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  1. He opted out of his last contract I think and he has been offered contracts since then and turned them down. He's a jerk, no thanks.
  2. Hmmm.....couldn't move on as you say, I see! Pot, black, kettle, or something! Go Bills!
  3. Yeah, IMO Quinn and Lynn are next up, both have too much talent to not be good.
  4. Lets trade for everybody and sign all free agents then maybe these stupid threads will stop.
  5. They signed Senorise Perry giving them 4 active RB and i'm sure they have Marcus Murphy on speed dial should they need him.
  6. LAMP post just trying to promote his name. Close it down mods.
  7. Lol, what a joke. Ranking dont really mean anything but them being ranked 19 and moved up from 24 to 19, it's a joke and anything PFF does cant be taken seriously.
  8. I guess one game of the Duke was enough to seal the deal that Jones was done as a Bill.
  9. Not happening. They drafted Singletary to be the guy, was evident when they got rid of Shady. Gore is just there as backup and Yeldon as 3rd on depth chart. Gordon isnt coming here.
  10. Just think the Bills could have had Woods, Watkins, McCoy and drafted Mahomes. They don't so oh well.
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