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  1. Ok, I got a detail wrong. Now, what is "Pro-Israel" you say I am lacking in?
  2. To slow their nuclear program, you mean? Money well spent...had the deal been followed through on. But Trump sort of pushed Iran to build faster, so... How do you define "pro-Israel"? Love to read this.
  3. Iranian missiles have rained down on Ukraine for months now. Trump and his backers here on this side have either said nothing or cheered the move to strangle Ukraine. Some even make the argument Ukraine is just as bad as Putin's Russia. No Israelis died, but Ukrainian men, women and children are being killed and MAGA says nothing. Worse Trump has encouraged Putin to fight and kill Ukrainians, saying it was a genius move, that he would push for a settlement where Russia would gain Ukrainian land. Who is Russia's criminal partner in this? Iran. Not to say Israel is innocent in all this. Netanyahu is probably pretty happy right now, He wants a wider war, that seems obvious
  4. And the other way around! Trump's buddy Putin gets drones from Iran. So Trump is a just once removed ally of Iran
  5. Sure, the truth will set us free Trump helped Iran What a mess!
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