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  1. I'll never feel sorry for Hernandez, no matter how messed up ones life is, there should be no questioning the differences between right and wrong! Life is full of decisions, you make your bed, you lay in it.
  2. It is is not. People gotta stop with this, Josh is hear for the long haul. He would have to be way worse than his rookie year for a couple more years before they even thought about replacing him. McBeane will sink or swim with Allen and they aren't going to replace him that easy.
  3. Like New England was supposed to twice and the Cowboys were supposed to and the Ravens were supposed to, ok whatever.
  4. I said it when Harbaugh put all his eggs in Lamars basket and got rid of Flacco that it was a bad move. Not that Flacco was the answer but Lamar isn't the answer either. Poor decision by Harbaugh and will be interesting to see where he is in 5 years as Jackson won't repeat the season he just had where is was all set up for him to succeed. IMO the league has caught up for the most part and Lamars games will look alot like last night and worse going forward. As time went on Tyrod, RG 3, Kaepernick, and other runners posing as QBs games got worse and worse until they were useless as QBs and benched.
  5. yup, he's not a good QB. He will go the way of Tyrod, Kaepernick, RG 3 whereas every year after his best year will become worse and worse.
  6. Who do you think will have the longer better career?
  7. You're a clown, Allen is a much better QB. Jackson is a better runner, I'll give him that. Want to bet Allen has the longer better career?
  8. Yeah, I saw that also, the nfl sucks for inconsistancy
  9. Amazing what competent oline play looks like. Guys are getting pancaked, cant say as I've seen alot of that in Buffalo this year.
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