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  1. Not necessarily disagreeing with Simms logic. Picking late in rounds 1 and 2....yea, teams, any team, will have hits and misses for sure. However, if I had to place a bet on Simms and his views vs Beane / The Bills A+ Scouting / The Roster in place to let these players grow, give me Beane and the Bills all the way.
  2. Agreed on Tua him may not being a starter. As for the high draft picks, not necessarily a guarantee that Miami will hit on each and each player will develop
  3. Maybe KC was chippy on purpose and felt it would get the Bills a bit off their game. Case in point - when Diggs was lifted then slammed in the first or second quarter. Seemed a bit off after that.
  4. Saints will be in cap jail for a bit and have a little rebuild. Im cool with it as we play in NO next year and McDermott will enact revenge on Payton for running up the score in 2017 in Buffalo.
  5. Milano will be getting paid $$$$$ by the Bills. He's not going anywhere.
  6. Really? Cant just enjoy what we have and potentially whats in front of us? You may just have made this weeks CMON MAN on ESPN.
  7. At home, including Saturday night, will depend on how windy and which direction the wind is coming from. Watching on TV, typically the wind will blow from left to right. Marv Levy would use the wind as a trigger to decide if he wanted the ball at kickoff. By selecting receiving the opening kickoff, Levy then received the choice of which end zone to defend in the 3rd qtr, which typically was facing the wind, then working with the wind in the 4th qtr. I sense McD has learned this.
  8. My man, will walk you through a little history of "that first playoff win to start a playoff run" '81 49ers vs GMEN - ugly for the Niners and Montana, but they got the W '88 Bills vs Oilers - Bills were outplayed and game was ugly, but they got the W '91 Cowboys at Bears - ugly game but Cowboys got the W '01 Patriots vs Raiders - the Tuck Rule Game. Raiders outplayed Patriots, but Patriots got the W 04' Steelers vs NY Jets - NY Jets had this game and totally outplayed the Steelers in Big Ben's first playoff game, yet the Steelers got the W I am sure there are more t
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