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  1. Really gettin' close! Just... 15 days and counting!!! Two weeks from today, we'll be en route to WNY. ​
  2. Mornin', folks. We're now down to... 20 days and counting!!!
  3. Gettin' closer and closer. 40 days and counting!!!
  4. Seven weeks to go 'til the Opener, or.......... 49 days and counting!!!
  5. Bills @ Ravens Tailgate Information DATE, TIME, PLACE The tailgate will take place on Sunday, September 11 2016 @ Sliders Bar and Grille, located @ 504 Washington Blvd. It is 'cross the street from Oriole Park @ Camden Yards and just over a block from M&T Bank Stadium. The tailgate will begin at 11:00am EST and will continue throughout the day. Those who are not plannin' to go to the game are more than welcome to stay @ Sliders to watch the game. COST The cost of the buffet is $10 per person. MENU The buffet menu will consist of: Burgers Chicken Tenders Fries Chili Potato Salad Cheese and Vegetable Platter Chips Pretzels Pop/Soda/Soft Drinks and, oh yeah..... WINGS!!!!! DRINK SPECIALS Not included in the $10 buffet fee: BOGO (Buy One, Get One) rail drinks (rum, gin, vodka) $2 can of beer (Variety of brews includin': Yuengling, Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller and Miller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Shock Top, Genny Cream Ale, and Labatt Blue) Hope we see ya there!
  6. Here's the Bills' picks in the 2 round mock draft from tonight: Round 1: Reggie Ragland, LB Alabama Round 2: Will Fuller, WR that school
  7. I was referrin' to the game against the Ravens. I live in this area (as does SDS) and I set up the tailgate before/after the game.
  8. I'm on it, boss. We've done a tailgate for the last 3-4 games here. I'll get to work on it now and then post details on the Wall or in the Tailgate section.
  9. Only 154 days 'til we have our Thursday Night Home Opener vs the Jets. I'll see all my TBD fam as the Bills start the season w/ a HUGE division win. IT HAS BEGUN!
  10. It's Game Day!!! We're gearin' up now. Once we've finished gettin' ready, we'll go for breakfast, and then we're on our way to Hammer's Lot. Lookin' forward to seein' my TBD fam once again. See y'all in a few.
  11. T minus.... 4 days and counting!!! Last work day before vacation!!! Long 10 hour work day, then packin' and gettin' ready for vacation. After that, though, it's party time!
  12. T minus.... 5 days and counting!!! Two long work days to put in, then it's vacation time!
  13. T minus.... 7 days and counting!!! Almost time, folks! Psycho Ward 86 and I will be on our way to WNY in just 4 days. See y'all then.
  14. T minus.... 9 days and counting!!! One week from today, we'll be enjoyin' our season openin' garbage plates. WNYTBDGPS, where ya @? See y'all in one week.
  15. 30 days and counting!!! Listenin' to Murph and Kelso call tonight's game. Lookin' forward to seein' the Bills live when they face the Stillers in 15 days. It's gettin' closer...
  16. 35 days and counting!!! Five more weeks and we'll be back @ it, Bills fam! The ceremony was great yesterday, and today is the start of NFL Football. We saw a few Bills jerseys 'round Canton yesterday, but Stiller Nation was doin' their best Bills fan impersonation by takin' the city over. Black and gold everywhere you look, much to the delight of Psycho Ward 86.
  17. 45 days and counting!!! Camp set to start on Friday, Enshrinement Weekend for Bill Polian comin' up (Psycho Ward 86 and I will be there), and then the pre-season game vs the Stillers a couple weeks before the Opener (yup, we'll be there). Ah, it's my favorite time of the year: time to take blocks of time off work to make my football-related trips.
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