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  1. Happy Gilmore

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    They still have Brady, Edelpunk, Sony Michel, and Belichick. Anyone they cut/lost will be replaced and fit into the scheme. I doubt they're concerned about their 'lack of skill players'.
  2. Happy Gilmore

    Gronk retired

    You don't think that was earned? Gronk pushed off more than any other player that I can recall to get open, and got away with it. I'd imagine a lot of defenders knew this and got pissed off. Gronk has nothing to cry about. Good riddance to that neanderthal.
  3. Happy Gilmore

    Gronk retired

    Exactly. Barry Church had to take care of business in the AFC Championship game by ringing Gronk's bell.
  4. Good post by the OP, 9-7 sounds about right at this early juncture, though 10-6 is not out of the question. I think McD will really start to be scrutinized if they are 8-8 or worse, as he should be.
  5. Happy Gilmore

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I've been a Bills fan for as long as I can remember, going back to elementary school. I liked the charging buffalo on the white helmet and the color of the uniforms. Followed the team ever since, though some years closer than others.
  6. Happy Gilmore

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Not at all embarrassed. I typically wear my hat and jerseys during the season. I have a Bills driver head cover and golf towel which I always use; no one else has given me grief over it, and have had some good conversations with fans of other teams. I've actually met a few other Bills fans on the course and driving range due to my Bills golf swag. No such thing as a bandwagon Bills fan right now.
  7. Happy Gilmore

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    Murphy looks just mediocre and is obviously rarely 100% healthy. Not really a dominant pass rusher and a liability in defending the run. Hope he's just depth for the short term.
  8. Good point. I just wonder if the Redskins will end up breaking our playoff drought streak. Right, pretty much this^. I'm not sure how you fire an owner, but the Redskins might want to come up with a clever way to do so.
  9. Yeah, maybe. It is possible. I almost feel bad for Redskin fans, I know a number of them. Most here are focused on the Caps and Nationals, anyway.
  10. I like what Beane is doing in FA and can't wait to see what he does in the draft. On paper, Beane has filled a lot of holes, which should be further solidified in the draft. McD... I'll give him this season to see what he can do with the new talent. If he can get to 9-7 this year, I think that will be successful; the offense is still a work in progress. What I don't to see is us getting gashed in the run game on defense where teams put up 40-burgers again. That shouldn't happen and leaves me a little apprehensive about how good the defense, and DC Frazier, really is.
  11. Gone rogue? No. Bruce Allen is Dan Snyder's 'yes man.' Allen does what Snyder wants, otherwise he would be gone too. Same with Doug Williams, the Sr. VP of Player Personnel. Jay Gruden will be gone by the end of the 2019 season, if not before. I don't know who would want to be HC of the Redskins once Jay Gruden is gone.
  12. Happy Gilmore

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    I'm not sure where Clay Matthews would fit in. There is only one FA LB on NE, and he looks to be depth or PS. Besides, Matthews is going on 33 and is at the age they would get rid of guys. I know, the signed Michael Bennett, who is also 33, and would probably be used in rotation/situations. How many guys does a team want like this? I can't image many.
  13. Happy Gilmore

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    Doesn't every FA out there?
  14. Happy Gilmore

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Sucks for the Saints; window of opportunity is closing on them. Not in favor of trading Bodine, who might be needed this year.
  15. Happy Gilmore

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    Spotrac indicates that Adrian Clayborn (DE) is inactive. Has to be LaAdrian Waddle (OT)