say they had 3 linebackers on the field zero times.
  9. Tyrod the new Fitz? Only in terms of the backup taking over quickly.
  10. I didn’t see it! I can’t believe it! Oooh but I feel it!
  11. Why? Most here didn't want Allen on draft day, myself included. Guess what? we still get to ENJOY being wrong
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