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  1. Just now, TheWeatherMan said:

    Turning this game off.  These officials completely ruined the game for me.  


    No way the officials are to blame for this one. Josh McDaniels just sucks. The Raiders have played below their offensive potential all year long. They didn't bother showing up for a meaningless game which to me tells you everything you need to know about the coach.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Billznut said:

    They won’t play a real team until the AFC championship game now with the bye locked up and a relatively weak divisional round opponent no matter who that is. 


    There's a decent chance they'll play the Chargers in the divisional round. The Chargers had two close games against them this year and are now fully healthy. They'll have a decent shot. It will be by far the best team the Chiefs have faced since the Bengals defeated them. Rolling into the playoffs with no adversity isn't necessarily a good thing.

  3. 1 hour ago, BillsSbSoon said:

    This is a huge mess now and other teams are being punished when it was our guy that got hurt.


    This is the problem right here. Damar Hamlin isn't just "our guy." He's an NFL player. The jersey he was wearing while suffering cardiac arrest on live television has no bearing on anything. And no one is being punished. Every team that had a chance to win the Super Bowl still has that chance. Homefield advantage and playoff seeding is not life or death.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, What a Tuel said:


    It really isn't difficult to understand, you are right. Just flip the situation in your mind. If the Bills were 14-3 and the Chiefs were 13-3 and the NFL told us we don't get home field advantage because the Chiefs didn't play one game, we'd be absolutely 100% furious. There is zero doubt about that.


    Nah. They had a chance to beat the Bengals or Bills and fell short. That's on them. Here's how I look at it - the Chiefs as of the stoppage of play on Monday night did not control their own destiny for the #1 seed. Now they do. POSSIBLY losing homefield advantage to one potential opponent in one game of the playoffs is MUCH better than not controlling your own destiny for the #1 seed. No question they came out of this ahead.

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