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  1. Dolphins - win Broncos - win Cowboys - loss Ravens - loss Steelers - win Patriots - loss Jets - win 10-6
  2. I'm not giving up on Josh Allen - it's way too soon for that. I do not think that Daboll and the offensive staff are doing a good job at developing him, and are hindering him right now by forcing him to be a QB that he is not. McD by extension of his OC and offensive coaches is part of this problem. Beane and McD committed to Josh by moving up and drafting him in 2018, they need to follow through and develop him; if they don't, and/or trade him or let Josh go, another team will develop him into the QB he could be and we're hoping he'll be with us.
  3. 0-20% on both. I don't see this regime being fired in the next two years, nor do I see McD and his coaches making Buffalo a SB contender. I don't think in this time, Josh will be good enough to overcome McD's incapable OC.
  4. Easily. The 2007 Giants weren't a bad team; 10-6 and were a wild card berth. As much as I hated that team, the 2007 Pats have to be considered one of the best teams not to win a SB. The Giants, Tom Coughlin, and Steve Spagnolo had their number that day, like Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick had the 1990 Bills number in SB 25. Michael Strahan in one of the segments, years after that SB, mentioned they knew that Giants team count beat NE after the week 17 loss where they learned a lot about the Pats offense.
  5. LOL, about right. A fiery McDermott is probably worth about three additional points.
  6. Does that mean Josh can let it rip? Is the prevent defense a thing of the past, now?
  7. OL DL LB QB . . . Safeties WR RB TE CB K/P Top four are significantly more important than the rest.
  8. Yeah, it's pretty amazing that for being a younger, newer coach, McD acts like he came out of the 1980s with his style and philosophy. One would think he would at least be able to look at the top three coaches (Carroll, Harbaugh, Belichick), notice their impressive tenure as coaches, and try to mimic their success. It almost seems like McD looked at Jauron and said "yep, this guy had it right." I don't think McD was ready to be a HC back in 2017 and I don't think he's ready now.
  9. It's not over, but there are problems in all three phases, largest problems being on offense.
  10. Defense isn't the biggest problem right now, but it also isn't good enough. Why is rush defense still an issue? Why can't the pass rush get to the opposing QB? Sacks, turnovers? No and no. Frazier is a conservative, old school DC. Not much in the way of creative, disguised blitzes or stunts. Doesn't exploit any weakness in the opposing o-line. He also believes in the prevent defense and ran it in the 4th quarter against the Browns. 10 yard chunks soon add up to the opposing offense covering the length of field they need to score. The best thing he does is disguised coverages...great. We can only hope Frazier gets a HC offer from another team. Otherwise, he's back next year, unfortunately.
  11. What were the Bills doing before the Pegulas purchased the team? Could it be....trying to rebuild? How effective a job they were doing is debatable, but they were indeed trying to rebuild. The 49ers were trying to do the same thing from 2015 on, and ownership finally hit on Lynch and Shanahan in 2017.
  12. It can be looked at this way. Or it can be viewed as when the current staff took over.
  13. I was counting after Jim Harbaugh. Remember Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly? I counted 2015 and 2016.
  14. I was actually making the point that it can take more than 3 years to rebuild. Lynch and Shanahan have done a great job.
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