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  1. 3 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    That has nothing to do with being blue collar, it has to do with ruining something sacred that we take tremendous pride in.


    Honestly, you might as well be 800 miles away because that doesn't fly here...it's what I dealt with out in Ohio and I couldn't sit at the same table with them as they committed wing heresy...


  2. 44 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    That is enough to get kicked out of a restaurant here while having other patrons pelt you with their chicken wing bones as you are escorted out by management as they all cheer.  Don't ever, ever, EVER come to Buffalo and ask for Ranch with Chicken wings.  Bleu Cheese only.  


    Ranch with Chicken Wings...uggh...just disgraceful...

    I have. And I will again…. For being so “blue collar”, the food snobbery is startling. 

    I live a mere 80 minutes south of buffalo… we eat what we want and nobody gives us guff over it. 

  3. I gotta wonder how Chiefs fans are handling these comments. They literally cannot stand if any qb’s are ever mentioned in some sort of similar breath as mahomes. Are they gonna turn on their own QB for his comments and tell him how stupid he is for having the audacity to compare any qb’s to himself? 

  4. 7 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:



    I agree that the way I worded that was incorrect.


    What I should of said was as much as Beane and McDermott prioritize players that can fill multiple positions that Jones should be a target

    to find a replacement who can bring more to the team.  Although I still think it's something they would surely like to have happen.


    Thanks again and I will correct my post!

    On this we agree 100% 

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  5. 2 hours ago, ColoradoBills said:


    I can't see a 32 year old RB (in name only) one dimensional ST gunner as a lock.  A ton of other players will be keying on that roster spot

    in camp as a way to make the team.  He had 5 Solo Tackles last year with a dropped TD. 


    If he makes the team then I will say Beane/McDermott did not do their job concerning that position this off season.


    13 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    You best watch your mouth around these parts!!

    Well he’s not necessarily right. So there’s that. Lacking on context for sure. 

    There was an article last season that came out chronicling the repair of the special teams unit. Beane went to Farwell last offseason and asked him for a wish list. Matakavich and Jones were the top 2 names. 

    Saying if he makes the team they didn’t do their job at the position seems silly IMO. Honestly I find that statement ridiculous.  The #4 back has nothing to do with the play of the other 3. If he makes the team it just means they value his limited role more than maybe either one of us average fans does. It definitely doesn’t mean he’s gonna go out and take touches away at RB. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:





    Well, most round 5 picks do have a short league lifetime....at any position.  The Bills picked him because by the end of the 5th round, he was sticking up on their draft board, and they knew they needed an upgrade at backup QB, nothing wrong with taking a shot for that in the 5th IMO.



    Right. I’m just picturing somebody on their couch watching day 3 of the draft and then being sent into freaking orbit over a 5th round pick….. it’s the 5th friggin round. Calm down kids. 

  7. 19 hours ago, transplantbillsfan said:


    That would be surprising considering he's on record as inquiring about moving up to #4, but the price was too much.


    Maybe because it was the same team (Cleveland) picking at #1 as #4 she just interpreted it that way.

    Why is it surprising? I doubt she was mistaken. She ultimately said the browns didn’t wanna move so I’m assuming he went about other modes. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Victory Formation said:

    I think between Wallace, Jackson, Wildgoose, Hamlin and Griffin, Buffalo will see a player or two step up in our secondary. We must keep in mind that DB is McD’s specialty. Why spend a first on one when McD can get production out of guys drafted later in the draft?

    Because that’s fine about 85% of the time until you get into the playoffs and battle some of the elite pass offense. At which point it ain’t gonna cut it and you need somebody that can go out and change a game. Make a play. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    I can’t quite go there.  Our D had a couple epic stands.  But of course, if they didn’t get frogmarched backwards down the field they wouldn’t need to be so epic.


    But yes, even if I don’t agree that he singlehandedly won that game, Allen is the primary reason we won and went on.

    As well as the primary reason they went 13-3 and earned the #2 seed in the conference. Which leads me to my one big gripe of which tier he is in. Tier 2 was defined as somebody that can occasionally carry their team and be the reason they win. Riding Josh Allen is primary reason the Bills were 15-4 and a game away from the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be an NFL exec or coach on this voting panel to have noticed that. It was extremely obvious. 

    Think I saw a graph in which Allen accounted for a higher % of his teams years and TD’s than any other qb…. Sorry that’s not carrying the team occasionally. That’s your team occasionally helping you out on the way to a 13-3 romp. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    I'm not trying to run Beasley down but it's more than semantics.........his selection as an All Pro was very generous of voters..........there ended up being 5 WR's on the Second Team instead of the normal 3..........and Beasley's numbers paled in comparison to the others.........all of whom either have multiple All Pro nods or project to LIKELY contend for multiple more.   Beasley had a tremendous season by the standard of his previous 8........but 82 for 967 isn't going to get you an All Pro selection very often........not sure when the last All Pro WR to not AT LEAST get 1,000 was.....and it's less than likely that he will repeat that production in year 10.    I'd probably put him as the Bill who is least likely to be able to repeat his high production of last season.

    I think i read somewhere if a player gets even one vote for 2nd team all pro they get the nod.... Peter King came out at the end of last season and said he's gonna get heat for it but he voted Beasley in as a slot because its so big for the league now.... That honestly may have been the only vote he got.


    Still love the dude as a player. But i think thats how it may have went down.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Boxcar said:

    In terms of touchy fanbases, I'd go:


    1. Chieves

    2. Bills

    3. Ravens


    The first two at least make sense. The Bills and Chieves have been crap for decades, mostly. They now have experienced wild success and want to squash any questions of legitimacy. The Ravens have been a very good team for as long as I can remember.


    Oh, and on that topic, go watch Nick Wright's response to Jesse Palmer declaring JA to be the most physically gifted QB of all time. The answer: obviously Patrick Mahomes.


    Does he even know what is being argued? Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two all time greats, but no one is going to say either is a top tier physical specimen. It's not a requirement for a QB if you can make up for it in other ways. Right now, Mahomes is better (though I honestly think Josh will surpass him this year) but that doesn't mean that he's as physically gifted as Allen.


    i saw it. he threw an even bigger hissy fit a month later when Cossell echoed the same thing in his MMQB article and they brought it up on the show. Wrights just...... the worst.

    1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:


    I agree there is some of that. I think it didn't occur against Mahomes because he was great day 1. To casual observers it looked like Diggs arrived and Allen took off. Those of us who watch this team know that Josh's progress, which not linear, has been more gradual over the first two years. He was already a much better QB at the end of year 2 than he was at the start of year 1. I suspect if Josh backs it up with another outstanding year, and there is no reason to believe that he won't, some of those more stubborn critics will fall away.  

    And everyone conveniently forgets Hill, Kelce, Hunt, and Reid were there from day 1..... Also his day 1 was actually year 2. Allens day 1 was being thrust into a s**t storm of an offense in the 2nd half of week 1 during his rookie year. All while having "weapons" like the 270 pound Kelvin "where am i supposed to line up" Benjiman, Andre "never made another roster" holmes, and Zay "at least i help KB line up in the right place" Jones.


    Peoples takes on Allen were so hot coming out the draft that they now need to fall back on something. So its the weapons argument. All while completely disregarding the situation Mahomes stepped into it. Its absolutely absurd.

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  12. Just now, Boxcar said:

    Say that Arrowhead isn't the loudest stadium that has ever existed on the internet and report back with your findings.

    Oh I know they’re touchy too. If you suggest there are Qb’s that are, even just for a time, playing at their qb’s level or might be capable of some of the same things mahomes does, they go into full on toddler temper tantrum mode. 

  13. 22 minutes ago, Deadstroke said:

    You must know, though, that a lot of Beasley's great stats last year were due to Josh's tremendous advancements in finding and hitting the open man.  Lots of good receivers become open for certain points in their routes, and it's up to the QB to learn how to hit him at that point; Josh has.  In short, IMO while Beasley is very good, he can be suitably replaced without a great downgrade in passing efficiency.

    Replacing “very good” doesn’t just… happen. Beasley is one of the very best at what he does. Hands down. People are being way too dramatic about his social media tantrums around here. If I’m on that team his Twitter rants change nothing about my preparation and I want him out there on Sundays. 

    … Josh makes the jump and now all of a sudden we can just start tossing his best weapons? That’s absurd to me. 

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  14. 2 hours ago, Eastport bills said:

    I respect your measured reaction to my expectations. The reason for my frustration is KC and Tampa can bring back their 2020 starting teams and beat us because our dbs and LBs can't handle talented TEs and we don't play the run well enough. Examples, Rams, KC twice, Titans and Indy with Taylor and their TEs shredding us. Now Star is back and I expect better D-line pressure with the rookies and Epenesa being more impactful,  but if you had to forecast the AFC Super Bowl team,  KC would be odds on favorite. The NFL changes drastically every year with FA and cap flexibility. With Josh and Diggs having career seasons , there is tremendous pressure on them to repeat their excellence and when you don't bring in quality depth at positions of weakness, getting past a team like KC is unlikely. Sorry to ruffle your feathers. 

    Speaking of odds. Let’s talk about those.  They say that they’re very VERY low a team goes to 3 straight Super Bowls. I’ll take the field. KC isn’t coming out of the AFC. About 98% of history proves that. 

    so let’s break down said “field”. Last I checked we were at the top of that…. Ya. I like our chances. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Bermuda Triangle said:

    He's not a 1000-yd receiver.  Never has been.  Came close last year, but not remotely close in his prior 8 seasons.


    The players said earlier this year, that COVID-related topics would be kept in house. Beasley, however, spouted off on Twitter regarding COVID, and then said that he was staying off of Twitter.  He did it again, and said that he didn't want to be a distraction to the team.  But then, he tweeted about it again...and again....and again...and again.  He's created a massive distraction - I want the players to be focused on winning the SB, and not worried about how to answer questions regarding's Beasley's position re. vaccines and his rants.  


    Regardless of my personal feelings, if Beasley doesn't want to get the vaccine, that's his call and decision.  I'm inclined to believe that there are established vets on the team (e.g. Poyer) who could've gone off like Beasley did, but chose not to.   Given the new NFL policy re. COVID forfeits, his decision to not vaccinate may impact his team's chances of winnings, and his teammates' pocketbooks.   


    I have to imagine that McD and Beane are pissed beyond belief - Beasley has basically, via Twitter, given them both the giant FU over and over again this summer - and I wouldn't blame them for a second for cutting ties with Beasley.  

    given the amount of players that are already in the vaccination process i find this matter to be 100% overblown... other than the fact that he himself may not be able to play due to testing positive. in which case i'd be a bit irritated.

    40 minutes ago, Bermuda Triangle said:

    Do you think that Beane and McDermott are happy about Beasley's numerous tweets regarding COVID and vaccinations?


    Do you think that Beasley has created a distraction for the Bills as an organization and other Bills players?

     this wouldnt hinder me from preparing for the job in which i'm deemed a professional. stop being so dramatic.

  16. 6 hours ago, CheshireCT said:


    The team is better with him on it, but as we've seen with every egomaniac that puts himself first, no individual is greater than the team. Sad, but since he's doubled, tripled and quadrupled down, it doesn't seem likely that he throws in the towel at this point. It seems likely that he won't be on the team this season.

    The “me first” player that limped through the playoffs for his team on a broken limb. I’ll say it again, I don’t agree with his stance. I personally think he looks sorta foolish.  But IMO you shouldn’t just call somebody selfish or putting himself First just because of his convictions. Especially after what he’s already put himself through for the team. 

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