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  1. From the excerpt of the WaPo article referenced in the link: But even a technically sound program is useless without widespread consent. And obtaining such consent “would require a major reduction in our liberties and a prolonged period of increased surveillance,” as journalist Stephen Bush points out. Will Americans accept those reductions willingly and quickly enough to implement an effective testing regimen? It’s hard to imagine. In countries with successful testing programs, the relationship of citizens to the government differs from that of the United States in important respects. According to a 2018 Gallup poll, Germans are almost twice as likely as Americans (59 percent vs. 31 percent) to have confidence in government. This may help explain Germans’ greater willingness to comply with testing regimens and mask-wearing guidelines two things jump out here: 1) consent that requires surveillance and reduction in liberties is not consent at all. 2) history shows that German confidence in government and willingness to comply is not something to be lauded.
  2. It’s possible that a van operated by a senior center or the like has different regulations than the mass transit system used by the general public.
  3. No one is forced to get a drivers license, and having one is not a requirement to go out in public. So yes, optional exactly like drivers licenses are.
  4. This is why I have automatic updates turned off.
  5. A chicken wholesaler near me has started doing direct to customer sales to offset some of their lost business from restaurants. They announce a location, you drive up to the reefer truck, and they load it in your car. It’s dirt cheap compared to the grocery store, but the catch is you have to buy it in 40 lb case quantities. I have a chest freezer so I went this morning and stocked up just in case the supply chain takes continued hits from plant closures.
  6. Let’s say you’re an average Joe who converted home heat from heating oil to natural gas a few years ago, but you still have a couple 500 gallon oil tanks in your basement. With oil prices at negative $38, is there any way you can call up the oil company and tell them to come drop off 1000 gallons of crude and $900?
  7. An edged weapon can be a ranged weapon with some practice, although I’m guessing a 9 inch Bowie would make an awkward thrower.
  8. Landline phones, and I think there’s still a couple companies making old school flip phones that just have talk and text. They probably still have GPS tracking software though.
  9. I never said I blamed or didn’t blame anyone, I just don’t follow the logic of the tweet.
  10. If the Virus in the first case to hit the area with the most severe outbreak in the US came from a strain that had already traveled from China to Europe and mutated, wouldn’t that be evidence that the China travel ban was effective, and his “victory lap” is justified? Otherwise the first case would be the Chinese strain.
  11. It’s like if Ricky from Trailer Park Boys was running for president, only not funny.
  12. I haven’t been out much the past few weeks as I’ve been working from home and buying 2 weeks worth of supplies at a time when I do go out. I work for the public school system and school closures were announced for my county the afternoon of March 13 right before dismissal time. By the end of that weekend it was extended to the entire state. Restaurants went take out only around the same time, state parks and some non-essential businesses were closed shortly thereafter, and the list of nonessential businesses ordered closed has been growing since. We’ve been under many of the same restrictions and sometimes more than other states with so called stay at home or shelter in place orders, our governor has just been reluctant to call it that until today.
  13. In South Carolina the first case was in Kershaw county, which has a total population of about 60,000. It also happens to be the county I work in, and borders Richland county, which is the county I live in and where Columbia is. For a while Kershaw was leading the statewide case count by county before being overtaken by Richland, Charleston, and Greenville. As of now total confirmed cases for the state are about 2300, about half of which are in the 4 counties I mentioned.
  14. Here in South Carolina our governor has been very reluctant to issue a “stay at home” order. He finally (sort of) issued one today, although he still is choosing to call it a “home or work” order. However, if you look at the actual measures that have been place already for days or weeks regarding social distancing, working from home, and closures of nonessential businesses they’re virtually the same as what’s in place in many states that chose to call it a stay at home order sooner. In some ways we’ve actually been under more restriction than the hardest hit states. For example, state parks were closed a couple weeks ago, but they’re still open in NY.
  15. When I went to academy sports the other day they were doing this, and they had cones set out 6 feet apart on the sidewalk for people to stand at while they waited.
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