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  1. Happy Gilmore

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    Unfortunately, the Patriots. Bills and Jets have too many new pieces they need to integrate. The Dolphins are incompetent.
  2. Happy Gilmore

    Its June 18th- And I hate Summer Already

    Exactly. I like fall and winter; my favorite seasons. Spring sucks with all the pollen; my least favorite season.
  3. Happy Gilmore

    Its June 18th- And I hate Summer Already

    If it were 15 degrees cooler, less humidity, and fewer bugs, I'd be ok with summer. But where I am, it is almost insufferable.
  4. Happy Gilmore

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Agree. Zay will most likely make the team, just a matter of him being WR2, 3, or 4.
  5. Happy Gilmore

    Underage drinking

    LOL. I see the Beverly Hills Cop reference...
  6. Happy Gilmore

    Underage drinking

    Maybe she was looking for her beer bong? Only thing I can think of...pretty stupid, otherwise. Good thing the owner didn't start up the truck, which her head would be like a big banana in the tailpipe.
  7. Happy Gilmore

    6 Week NFL dark period begins

    Probably just read which players get arrested for domestic violence, fights at night clubs, possession of illegal drugs, etc. Will also enjoy all the Peterman vs Allen vs McCarron threads, and maybe a few Packers vs Bills series threads that will pop up from time to time. Other than that, mountain bike and golf.
  8. Happy Gilmore

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    I'm wondering the same thing, and am skeptical, like you guys. I think Eric Wood or Richie Incognito made a statement a little while back about Juan Castillo. The veteran lineman said (paraphrasing) that Castillo is very good, but he wants things and techniques done his way. I interpreted that as he is good with younger linemen, but veteran linemen tend not to do as well with him. I would also have to believe that as an OLine coordinator, Castillo is blocking scheme agnostic, and that the zone scheme was all Dennison (which was run in Denver for years.)
  9. Happy Gilmore

    LeSean McCoy seems to buy into Daboll's offensive scheme

    If Rex Ryan looks on disapprovingly, then you know you're doing the right thing.
  10. Happy Gilmore

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    Agree, just a matter of who plays in which position. Probably will be some growing pains the first six weeks or so. Nah, he's coaching. 😄
  11. Happy Gilmore

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    Other than Dawkins at LT, not sure who comprises the other four positions. Will be interesting to see how Castillo works with Daboll to get the line squared away. Castillo is supposed to be good...we'll see.
  12. Something tells me that Tre' White won't have to go back. He'll get paid in a few short years just based off last season. Can't wait to see more of him and watch him turn into a shut down corner.
  13. Happy Gilmore

    Survival as a Restaurant Server

    Does the offending customer get whacked?
  14. Happy Gilmore

    LeSean McCoy seems to buy into Daboll's offensive scheme

    I doubt Shady liked Rico around week 6 when he still didn't have a TD. I would guess that this could be attributed to the zone blocking scheme that the OLine was having problems grasping, initially. The OLine is still a big question, such as who starts in every position other than LT (should be Dawkins) and will the blocking schemes play to the strengths of the linemen? The latter I would assume so, just based on the article even though that wasn't mentioned. The only problem was Rex confused his own defense, but maybe that's what you meant
  15. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/12/buffalo-bills-lesean-mccoy-brian-dabol-new-england-patriots/ <snip> McCoy later talked about Daboll’s offensive system, comparing it to that of New England while also stating that it took “a lot of studying” to learn the coordinator’s playbook. “He’s had success with the Patriots, he’s had a lot of success with Alabama. We’re going to run the ball, for sure,” McCoy said. “You’ll see a lot of similarities from us and the Patriots, because that’s where he comes from. . . He’s always looking for matchups. If he can get a running back on a linebacker, we’re going to take it. If we can get [Charles] Clay on a particular linebacker, we’re going to take it. Even with Ben, he’s a big target, [Kelvin] Benjamin, we want to get him the ball. “He’s always trying to confuse the defense and find the mismatch. Most offenses that are successful, that’s what they do. That’s what they do. We’re going to run the ball in different formations, keep guys off-balance, be on the attack, that’s more just high tempo offense. We’re going to be similar. We’ll see. I’m excited to be here, I’ll tell you that. At first, the offense was like ‘oh,’ it was crazy, it was a lot of plays. A lot of studying for a great cause and a great outcome.” McCoy may not be done studying the new offense, as according to Daboll, his offense will “evolve” based off of his players’ strengths. While speaking to the media in May, Daboll revealed that the team’s offense will “constantly change based on what we think our players do best.” McCoy is incredibly excited to play under Daboll. McCoy was one of the few Buffalo players who succeeded in Dennison’s offensive system, rushing for 1,138 yards and six touchdowns in 2017. Perhaps he’ll be able to improve these numbers while playing in a system that he’s truly confident in. Hopefully this is more than just happy talk and Shady saying what is the "politically correct" thing to say. I don't worry about Shady's production since he'll be the focus in most systems; I'm more concerned about the QB and how the offense will be played based on his skillset. We should start to know more in two months, though at the very least, it does not appear that a system will be force fed on the players by an OC thinking his system means more than the players executing it.