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  1. Probably not the best litmus test. The Redskins have a way of picking up greats in the sunset of their careers and expect the guys to be in their prime - Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth. There is probably more, but those came to mind.
  2. Voted no. McNabb was very good, but not HOF worthy. I don't think being in/not being in or winning/losing a SB matters.
  3. The outer crust makes or breaks the pizza. A bad outer crust just means a bad main crust where the sauce and cheese is.
  4. Yep, Clay was bad. After him there was no one. I think TE and WR are the positions we'll see the largest improvement in this year. Last year was bad in both positions.
  5. I think we'll struggle at the DE position; we have Hughes and Shaq Lawson - which until proven otherwise is still largely potential. And after that, not much.. The DTs are going to have to be better than last year to get a good edge rush.
  6. Don't you think it would be good to have another pass rushing DE? Just my thought. They have four (I believe) TEs on the roster now...if I am not mistaken.
  7. The bolded is not true. While the 2017 domestic violence incident is clouded, he returns to the news in 2019 for violent behavior again. Zeke travels with a security detail to help keep him out of trouble, though their effectiveness in their mission can be questioned. Twice doesn't necessarily make a trend, but one seems to be forming. Zeke admits he likes to party and drink lots of alcohol; a lot of us do, only in a more responsible manner. He also admits he did drugs in college. Hard to believe Zeke stopped once he got to the NFL. A poster knowledgeable in the workings of the NFL earlier in this thread has stated that Zeke still does drugs, but is smart enough to avoid testing positive for it in late April. Zeke is a thug, and at the least, an irresponsible goon.
  8. Excellent move. Good on Beane getting this done now.
  9. Normal conversation where he uses his body (which is at least twice as big as her) to block her from walking away? Getting in the face of an event staffer then using his forearm to push him to the ground? I say Zeke looks to be a straight up thug.
  10. Crazy idea? More like bad idea. Risk not worth the potential reward with Wentz. I'd rather ride with what we have now in JA.
  11. These helmet designs are terrible. Seems every year this pops up. Just awful.
  12. Joe B has the Bills cutting him in the Way Too Early 53 man roster article. He thinks Daboll would rather have four TEs than six WRs.
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