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  1. I’m honestly baffled at all the doom and gloom, hollow victory, ugly win type takes. Yes the defense needs improvement and yes it was too close for comfort, but we never trailed the whole game and I never really felt like the Pats* had a real chance until the final drive. Even when they tied it up both times I was confident we would answer, and we did.
  2. It’s the weirdest thing though. Every time I watch it my allergies act up at the beginning.
  3. At this point is the game on no matter what, or could it still be cancelled/postponed again last minute if more Titans test positive?
  4. I know. I was getting at the stats being even more telling than I would’ve thought.
  5. That’s a one percent difference. Even if the sample size is the entire Brady/Belichick era, I’d be surprised if that was statistically significant due to the small number of games played in a football season and they’re the team most known for the not losing 2 in a row thing.
  6. I tend to think the reason good teams rarely lose 2 in a row is because good teams rarely lose, period. If football games were as simple as throwing dice each game would be a discrete outcome, with the probability of one completely unaffected by the previous outcome. With sports I don’t think you can completely discount the psychological effects of a loss on the players, and injuries that happen one game can have impacts that carry over to the next, but I still think the “good teams don’t lose 2 in a row” thing as a product of extra motivation or focus is overstated, if it exists.
  7. No, because if minny kicked Seattle likely would’ve played for the tie whether it was 7 points or 8. If they had gone for 2 earlier and made it, the field goal would’ve made it a 2 score game. Of course this is all moot because the vikes went for it and got stuffed, but I still think trying to go up by 6 was the right play on minny’s last TD.
  8. I don’t understand not going for 2 there. 5 pts vs 4 makes no difference. You’re still winning if Seattle gets a field goal and down if they get a TD. With a 6 pt lead at least they need 2 field goals to tie, or you’re still tied if they get a td but miss the PAT.
  9. What’s the story on the vikes being 1-3? This is the first I’ve seen them this season and they look pretty good against the Seahawks.
  10. I’ll bet they don’t even have deers in their backyard.
  11. The Dak injury reminded me of Allen Hurns in the playoffs a couple years ago
  12. Somewhat ironic coming from the guy who named himself after a punter from 35 years ago.
  13. 32 so technically over your arbitrary cutoff age by a bit, but I’d love to see an AC/DC halftime show.
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