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  1. Other than games, I don't really watch other TV football stuff. No pregame No halftime No post game I do listen to some of the Bills pregame on GR Much rather read about it, watch a few highlight videos and converse about it. The TV personalities annoy me.
  2. From the article, Hervey was the Eskimos former GM and current BC GM. Stafford is the current Eskimos WR. Question is how can a GM be a lockerroom cancer? Strange situation all around.
  3. And if you had 100 of these people knock on your door at 1am what would you do?
  4. Philly too, William Fuller, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, Jerome Brown. All those guys could get after the QB, Bruce might have had 300 sacks if he had that kind of talent around him.
  5. You cant even compare teammates, Whites were far superior to Bruces. Bruce was better because it was pretty much him and only him for alot of years.
  6. Cuomo wants to pass a law making it illegal to declaw cats in NY state because it is inhumane, yet this turd of a governor is ok with killing babies! WTF! Liberal mind is effed up!
  7. Yes, yes he did absolutely lose games with his refusal to throw the ball. This, Tyrod won't lose you games is bunk! Refusing to throw the ball and score points has a negative outcome on games and therefor games were lost as a result. Tyrod lost games other QBs would have won, so yes he did lose games.
  8. This sucks as I think Kroft is a pretty good TE if he could only stay healthy.
  9. There was so much corruption on the Democrats behalf, I can't believe the 65 million votes she did get. Sift through and figure out how many illegals or how many voted 2-5-10 times and her 65 million is a lot less. Trump may have actually won the National vote, if true accurate raw numbers could be figured out.
  10. Can't wait, lying Democrats heads are gonna roll! The slimeball Democrats are being exposed and will be prosecuted for the trash they are! Grab some popcorn, pull up a seat, this is gonna be good!
  11. I think him and Brady were the only 2 left from the 2000 draft class. Time for Brady to go too. And the Bills drafted Leif Olve Dolonen Larsen 5 picks before Brady was selected. Lol One is the loneliest number..........
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