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  1. Just now, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

    This team just refuses to use Cook. The guy is so dangerous with the ball in his hands. Everything about this team is broken right now. It’s infuriating. If they somehow found a way to win this game it’s a miracle 


    Cook has been bad today. He's getting taken down by the first tackler every time, he dropped an easy pass, he almost caused an interception.

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  2. Just now, VW82 said:


    Josh is the one who threw the ball - he's at least partly to blame for it. If this was the only red zone INT we'd seen in a while maybe we could dismiss it. Not a good throw. Not a good play call. 


    100% guaranteed if Allen didn't throw that ball people on this board would call him gunshy for not hitting Diggs wide open in the endzone.

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