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  1. I seemed to recall him getting beat by his receiver fairly regularly. I suppose he was good depth, but depth guys are like insurance...you don't want to have to use it.
  2. Only if Melrose Place follows in the next TV slot.
  3. That's fine, I was hoping he would be cut. Big drop off in talent from Poyer and Hyde. Should be easily replaceable.
  4. How many times can a team catch lightning in a bottle? They may have (correctly) figured that Brady would be good, but they couldn't have seen this run.
  5. I saw the post above. On paper, I agree that this 2019 team is better, but they have not played a game so there is still a lot to determine. Without a doubt the financial position is much better right now. It is believed that Jim Overdorf handled the contracts, not Whaley. Whaley appeared to be adrift and aimless because the Bills definition of a GM was adrift and aimless.
  6. Joe, in all fairness, look who the coaches were. Whaley, was definitely hamstrung here. Anyway, water under the bridge and I'm rooting for Beane and McD to succeed because I want the Bills to win a SB in my lifetime.
  7. I am just glad the Patriots didn't get him. If they did, that dynasty would go on for another 15 years.
  8. I guess if you're of Italian or Greek descent, you are naturally inclined to having a darker complexion. I can see guidos supplementing this with sprays and tanning beds.
  9. Beane and McD probably need to win a few more games before I would go this far. They seem to be on the right path, though this season will be telling.
  10. You know what I hate? Ugly chix in bikinis...micro or other.
  11. And I don't like hot. Winter is my favorite season; I love skiing and snowboarding.
  12. Not so much any more. I loved beaches when I was younger, but have become a mountain person as I have grown older. Beaches are kind of boring.
  13. Fair point. I do like the Jets Dline better as well as Greggo as DC.
  14. Meh, another instance of the media giving the Jets too much credit; they forget Adam Gase is the HC. SI also has the Vikings winning the NFC North over the Bears as well as Atlanta winning the NFC South over the Saints; neither of which should happen.
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