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  1. My feelings at time of the draft were that it was just okay. I’ll reserve further judgement until I see them play. Beane was not in an easy spot on draft day 1. He was sitting there with a very late pick and had to come away with a CB who could start.  He had plenty of work to do the rest of the weekend too.

  2. 3 hours ago, eball said:

    These neighborhood “speed watchdogs” are a PITA.  Near my house is a small residential neighborhood I pass through to go to the golf course.  I drive no faster than 25 mph, but near one end somebody puts out two of those yellow plastic children on the street with “slow kids at play” printed on them.


    First of all, I don’t know why you would “out” your disabled kids like that. ;)


    But there have been several occasions when I’ve driven through and a woman has rushed out with her hands waving at me to slow down.  No kids in sight, I’m at or below the speed limit, and truthfully, I want to just veer into one of those plastic signs and destroy it.



    There is an A-hole in my neighborhood whose house is just past a 90 deg curve - on the inside lane side.  It’s blind due to a house.  He parks in the street well off the curb to “slow down traffic”.  What is really weird is that you can’t even speed through there because of another turn. He also jogs in the middle of the street.  And I mean middle. 

  3. 3 hours ago, mannc said:

    Conversely, I'm impressed that Houston was able to rid itself of this bum while snagging three first-round draft picks in the bargain.  Many (including me) questioned Caserio's handling of the whole Watson mess, but I think they've made the best of what could have been a disastrous situation.  If they can find a QB, the Texans have a very bright future.   

    They certainly maximized the value of their hand in this situation.  It tells you something when a train wreck of an owner can outmaneuver another train wreck of an owner.  It is interesting that there is no hint that they’re going to be facing any penalty - or even an investigation - for their part in all of this though. 

  4. Can we just take a step back and forget about the specific allegations and any debate of their merit?  Instead let’s take a moment to just focus on how both Watson’s camp and the Browns organization has handled this.  Is there a single aspect either could have executed more poorly?


    Had Watson take a bit more of a financial hit upfront and settled with all parties and apologized publicly for his actions, this would all be over and he probably wouldn’t have even gotten 6 games.  Also the Browns could have insisted he do so.  Instead every step has been a misstep.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Honestly this is the worst outcome. I was hoping the arbitrator would look at the evidence and say she didn’t see any evidence of sexual misconduct. Instead she believes it happened but in a non violent way.


    I don’t care about the suspension, how did he avoid indictment. 

    Standard of evidence.  Criminal conviction requires the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  The standard of “Preponderance of evidence” that was used here is >50%. 

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  6. 8 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


    Personally I would, because that really does undermine the process that Goodell has been trumpeting in its first case. This new disciplinary process is his baby. He has been extolling its virtues and getting his client journalists (hello Mike Florio) to do the same. The NFL argued to the independent disciplinary officer for a year's suspension. Judge Robinson applied a 6 game suspension. For Goodell on appeal to overturn that and then to give what the NFL asked for originally and she rejected totally undermines his new process. I don't think he is going to do that. 


    I still think the NFL will appeal. I do think Goodell will extend the suspension but I see doubling it to 12 games as the ceiling. If he imposes a season he renders the new independent element of the process a sham which a) hurts his own credibility and b) puts him back in the position he was trying to get out of with the new process where he is the judge, jury and executioner which has been criticised by the courts in some of the recent high profile litigation in which the NFL has found itself. 

    I’ve been thinking about this. The NFL dramatically changing the neutral arbiter’s ruling would undermine the overall agreement between the NFL and PA - as well as lead to a lot of other problems.  But what about the NFL appealing and keeping the suspension at 6 games per Robinson’s ruling, but also tacking on a huge fine?  They could use his contract structure as the rationale for that, saying that it will bring his lost income more into line with his missed games. 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, BTB said:

    Listening to SiriusNFL radio over the last 30 minutes.  Amber blahblahblah stated multiple times what a big loss in will be not having the owner around until November.  Huh?  Yes, the draft picks are a big deal, but who cares if the owner has been suspended. 

    Is it really a lot to ask, to think before you speak. 

    Suspension from the league meeting is a big deal if he can’t send other representation.  I have not seen whether or not that was the case.  As for not being able to play with his multibillion dollar toy for a few months, good.  It will also help the league the next time they put forth a case to suspend a player. The real hit is the first and third round picks. 

  8. 34 minutes ago, BuffaloBill said:

    Shocked that the NFL has been this stringent. It’s out of character for the “boys club” they have been historically.  

    That was certainly true in the past.  The Watson case is forcing the league’s hand however.  In her ruling Sue Robinson addressed the NFL’s inconsistency in application of their PCP.  The league does not want the next player up for a suspension making the same argument.  Might be a new day. 

    Edited to add: Plus no owner wants other teams tampering with their players. This is an owner v owners issue. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, mannc said:

    Supposedly they are no longer asking for indefinite suspension.

    Yeah.  That was during negotiations toward a settlement with Watson’s lawyers, but I don’t think it impacts the case in front of the arbiter.  It looks like the hold up was to give both sides a chance to come to an agreement, but that is not happening.  The decision should be out today or tomorrow.

  10. 1 hour ago, mannc said:

    I don’t think the NFLPA was tipped off to Robinson’s decision; much more likely that they just feel it’s going to go their way based on how the hearing went, questions she may have asked, or comments she may have made…but if it was so obvious that the league is going to lose, then you would think they would have been anxious to settle, and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I think that the NFL set the bar very high when they came out demanding an indefinite suspension and that they’d rather lose the case than negotiate a short suspension.  Then they can at least blame it on the arbiter and say they tried to get a more severe punishment. 

  11. 16 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:

    So…he isn’t the driving force behind the GM, HC and QB selections. Maybe that Amari Cooper pickup?  




    No idea. From what I know his role is to help set up the organization. He’s got his guys installed finally, but I don’t know what he does beyond that. I’m not sure why it would matter anyway.


    Getting back to comparing Allen and Watson. It’s a lot closer than people around here think. Take a look at their best statistical seasons, both in 2020:



    Comp %: 69.2

    Passing yards: 4,544

    TDs: 37

    Int: 10

    Rating: 107.2



    Comp %: 70.2

    Passing yards: 4,823

    TDs: 33

    Int: 7

    Rating: 112.4


    It might surprise people which one was better in 4 of the 5 categories. 

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  12. 42 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:

    The point is, If Depodesta is whispering to Haslam that the Browns are just a Watson away from being “a SB contender”, then his analytical skills are below average.  

    The Bills paid less and didn’t have to guarantee all of it to get rising star.  Browns got a guy at his peak who decided to hold his last team hostage for a year (after recently signing a huge contract with them).

    Watson better than Mayfield, but he’s not close to Mahomes and Allen. And The Browns roster isn’t close to the Bills or Chiefs.  Bengals either. 


    If fully guaranteed contracts were needed to get top trades (recall the other cost paid for Watson) to happen, they would be commonplace.  Obviously they aren’t.  

    That is not Depodesta’s job. Do you have anything beyond wild speculation to think that he was the driving force behind the Watson acquisition?

  13. 25 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:




    How many playoff wins for Watson?  Why guarantee his whole contract?  


    That team Week 1 with Watson may not even the 2nd best team in the Division.  They will compete for a WC spot.

    Sure seems like fully guaranteeing the deal for all 5 seasons was necessary to get him to chose the Browns over the other teams trying to trade for him. Typical guarantees in such a contract would make the player uncuttable for at least 3 seasons. So the Browns upped that to all 5 to get the deal done.


    Watson had one playoff win, which is exactly the same as Josh Allen had before he got paid. Obviously that’s not nearly as important as their play on the field. Both got paid after blossoming into a top QB in the league. The last year Watson played he was a top 3 QB in the league. His on field ability puts him close to, if not on par with Allen and Mahomes.


    What is your point about the AFCN? It is a damn tough division. Pittsburgh is the fourth best team in it and they’d have a shot at being the second best in the AFCE. But shouldn’t the Browns try to compete? If Watson doesn’t miss many games they have as good a chance of winning the division as Cincy and Baltimore do. 

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  14. The league changed their active roster rules in 2020. Teams can now dress 48 players as long as 8 are offensive linemen. Otherwise it’s 47. That’s leading to the demise of blocking TEs who are being replaced by OTs who can block better and still catch a few balls during a season. I’m sure that some of the better blocking TEs will be reclassified as OTs as well. I think Doyle is the guy taking on that role for the Bills.

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  15. 9 hours ago, maddenboy said:

    perhaps they set it up to be quite trade-able.


    I expect there is no "no trade" clause


    I suspect Seattle's rebuild will include coach and front office, too.


    I know the Allens say they wont sell until at least 2024 or something, but the team wont be as attractive with an 80 year old head coach.

    The Allen’s selling in 2024 would make a ton of sense.  Carroll is signed through 2025.  Draft a QB and get the team moving in the right direction and sell.  The new owner would get to chose their own HC and GM without a big payment to the outgoing ones.

  16. 14 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:


    Analytics guys don't make decisions. 


    They give input.  Looks like not much weight is given to it over at the Browns.


    I wonder if he recommended, based on his data driven analysis, giving Watson a completely guaranteed contract, not even knowing his status.



    Decision makers use analytics to varying degrees. I doubt Dorsey took direction from Depo on the Mayfield selection. As for Watson, the situation seems pretty clear. The Browns thought they had a roster that was ready to compete for SB except they didn’t have confidence in Mayfield and they didn’t want to pay him a market value contract.  So they went out and did what they needed to do to get a QB they could win a SB with. They tried to get Wilson first but no dice as he would not waive his no trade clause for them.  So they went after Watson.


    Moving on from Mayfield rather than paying him certainly looks analytics driven. So it was either have him play out his option year and draft a rookie in 2023 or push their chips in with Watson.  They went for it.

  17. 50 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    He was but he was basically a Doug Whaley level lame duck. Veach and Reid was the brain trust running the show. Dorsey and the team "parted ways" a couple of months after that draft. That is the irony on that trade. The GMs on both ends of the phone were never going to be in a position to enjoy the fruits of that deal. 

    Meh. I do not agree. There was certainly a power struggle emerging in KC, which he lost. But he still had control of the draft. Had Mahomes started that season he might’ve won that battle. 

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