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  1. 5 hours ago, Matt_In_NH said:

    Where did the Bills play not to lose in the divisional round? 


    Putting AJ Klein on the field over Dorian Williams. Unfortunately that decision sunk our chances of winning the game. McDermott chose the safe comfortable option and we proceeded to get whipped up and down the field because of it.


    5 hours ago, Mark80 said:

    If the chiefs are so much more talented across the board with players and coaching, then why do we beat them or only lose to them by 1 score every single time?


    Because Allen has outplayed Mahomes in every head to head matchup since 2021. The QB is important enough to overcome every other disadvantage. If Mahomes had outplayed Allen one of those times it would have been a blowout loss.


  2. 13 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    Hmm, no.


    Right so now you've gone and changed your answer to make your argument better. Because originally I gave you the option of ranking your choices and you put one option above Allen for Mahomes. Now I'm giving you the option of making all available switches and you're saying you'd take Allen for Mahomes over that option. Which if you evaluate that logic for half a second, you'll recognize the problem.

  3. Just now, FireChans said:

    I think I would still like my chances even with Klein in coverage with Mahomes under center, personally 


    I just don't agree that Mahomes throwing to our group of weapons against the KC defense would be able to score 3 consecutive TD drives. That's what Allen had to do to keep us in the game. Mahomes couldn't do that against the 49ers defense with his full (and better) offensive supporting cast available. His play from yesterday's first 3 quarters would have had us blown out by KC. If you don't agree with that we'll just agree to disagree I guess.

  4. 2 hours ago, UKBillFan said:

    True, but Josh has that too.


    This is the crux of my frustration, and I'm guessing the same is true of many other Bills fans. Allen is the only QB in the league that regularly matches Mahomes' intensity in the playoffs. They both have an uncanny ability to turn it on in sudden death games. The only reason that Mahomes has been rewarded more than Allen for raising his play in the playoffs is that he has had the luxury of other players and coaches also raising their play in the playoffs. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, L'Jarius Sneed. He's always had at least 2 players on his team that have went above and beyond in the playoffs. Ditto for his coaches. When has Allen had that luxury? Never. The first time he does I believe we will win a Super Bowl. But the current coaching staff and front office have not shown that they are capable of giving him that luxury so I remain pessimistic.

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  5. 3 hours ago, FireChans said:

    Woah woah, I want to hear your thoughts on what I said first. I’ve already exercised enough.


    I was leading up to a point. I'm not going to debate your choices.


    So now imagine you had the option of switching all of those players except for Allen for Mahomes, or just switching Allen for Mahomes. Clearly you would take switching all of those players, yes? Which means you've already accepted that Allen vs Mahomes was not the driving force of that result, that the surrounding context was. So you already agree with me.

  6. Just now, Mikie2times said:

    I don't see much evidence that Mahomes is kicking in that situation. 


    You don't see evidence that Mahomes would lead his team to a game-tying FG sending the game into OT? Perhaps while in fact missing a read that would have been a game winning TD in regulation? As evidence I submit the exact scenario that happened about two hours ago.

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  7. 22 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    That’s VERY tough.


    I’d say:

    Klein for Bolton (by virtue of Klein probably having the worst individual game of any Bills defender in 2023)

    Allen for Mahomes

    Kincaid for Kelce (to me this matters less by virtue of Klein/Bolton up top. I think Kincaid drops a big catch and yardage total if Klein is on him all game.)

    Oliver for Jones (as good of a play Jones made in the late stages, it was one play on second down, which admittedly was one play more than Oliver made.)



    Here's another one for you. Let me know if you disagree with any of these statements. In that divisional round, the following groups performed better for the listed team:


    RB - Wash

    WR - Chiefs

    TE - Chiefs

    OL - Chiefs (slight lean, if you want to call it a wash I won't argue)

    DL - Chiefs

    LB - Chiefs

    Secondary - Chiefs

    Special teams - Chiefs

    Coaching - Chiefs


    Are we on the same page here? I'll assume we are with maybe one or two groups switching to a wash.


    So help me out here - Assume you're correct that the Chiefs QB also outplayed the Bills QB. How is it that a team where just about every possible factor was better than their opponent, and their opponent had no such advantages, only won by 3 points? That seems impossible.


    Unless of course their opponent did have an advantage somewhere, perhaps at the most important position on the team?


    9 minutes ago, Patrick Fitzryan said:

    I don't think it's too big of a homer opinion to say that giving Allen Reid and Kelce and Chris Jones turns the tide in virtually every playoff game we lost during the Allen tenure.


    Lol of course that isn't a homer opinion. That is a plain fact.


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  8. 9 minutes ago, Mikie2times said:

    Do you think Mahomes scores on the last drive? 


    I don't believe Mahomes would have scored enough times to have us in that position to begin with. Allen playing at his very best is better than Mahomes. For like 3.5 quarters Allen was at his very best in that game, and that's the only reason we even had a chance at the end. The kind of adversity Mahomes faced tonight in the 1st 3 quarters, that's what Allen was up against in the divisional round. Unlike Mahomes he kept finding a way to will his offense down the field and put points on the board. So no if anything I think switching Allen for Mahomes in that game leads to a worse outcome for us.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    That’s fine. I would prefer to have the best QB in football. I don’t think it’s crazy. 

    I love Josh. I think he’ll win in Buffalo. But the biggest mistake the Bills ever made was trading Mahomes to a team that would stand in our way every postseason.


    The biggest benefit to drafting Mahomes is that we would no longer have to play Mahomes. 


    Here's a question and I'm genuinely curious to hear your answer. In our playoff game against the Chiefs from this year, pretend you have the option of making one of these trades:


    Allen for Mahomes

    Kincaid for Kelce

    Oliver for Jones

    Klein for Bolton


    In order from most impactful to least impactful how would you rank them? Here's mine:


    1) Kincaid for Kelce

    2) Oliver for Jones

    3) Klein for Bolton

    4) Allen for Mahomes


    Personally I believe if you switched either of the first 2 we would have won. I'm inclined to say the same about #3 but not quite as sure. #4 I 100% believe makes no difference if everything else remains the same.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Patrick Fitzryan said:

    Purdy went like an hour without completing a meaningful pass. That really killed them, especially since the SF defense was playing so well during that juncture of the game.


    Any time he doesn't have a perfectly clean pocket the ball either falls short of its destination or sails way over the receiver's head. Only one time in this game where I can remember him making a sort of off platform throw that was completed. You just can't win in the modern NFL without that ability and with a below average arm. And the 49ers OL is below average from the LG down so the Chiefs got Purdy off his spot more than a dozen times. Every time they did, they won the play. Tough to run an offense under those conditions, although I agree Shanahan should have leaned on McCaffrey more.

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  11. Just now, FireChans said:

    Allen would’ve gotten the same benefit Mahomes did tonight, which is your golden boy Shanahan, the “best offensive mind” in the league, forgetting to run the ball in the Super Bowl, again.


    Reid is the best offensive mind in the NFL. Maybe with 20 more years of experience Shanahan could eclipse him.


    I have some level of grace for Shanahan in this game. Purdy is a very limited QB. He can't drive throws for the life of him and he can't make plays in messy pockets. His skillset just makes it so difficult to put the defense in conflict even with all of those skill players. Early in the game KC was shutting down the run and Purdy never gave them a reason to back off. There are spots where I can be critical of Shanahan's plan, but mostly I just see this as another case of him being let down by an underwhelming QB. He just can't get the position figured out. It's his curse.

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  12. Just now, GunnerBill said:

    The thing with Mahomes is just his ability to not make mistakes in the clutch. It is Brady-like. He plays those end of game scenarios perfectly time and again.


    Agreed, he was fantastic at the end. Didn't make any spectacular plays, but made every play that was there to be had and that was enough. And I don't want to undersell that simply making the necessary plays at the end is a real skill that most players can't execute consistently. Still I would give the bulk of this win to the Chiefs defense and special teams over the offense. An underrated series was after Mahomes threw a bad INT at midfield the Chiefs defense forced a 3 and out and a punt. Stuff like that is really what separates them from the rest of the league.


    Of course if the 49ers simply kick the XP or don't screw up a punt return none of that matters...

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  13. 1 minute ago, FireChans said:

    I don’t agree.


    If you don't agree that Allen had a better game against the Eagles and Chiefs in the playoffs than Mahomes did tonight, I don't believe you. And 100% for sure if Allen played like Mahomes did in the first 3 quarters tonight, we would have been blown out by the 49ers. And that's not unique to Allen. Most teams can't get away with scoring 3 points or less in a half against two different playoff opponents and win both of them.

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  14. Just now, FireChans said:

    If Allen had that game...


    ...we would have lost. End of conversation. I know this because he played a better game in at least 2 games this year that the Bills still lost.


    Hopefully one day we'll have the coaching staff and the players around him to get a single Lombardi. I'm past the point of rooting for multiples. Just give me one in the Allen era please.

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  15. 1 minute ago, FireChans said:

    He keeps winning Superbowls by luck, it’s uncanny. Mahomes on the Jets would be lucky to win 6 games. 


    He has been surrounded by elite players that make clutch plays, and elite coaches, on both sides of the ball. He also did not play especially well in this game. And that's fine. QBs are allowed to play below their highest standard and still win games against great opponents. At least some QBs are.


    Seriously if anyone's takeaway from this game is "Mahomes just finds a way to get it done" I have about zero respect for your football opinion. Please use your eyes.


    Disclaimer: None of this is meant to take away from the greatness that is Mahomes. He is one of the best QBs I've ever watched.

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  16. 3 minutes ago, Roundybout said:


    Just outscore them. You’re not stopping Mahomes. Just step on the gas and out race them 


    They literally did stop him for most of the game?? What do you want the 49ers to have even more weapons than they already do?


    I mean they picked off Mahomes at midfield in an all time stupid throw. 100% guaranteed if it were the Bills the 49ers would have scored a TD and everyone would say "that one's on Allen." Instead the Chiefs defense held them to 0 points. That's why they just won another Super Bowl.

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