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  1. 1 minute ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

    Re the red zone turnover, that was a really good and someone flukey play by the LB on that RPO. Diggs was wide open too on that. I re-watched it and I guess the right read would have been for Josh to hand it off there. But I think the LB just made an insane play there. 

    Dorsey needs to remember that we can run the rock in the red zone.  Motor can play and he does well when he gets into a flow.  Stop going away from him.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, Chaos said:

    There is a word for people who are blaming Josh for the teams struggles :  Idiots. 

    Turning the ball over in the red zone will cause a team to struggle.  It costs points and makes games closer than they otherwise might be.   Do that across multiple weeks what do we have?  Dogfight games.  That’s just basic principles of football.  He needs to stop turning the ball over in the red zone.  Period.

    Yet, He’s still the guy I want leading the team.   He’s a dog and he’ll get it together eventually.  Both thoughts can co-exist.

  3. 42 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    Being a Bills fan is about being passionate.   It cuts both ways.  That's why the fanbase was tabbed Bills "Mafia" not Bills "family".   It's a billion dollar business that's all about performance.....many of us put many thousands of dollars directly into the pockets of ownership annually...........it's not just like your kids junior high team.    If you are ashamed of people caring why a player is months behind his anticpated return date then maybe find a "nice", no-cost activity to invest yourself into.

    There was no stated return date from the team.   Conjecture and comparison doesn’t create a fact.  He’ll be back when the team deems him ready.  Why would anyone want him back if he wasn’t?  The same mofo’s whining about him not being active would be wanting him cut if he didn’t play well.

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  4. On 11/14/2022 at 6:16 AM, Billz4ever said:

    Most of that is due to the fact Frazier rarely blitzes and seems to be fine with rushing 4 and not getting pressure.  Tells me he's scared to death of his secondary and thinks we need 7 in coverage every play.

    Same D he’s run from the beginning of his and McD’s tenure.  The same D McD ran in Carolina.  It’s not fear; they believe in a 4 man rush with a rotation of D lineman.  You don’t have to like it but it is a defensive principal they believe in.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Bermuda Triangle said:

    most of the threads here seem to be about Allen and his horrid play of late (and I'll be the first to say that he has been really bad), but is the defense getting yet ANOTHER free pass today?


    The Vikes had their highest yardage output of the season today and converted countless 3rd & 4th and long plays.  I frankly don't even remember the last time Minnesota punted.    Did anyone honestly think that the D would force a punt in OT?  


    Up 27-10 late in the third quarter, the Vikes gash the Bills for an 81-yard TD (let me guess, Sean - bad run fit, and you'll get that fixed!), score a TD on their next drive, and then march 75 yards, only to get stopped on 4th and goal from the 1.  In OT, they fairly easily drove downfield for the GW FG.


    Is this the mark of a good defense?

    Bills offense isn’t missing any starters. Jackson got an INT,  offense did nothing with it.


    Offense fumbled inside Vikings territory.  2 INT’s in the end zone.  Fumble a damn snap on the goal line after D holds on 4th down.


    D played well enough to win.  Game shouldn’t have been close.  But the offense keeps giving the ball and the points away.  And the OC doesn’t seem to know when to call a running play.

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  6. 50 minutes ago, VaMilBill said:

    Bass: missing a field goal. Yes it’s 55 yards, but a lot of kickers can make that…including him. In a 3 point loss, that missed FG means a lot.  

    Josh: two horrible, horrible picks that would even make Justin Fields blush. Josh couldn’t make any throws and even ones where he connected, he was off target preventing YAC. Notably is the first pass of the game to Diggs, if that is accurate, that’s a TD. Same with the overthrow of Hines and Diggs later in the game. Just a terrible performance by him. This game should be the dagger in his MVP hopes. Hopefully he’s not hurt otherwise our season is sunk. 


    Jaquan Johnson: he was absolutely brutal today. Just like giving up the bomb on 3rd and 15 that would be the go ahead touchdown against Miami, he cost us this game. He had numerous missed tackles, poor instincts, bad angles, weak in coverage. The last drive alone the kept running to the weak side right at him and he couldn’t stop squat. I honestly don’t see how they can start him from now on with dean Marlowe now here. Anytime JJ is on the field, we can’t stop anything. 

    Coaches: bad game plan. Seems like we didn’t have any game plan on offense at all. They just want Josh to go out and make a play which is terrible. Frazier couldn’t do anything on defense to stop the run for two weeks in a row. 

    D played well enough to win.   17 gotta stop giving the ball away.

    24 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    No he wasn't.

    You can’t reason with them.  

    14 minutes ago, NoSaint said:

    until he starts catching 4-5 normal balls a week, I have concerns.


    the deep balls are great but your number 2 guy has to help move the chains at least once in awhile. 

    at 210 lbs, 4.55 forty I am concerned about how long he can live on blowing the top off the defense instead of winning contested slants, crossers, etc…

    He can’t catch a cold lately.   I hope he gets it together because if not he might need to have a seat.  And where in the world is Knox?

  7. 2 minutes ago, DallasBillsFan1 said:

    It's the old Bill Parcells / Giants approach used to beat Buffalo in the Superbowl:  ball control and time of possesion.  Run the ball often and effectively thereby keeping the ball out of Josh's hands.  That and putting A LOT of pressure on JA17.  You saw Green Bay do it last week and now the Jets ... only Wilson had more production than A Rogers.  You also saw that the Buffalo offense was not on the field for long periods of time last week and this week.  

    Granted, Bills had an off day, but that makes two weeks in a row.  Josh has regressed since the bye.  Tough to watch that pile of dooty today ... all three phases were sub par.

    It only “works” if 17 gives the ball away.  Keep giving away points other teams can hang around. 

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  8. Bills 37


    Packers 16


    Packers have excellent DBs and a good defense but the Bills have too many options in the pass game.  Defense will have Rodgers running for his life.   I expect Jordan Love and Case Keenum under center early in the 4th quarter.



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  9. 4 minutes ago, JoPoy88 said:

    Interesting. Hard to compare the two 1:1 given their respective locations though. TEN’s stadium looks the part as a downtown destination. The roof is obviously so they can bid for a super bowl. New Bills’ stadium is out in a outer ring suburb. Doesn’t make much sense to put up some sort of brick facade thing out there.

    Yep.  They probably will get that super bowl too.  Seems like the Titans wanted something that is more of an entertainment venue. Bills wanted a football stadium.  Tailgating culture in Buffalo handles what the outdoor decks at the Titans venue is trying to create.  Win-win for both.

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  10. 14 hours ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:


    The Tennessee Stadium blows this proposed stadium out of the water, the deck idea with greenery and chairs is outstanding. 


    How so?   Why would Buffalo need a deck when deck activities are being done in the parking lots already?  there will be plenty of green space at the new stadium too if the Bills rep is to be believed.


    Tennessee is building an entertainment venue.  Bills are building a football stadium just as they said they would.   

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  11. 15 hours ago, KHAN said:

    Nashville is loaded with $$$. So they, and other rich cities can trash talk us on how superior their stadium is. And we can trash them on how Josh and the boys humiliated them on the prime time!!!

    From what I’ve seen on Twitter a lot of Titans fans prefer the Bills stadium.   It seems the condo/Starbucks look of the Titans new joint isn’t sitting well.  A lot are also unhappy with it having a fixed roof.

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  12. On 10/5/2022 at 2:31 PM, notwoz said:

    Listening to the Schopp/Bulldog show tonight. Schopp is not on the air. He has a day off. 

    I find the show surprisingly listenable without Schopp and his addictions to gambling, fantasy leagues and his ego.

    I don’t mind Bulldog, but how they can’t find a newsreader who can actually read copy between segments, without stumbling over it - every time - I’ll never understand.

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  13. On 9/28/2022 at 12:31 PM, uninja said:

    I don’t like it. Injury prone RB in a contract year playing with a limited sample size. 

    We’d be mortgaging future draft picks for a 1 season rental and then surely letting him walk in FA because we don’t have the cap space to pay him the kind of money he could fetch in the open market. 

    It reeks of desperation and of making a move for the sake of making a move. 

    If he’s injury prone, with a limited sample size, why do you think he could fetch a lot of money on the open market?  

    Bills are in win now mode.  See Von Miller.  It’s not desperate, it’s putting all chips in.  Beane won’t do it just to do it.  If he could get Barkley at the right price he would consider it if there’s an injury necessity.


    As it stands,  the running game issues are offensive line related, not RB related (at least this past Sunday).  So I doubt we see Beane trade for Barkley.

  14. 34 minutes ago, Locomark said:

    I was thinking the same thing. I think Kay is more fantasy focused but her replacement seems really deep in her football knowledge and was good on the SEC too. That new foursome’s chemistry is there already although I miss Nate. I also noticed Jamie was pretty athletic out there tossing and running with the guys. She is a natural for the show. 

    She was a basketball player.

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