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  1. Media could ask for players during camp and get separate interviews. Now that we're into the regular season, all players are required to be available upon request if they're not participating in the team's scheduled zoom calls. jw
  2. I agree with this post whole-heartedly still. jw
  3. catching up on this. i'd think not. it's going to get worse. jw
  4. Trent isn't big on interviews. Even when the locker room was open, pre-COVID. He was always rushing off to somewhere, weight room, treatment, practice. I took no offense. It's just the way he is. jw
  5. He has a job. You're obviously paying attention. So what's not working out? jw
  6. off to a flying start already. where's the ignore button (asking for a friend) jw
  7. Would you rather not me provide some insight in regards to what I'm learning in regards to simply confirming that there is actual uncertainty in regards to Trent Murphy from the team and that a decision has already been made in regards to his status. jw
  8. it would have been easy to think so, but the mixed messages provided in their explanation of why they made the move, and the severe cuts that followed doesn't exactly raise confidence in how this team is being operated, and whether the focus is purely on winning. jw
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