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  1. 59 days and counting!!! Been a few, Cajun. Hope all is well w/ you.
  2. Only 158 days and then I'll be hangin' w/ my Western NY fam yet again. As always, I look forward to it. IT HAS BEGUN!
  3. T minus.... 1 day and counting!!! I'll see some of y'all tonight. If not tonight, then tomorrow mornin'.
  4. T minus.... 2 days and counting!!! Annual WNYTBDGPS meetin' later today. See you then.
  5. T minus.... 3 days and counting!!! We are on our way to WNY. See y'all soon. Go Bills!
  6. T minus.... 4 days and counting!!! Tomorrow mornin', we're on our way to WNY to see our friends and family. Lookin' forward to it.
  7. T minus.... 6 days and counting!!! ...and now we're back in "We Go For A Tailgate And A Game Breaks Out" mode. Ah well. I look forward to my one chance to see so many of my TBD folks. We'll be there 'bout 3 days from now and we'll see y'all then.
  8. T minus.... 7 days and counting!!! On our way to Sliders now for the tailgate. See y'all in a few or next week @ the Home Opener. GO BILLS!
  9. T minus.... 9 days and counting!!! To those comin' to the game this weekend, hope to see you @ Sliders for the tailgate.
  10. We're doin' the tailgate @ Sliders as before. Only difference is that we will not be doin' a buffet this time. Still workin' to see if we can get 'em to open earlier than 10:30am EST. Once I get a definite answer, I'll post it.
  11. Yup. I'll be there too. Gotta set up the tailgate, which I'll be workin' on very soon. May need to do a deposit this time. We'll see.
  12. Only 150 days and then I'll be back HOME w/ my Bills fam. Always a highlight of my year.IT HAS BEGUN!
  13. T minus.... 0 days and counting!!! Game Day!! We'll see y'all @ the lot in a few. Go Bills!!
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