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  1. The Rams could go 11-5 and or the Bears 10-6 and both miss the playoffs whereas either the Cowboys or Eagles could go 7-9 and win their division and host a playoff game. There is something just not right about that, something needed to change years ago when Seattle won the division at 7-9 and hosted a playoff game.
  2. Jackson floats his balls, so hopefully the wind bothers his passes, that would be nice to get a couple of picks.
  3. Allen, he's just the man, he has "it", he was an underdog and he's a nice guy too!
  4. 28-14 Bills Jackson has his worst day as a pro, book it!
  5. OMG, does it ever stop! Our TE are good and I'd rather the money be spent on WR , LB, K, OL, you know things that are needed.
  6. Were 9-3 playing home against 10-2 and were 7 point dogs. Yeah that's a slap of disrespect especially after we just slapped a 7 point fav in their house. Players know this stuff and I expect another beatdown, Balt is gonna get the ***** slapped out of them.
  7. jax has 8 completions and 1 is to wr for 1 yard. its all dumps and floaters to te over the middle, he'll be figured out soon.
  8. the college style will only be successful for so long, the league will catch up, remember the miami wildcat
  9. what the heck was 23 doing on that TD pass
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