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  1. 4 hours ago, DrDare said:

    When is the last time this guy played football? kinda need him back Thursday. Will it happen?

    If I am not mistaken it is a high ankle sprain.


    Those are usually 3-4 weeks, maybe more depending on severity. My guess is Bills sit him out next week as they have 10 days off after that . He didn't practice at all last week as well which isn;t a good sign.


    But of course just a guess. Hope he returns next week

  2. 9 minutes ago, Rocky Landing said:

    Throughout this thread, I keep reading this "Frazier must go..." refrain. 


    Well, careful what you wish for, guys. Or not. Either way, Frazier is likely some other team's HC in '23, because the entire rest of the league feels very differently about Leslie Frazier than a very vocal minority of Bills fans do.

    I really hope he’s another teams head coach next year lol.


    Comp pick as well

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