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  1. Diggs simply wanted better play from Kirk Cousins, and he was right to call Cousins out. it worked, too. I'm glad (and surprised) we have Diggs and see this as a low risk, high upside transaction.
  2. I don't see that there is a gap, or problem, in the defensive backfield, nor do I think it should be addressed in the draft this year. I do think that RB is a bit thin. They didn't seem to trust Yeldon and Gore saw way too much action, especially toward the end of the season. So I would like to see us draft a compliment to Singletary, in the idea of a Derrick Henry type back. The more options you have on offense gives you a better chance of exposing different opponent defensive vulnerabilities. Now having an OC that realizes this and can make intelligent play calls is a different issue all together...
  3. I think he's a close second to Trent Murphy. At least give Murphy his due.
  4. Assuming Beane drafts Kmet, that would mean we start off with six TEs on the early roster: Kmet, Knox, Sweeney, Kroft, Lee Smith, Croom. I'd like to get rid of at least one since I don't think there is any need for that many TEs. Kroft was just restructured, so cutting him would be cap prohibitive. Croom would be the logical choice since Lee Smith is really a blocking TE. Knox and Sweeney are definite keepers.
  5. The article author: doesn't hate us, seems to believe the team is on the rise, and thinks we have a passionate fan base. The author also mentions that we have a history of heartbreak, which is very true throughout the past as well as present. The article stops well short of predicting Super Bowl appearances in the near future. At the very least, being a Bills fan now is A LOT better than being a Bills fan as recent as just a couple of years ago.
  6. Is he worse than Michael Irvin? A case can be made, but they both are loud and animated in making marginal points.
  7. I would have been at peace had we beat the Texans, but lost in the Divisional round. This team was not ready to go to the Super Bowl, or even AFCC. Some people here are setting unrealistic expectations and need to look under the hood, so to speak.
  8. I understand the basis of your post. My argument is that while they keep the game close, the Bills still lost the close games to the better teams (Balt, NE), regardless as to why. They have to close out the close games against playoff caliber teams, especially in the playoffs where they really should have beat the Texans Maybe this will change with Josh maturing as a QB as well as acquiring Diggs and other offensive talent. Maybe the defensive FAs (and new defensive line coach) they acquired further help stop the run and get to the QB. Hopefully they'll hit on a few guys in the draft who will at least become solid starters, if not stars. One thing is for certain, McD needs to change his conservative approach when he has a lead, particularly on defense. Offensively, Daboll needs to be a much better play caller and not rely on gadgets and being cute to try and outsmart the opposing defense; understand your offensive identity and strengths and use them on a consistent basis.
  9. Thanks, man. Your last sentence nailed it. I think McD has the potential to be a great coach, but until he adjusts some of his philosophies, he will be limited.
  10. I never said the wins don't count. What facts point to the contention that we didn't beat a playoff team, save an early season Tennessee victory?
  11. I disagree to the point that McD becomes very conservative whenever he gets a lead. Yes, Houston was a good team and Watson is a play maker, but to win and advance you have to beat good teams and hold playmakers in check. Bring the game to them, not allow them to dictate the game to us. McD couldn't do that. I just remember seeing a lot of green between the D-line and the secondary. Maybe it happened like you say, but again, I recall seeing a lot of green and no players.
  12. Yes, good point. They did beat Tennessee while Mariotta was QB. I would have liked to have seen a rematch in week 16.
  13. Question: McD and Frazier should have seen this when the defense was lining up. If they did indeed run this prevent style defense throughout the season, McD and Frazier should have seen something was off and called a TO; yet they didn't. Why?
  14. Defensively. He and Frazier go into a soft zone/prevent D, which prevents you from winning. This prevent D theory has been proven a bad choice for many years so not sure why McD thinks it will work for him.
  15. This is what I don't like about McDermott, his tendency to go conservative even with a small lead. That is not how you win big games. He has to change his approach and not take his foot off the gas pedal.
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