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  1. Don't get me wrong, I admire how Eli delivered two clutch performances against the Patriots in the two Super Bowls. But, if the Giants defense wasn't able to keep Brady and the high powered Pats offenses in check, no way was Eli and the Giants offenses going to outscore Brady. Other than these two SB games, Eli was pretty much average to slightly above average.
  2. Nope. He beat the Patriots in the SB twice, but that was primarily because of their defense. Eli was good, but not great like his brother.
  3. Thanks for beating the Pats*** 2x, Eli. Best wishes in your retirement.
  4. This is right on. You can't cover your way to winning with defense, the offense/WR gets the benefit of the doubt and the DB gets the PI. The Bills are built toward coverage, not pass rush or run defense. A great D-line gets you both, which we need since our LB corps are basically big DBs.
  5. I'd rather see the o-linemen and d-linemen have a biggest splash contest On a side note, this event has the potential of many arrests and future suspensions prior to them even playing a down in the NFL.
  6. Interesting, I wasn't aware of this. Yes, it does seem like Hughes draws too many flags, though many of them are very questionable, like the refs are intentionally picking on Hughes.
  7. I have a feeling there is going to be no winning this argument with you. I think you're looking at this situation too black and white. Clearly a position coach to DC is a jump in responsibilities, regardless of how the NFL defines it. How many position coaches are also the DC? I'm asking because I'm not aware of any, though maybe you can cite an instance.
  8. If the interview was for a position that brought him a step closer to becoming a GM (such as an assistant GM) and is not a lateral move, he should be allowed to interview. If the interview was for Director of Player Personnel for Tennessee, Carolina, or whoever else, then that should be blocked. But if it was for assistant GM for Carolina, Tennessee, etc where he is being groomed for a GM role, he should be allowed. It is all about allowing people to grow. If you keep people down, they'll want to leave in the future, anyway; plus no one would want to work for that organization once word got out. What if your boss didn't allow you to interview for a promotion in your organization? How would you feel?
  9. Going from a DB coach to DC may not be a promotion according to the NFL, but wouldn't you (or anyone else) consider it to be? I think Beane and McD allow the interview.
  10. I think they want a stud DE, but the type of money Clowney wants will probably cause Beane to look at other FAs that may be available. This might be a good poll...
  11. The thing with Jordan Phillips is he is a 3-tech DT who also played 1-tech out of necessity. With Harrison Phillips coming back, as it stands now, Jordan isn't worth the money he seems to want. IMO, Harrison is not really built like a 1-tech and probably should slide over to the 3-tech spot, then draft or buy a true 1-tech who is hopefully over 320 lbs and can push the G and C back, as well as occupy two blockers in rush defense; we don't have that right now. It would be good to get Shaq back, then draft or buy a better DE. Murphy isn't worth keeping around, IMO, as he was typically ineffective and pushed out of the play by the RT.
  12. Don't forget Ed Oliver. I also think the D-line will be addressed. They will try and re-sign Shaq; I suspect Phillips will be gone since he thinks he's getting $14M or $17M per year. Shaq is more of a priority and I think his deal gets done. A stud DE/edge will replace Murphy, as well as a true 1-tech DT is brought in to help with stopping the run. IMO, we don't have a true 1-tech right now and that has been a problem; hopefully McD and Beane see this.
  13. If I'm LeSean McCoy, I'm still thinking back to the Eagles SB victory and wishing I never got traded; so there has to be some disappointment there. As a fan, I'm glad he was a Bill for a while; but as a player, he has to be thinking back and wishing he was able to stay with the team that drafted him. If KC wins, maybe McCoy gets some satisfaction, but he was never a major contributor to the team and is a short timer. If they lose it still stings, though probably not as bad as if he was more invested in KC.
  14. Goodwin, though he is on IR. Still a 49er
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