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  1. 1 hour ago, billybrew1 said:

    Let’s hope Kromer’s starting five is well enough to start and finish…

    I think that, and Tre White.

    If we get both, if we’re healthy overall, we’re the better team AND we have the better QB….

    if our OL gives Josh that 2.5 sec free time, Josh can handle the rest and we have multiple matchups in our favor including Davis, Crowder and Knox…. We should be able to gain ground on the run too and that will keep us out of bad third downs hopefully….

    This is not the Rams team that won the Super Bowl. It had a lot of losses it must make up for and the Bills are not the same team from last season either; we’re much better…. It’s not just Von either…. Our DL is new and improved…. Kaiir Elam is a huge add. You’ll see…. I think the biggest add this year for the OL is not Aaron Kromer, it is Roger Saffold. The guy is just a beast. He will be matched up vs. the great Aaron Donald and while we lose that matchup I think Roger knows what he needs help with… Hopefully theOL is healthy and we can provide Saffold with the help he needs. If we can just slow AD down, so that JA sees him coming, Josh can run away hopefully (or get rid of the ball.)  I’d take AD over VM anyway of the week. Particularly because AD is younger. But the rams retired their LT and someone has to figure out how to block VM…We win that matchup…The Rams lost two OL…. Hopefully, our DL can start the year with a big game. When I matchup the two teams like OL to OL most of the matchups are a tie I think….

    But if Tre White plays and Kaiir has the camp I think he is going to have, we win secondary big time. We also win QB…easy enough, Josh is a lot better imho… all QBs need protection though and Josh is no different that’s why our OL is so key…. We have got to be healthy there…

    If both teams as they are now are 100% healthy I like the Bills….

    Bills - 35, Rams - 27….. I like the 8 point gap. It could be Bills 28 - Rams 20….

    The Bills healthy have no real weakness. The Rams cannot say that. Plus Allen > Stafford….

    I give the rams home field advantage otherwise it would be worse, imho….

    The rams simply lost too many players…. And one of the good ones came to us!

    List: VM, LTAndy Whitfield, NT S. Joseph, 2nd outside CB Darious Williams, R. Woods, OBJ, RG Corbett, RB Sony Michel, LB TonyReader, Plus they lost their OC and multiple position coaches…

    I don’t want to hear about players the Bills lost, or our OC and coaches, the rams have it worse. The Bills are clearly a better team this year while the rams are clearly worse off…. Even withBobby Wagner…

    very balanced critique - let's not talk anything negative about Buffalo.

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  2. 20 hours ago, chongli said:

    Wow...almost two pages of arguing about the definition of "retread". The season can't begin soon enough! I'd rather argue about Edmunds, lol. I'm psyched.

    My fault, I thought listing the definition of retread would end it, but if some people refuse to accept the definition, therein comes the lengthy discussion. Alternative facts first, now alternative definitions.

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  3. 11 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


    To do something that has been done before..... that is exactly what it is. 


    There is nothing offensive about the word. It is just an adjective to describe something. 

    you're leaving out part of the definition that says 'unimaginative and uninspiring'.  ' Lack of new ideas'.  I don't think giving a 2nd opportunity is necessarily 'unimaginative'.... , so in saying that to someone, I would say it's offensive.

  4. On 7/13/2022 at 4:28 AM, GunnerBill said:


    In what way is it insulting?

    Because retread has a connotation of a reworking in an unimaginative, uninspiring way.  It's by no means a compliment.


    From the Cambridge dictionary : to do something that has been done before, without adding any new ideas: Clearly they have run out of ideas and are retreading old ground.

  5. 5 hours ago, Ethan in Portland said:

    And by my recollection he has had play calling duties taken away at least twice by McDermott. 

    Nice guy but not someone I would hire as HC.

    There are far worse retread hires that have been made though. Mostly failed white guys like Marrone, Jauron,  Mularkey, Whisenhunt, McDaniels, Ryan, Mangini, and McCarthy that have gotten second chances.  Frazier has as good or bad of a record as this horrible list of retreads.


    I wish people would stop referring to these coaches as 'retreads' , it's a very insulting term. Getting a 2nd opportunity as a job shouldn't have a negative connotation with it.

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  6. On 7/8/2022 at 4:21 AM, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

    Our defense has been pretty good since he’s been here and he’s one of us so i don’t want to just go all in here…but why would he get hired again as a head coach? He’d be an old retread that runs a soft shell zone, zero aggression, no fire, stands there like a wax figure and was a bad head coach the first time? Now he’s the DC of a loaded team with a defensive minded head coach that is no doubt pulling the strings. Almost every good QB has all day to just get comfortable and make throws. Thankfully our cover guys are excellent. That covers up a lot. I hate his conservative play calling and often wish McDermott would just completely take over this defense.

    We could definitely do worse, don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if the guy is bad or anything….but why would you hire this guy as a HC? He seems like a great guy and he’s performing pretty well in his current role. But good coordinators are sometimes just that. He got a chance and pretty much showed why it’s not worth it. 

    So McDermott is pulling all the strings, but it's Frazier you blame for soft shell zone, zero agression... almost every good QB has all day to throw....conservative play calling. So what strings are McDermott pulling?

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  7. 15 hours ago, DrPJax said:

    D missed multiple tackles at crucial times , at one point I think 5-6 guys hit and failed to wrap up a wide receiver on a critical third and long ( pretty sure Talley and Bennett and a couple of corners / a safety also whiffed on that play ) and it led to a go ahead td. Bruce failing to get a safety / or fumble early in the game allowing Hostetler to escape ( Bruce admitted this several times, plus we allowed a back up qb to beat us along with being unable to stop Anderson )  is another of the things  that should have happened and were usually/ probably statistically easier than a relatively long ( at that time , ‘91, ) fg with the clock expiring and Super Bowl title at stake.   Plus during that last drive they ( Bills ) mismanaged the clock some and I believe Thurman has talked about that and stated they should have run one more play ( or he went down earlier than he could have , sorry my memory is fading as I turn 65 on 7/30!) and they could / should have gotten a few yards closer. Norwood had been struggling during the last few games ( hence Christy coming in the next year, ending Norwoods career) as well, so those few extra yards were important, and the time management issue was either on the O or coaching staff. 

    Yes, Norwoood was to blame ultimately for missing the kick , but it was a team underperforming ( after dropping 51 on the Raiders 2 weeks earlier ) that caused them to be in that position in the first place. They were out coached , and the guys like Bennett, Kelly , etc also admitted to being out enjoying the Tampa nightlife the night before as well. You know all this , so imho it’s hard to blame Norwood as the “ main” reason for that loss. Bills were the better team , having beaten the Giants earlier in the regular season as well, so it was a culmination of crap, not just that missed kick that cost them the win. If he had made the FG, would you say then he was the main reason for winning?  I would bet against people saying that. Just like 13 seconds, hard to blame on one person ( as Wallace has been scapegoated quite a bit, or the special teams coach) when things fall apart and turn an almost certain W to an L !  😉🥲. Lol !  Probably the two worst memories ( music city miracle is right there too ) in Bills history. Have a good 4 th tho ! 🍸🍸

    It wasn't my intent to get into a big thing , but yeah, Norwood would be the hero if we won, along with Thurman.

  8. 3 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:

    Tua is a very accurate QB.  He was also the best RPO passer in the league last year.  This is what he always was in college.  The Fins are building the scheme around this.  It requires an accurate QB and fast receivers going over the middle--which is one reason they went hard at Hill.


    Tua is what he is--and the Fins are going to roll with that.   They won 6 in a row with him in the second half of the season and 7 of the last 8.  Bills finished 5-3. He had 3 games with 80+% completions.  Only 4 QBs have had back to back 80%.  


    May not be an easy out for the Bills this season.

    Now you're in trouble.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Warcodered said:

    Speaking of delusional this is apparently a thing with Dolphins fans this year.



    You should listen to Bills fans, we didn't even make it to the championship game, but if you listen to them, we are better than KC, Cinci and the Rams.  We lost 7 games last season, finished 1 game ahead of the Pats and 2 ahead of the Dolphins, but all off season, you could swear we are the defending champs the way the fans have acted.

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  10. 11 hours ago, First Round Bust said:

    edmunds was another number one pick, the same draft that we took a franchise qb, so name a draft where a franchise qb is taken in the top ten (required two trades to get there) and the same team makes another number pick (mid-round) and does not give up draft capital in next years draft, this may have been the top trade and draft in team history, at least this century...

    Not quite the same, but we drafted Kelly in the first round, 2nd of 2 picks(Tony Hunter), also got Talley in the 2nd round. Not too shabby there.  The pick we used for Kelly was acquired in a trade with Cleveland for Cousineau. So we didn't give up any capital.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Fan in San Diego said:

    I think our biggest weakness is stopping the run. How many times on 3rd and whatever do we get gashed for 15 plus yards.


    Third and whatever? 


    How many times? Tell us. If it's a lot, you're right. I'm guessing you're wrong.

  12. I usually don't get caught up in the 'we're great people' and 'great community' stuff,  a lot of athletes feel obligated to say the love the city or whatever... but this is the most genuine display of real emotion and caring that I can recall.  It's a reflection of the type of organization the Bills strive to be along with the type of quality people they desire to play for the team. I don't think this is something that's over when the next mass shooting occurs later this week. This is the start of a nice movement for the community.

    1 minute ago, YoloinOhio said:

    I actually like cold weather and winter - strange, i know! 

    I don't mind it, but it's great to be able to control it more. When I want snow and cold, I can drive 90 minutes to Flagstaff and ski.

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  13. 8 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

    I personally prefer living in a area with “seasons” - I like all of them in their own way. I would not like living in a place with warm weather all the time. That’s just me. I would not mind Buffalo weather at all. 

    Well said! 

    I used to think that, but I love AZ weather. Even the summers are no big deal. Just spend the day at the pool or the golf course. It's easy weather to deal with.

  14. 3 hours ago, Sharky7337 said:

    Same. I rewatch bills games all off-season. I cannot re watch that game. 

    I fast forward when the Chiefs have the ball, Josh Allen in the 4th qtr played perhaps the greatest playoff qtr ever. I can watch all day and just forget the ending.


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  15. 4 hours ago, SydneyBillsFan said:


    A first time for everything. Woo-pee!


    Note that this has only occurred now that the Pat's are an average team. I can't remember Brady going down there early.

    You have to go all the way back to 2019 for the last time the Patriots played in Miami in September.


    Since 2000, 4 games in Sept, 5 in October.




  16. 1 hour ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:




    Then WTF exactly did you mean by "A little bit of me agrees with this.  I'm sure he's fine, but I wish we didn't see him out so much."??



    go find some 5 year old to explain it to you, it's really not that complicated. 

  17. 35 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    "so much", is the guy allowed to have any life outside football?  I'm sure he's taking care of bizness and minding his offseason training


    One of Watkins problems with the Bills was said to be that he had a fanatical workout regime and wouldn't let his body heal and recover - to the point where he even took his walking boot off to train when he was told not to. 


    Contrast with Stevie Johnson who put his workout routine the Bills gave him in a drawer and didn't look at it, just played basketball.


    The desirable path is somewhere in the middle: train, work out, but take a measured approach and give yourself mental and physical breaks as well.



    I looked for that picture of Josh bottle feeding a dolphin and couldn't find it

    No,  he's not allowed to have a life outside of football. You obviously uncovered the actual meaning of my post. Good grief. 

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