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  1. 5 minutes ago, birdo67 said:

    Von wears #40.

    Let's end this at page 40.

    But he used to where 58. And if you add up the numbers 40 and 58 you get 98. But to top it off you have a $120m contract. So that would be 218. But then add the felony 3d charge in Texas and you have a sentence of 2-10 years. Since he didn’t assault her with a deadly weapon I’m gonna go on the lower side. So let’s call it 220. That’s where this thread will end. 220 pages. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

    Not saying he is guilty and not saying this directly about Von, but it's a really solid reminder that the players you see in front of the camera talking in pressers and interacting with fans and so forth are often a result of presenting the right image. I would go as far to say there is a shockingly large percentage of players, coaches and even owners that are scumbag human beings when no one is looking. 

    Um….. I’m a believer that many of these guys would be in prison if they couldn’t run from the cops so fast. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Thrivefourfive said:

    McDermott can - and unfortunately for me - must get another year if he gets to the AFCCG this season. If the Bills get beat in any fashion (especially another close game loss) in the divisional round, see ya, McD.


    If McDermott’s presser after the Eagles game is any indication of what his thought process was with 20 seconds left, he’s a fired man coaching. He’s ridiculous. I can’t even believe his excuses for his decisions to not at least attempt a positive play on first down with 20 seconds. His words alone are cause for termination at this stage. But Pegula won’t do it until after the season, I think.

    TP1 should cut ties now, but that’d mean replacing the HC AND DC, after just replacing the OC, what’s that leave - the special teams coordinator..? Please.

    See what McDermott did there.. he’s either a a coward and setting up coaches and players to take his fall (which everything out of his mouth points to), or he’s totally unaware of what he’s saying, which I don’t believe he is. 

    McD’s Reasons for kneeling:


    The Eagles pass rush. One Sack in 59 drop backs, and Allen was escaping the pressure all night and gaining with his legs. Thanks, but try again, Sean.


    I used a timeout on the Eagles possession to “end the game” on third down to get the right defensive in to make the stop, then “emptied out the next one” to make the kicker think about it because it’s in the rain. What are you even talking about, Sean?? This made no sense. Again, what does this have to do with 20 seconds/one timeout??

    I don’t like either timeout anyways! You allowed the Eagles to do what offenses like to do - prepare! A timeout spent on that 3rd & 17 with an already stopped clock and after a false start. This is what McDermott is hanging his hat on - this timeout, leading to the incomplete pass on third down to force the 59 yard kick. Then we spend another timeout on a dead ball to ice the kicker. WHAT??? He’s so proud of himself for this he’s bragging about it! Haven’t we seen enough of a mess on late game field goals this year to NOT CALL A SUPER VALUABLE TIMEOUT TO ICE AN ALREADY COLD KICKER?? I believe he’s scapegoating the special teams coordinator. See, look! Because you screwed up the Denver FG, look what I have to do to make sure we have 11 on the field.. What a loser move.


    The Bills down to one timeout, knowing if Elliott makes it we are timeout depleted going forward. But for whatever reason, that all makes sense to this head coach.. So, the other team’s kicker is the scapegoat for his POOR TIMEOUT MANAGEMENT, AGAIN.. like a broken record. McDermott is claiming he did everything perfectly, and it’s the kicker’s fault for making it. 


    We did our job defensively to force a tough kick. So what?! What in the hell does that have to do with what’s happening on the other side with 20 seconds left?! 


    The Rain. In other words.. I don’t trust our kicker. This is stupid of course. Elliott just made a 59 yarder and Bass has a better leg, and Jesus.. who’s to say you can’t complete three passes and end up with a 40 yard field goal?? I still can’t believe he said this. Cannot believe it. Scapegoat: Bass.


    In overtime, we should have scored 6 and ended it on our first possession. Again, weirdo McDermott, what’s this got to do with your stupid decision to spend timeouts on defense and not at least try to move the ball with 20 seconds left in regulation?? Scapegoat: Josh and Gabe Davis for not hooking up for 6 in OT.


    Hindsight’s 20/20. I’m so sick of hearing this guy say this. F him for spewing this stupid scapegoat of a one liner at us again. Great, you should be a historian Sean, instead of an NFL coach who gets paid millions to make the right calls IN THE MOMENT. Go ‘hindsight’ somewhere else, please. I’m done with you. Please please please go away. Play to not win somewhere else. Go somewhere else to be the fantasyland defensive genius that you’ve been crowned by NFL media for some weird reason. Can’t wait to meet up in the Big games against you.

    McDermott played for Overtime on the road @ Philly after the Eagles came back twice from 10 points down in the second half and ended up scoring 30 POINTS after the half on YOUR DEFENSE. ‘Go get ‘em, Sean!’

    The idiot should’ve tried to steal one on the road against the best team in football, even after he butchered the timeout situation leading up to the KNEEL DOWN. He failed again. He always seems to fail, doesn’t he..??

    Sean McDermott’s real definition of complimentary football is that he gets to burn all Buffalo Bills assets—off-season, in-season, and in-game—on HIS defense. He’s strictly a selfish head coach. In the immortal words of Coach Singletary: “Cannot play with ‘em; Cannot win with ‘em…Can’t do it!

    I highlight the part that really struck out to me. By removing Dorsey, which I believe was the right thing to do as I’m sure he did. But he also fabricated another layer of cushion to keep his job. IF… things went even worse for him than before the Dorsey firing, he made it practically impossible to fire him mid season. The team would be left without a HC, OC, and DC. Pretty genius if you ask me. In fact, just for that I think he should keep his job. It’s a shrewd move and something only a man of desperation would think of. I’m sold. Let’s keep him another 10 years. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Italian Bills said:

    Hi guys. 

    Honestly, for you, what the odds that we’ll finally start with a new (young maybe) HC and a new DC (i’ll keep Brady as OC for what i saw till now if he keeps it going) if we miss the playoffs like probably will be ? 

    I say almost zero, because McClappy is humble, honest, a good guy and on and on and on… McClappy and his trust the process. 

    Why can’t we have someone young and offensive minded like LaFleur, Tomlin, McVay ? 

    lol. You said Tomlin 

  5. 20 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Josh is still right there with Mahomes and one of the best players in the league.  Dorsey ruined him for half a season, but Brady has brought him back.  He is a generational talent and will hold multiple NFL records when his career is done.  

    I have no doubt Josh Allen will hoist a SB trophy at some point in his career.  

    Not if this dumb coach stays he won’t. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, JÂy RÛßeÒ said:

    Their offense had adjusted and our defense didn't react.  We played not to lose.  We played undisciplined.  We made critical mental and physical errors.  We mismanaged our timeouts and the clock.  We got passive.

    Been there, done that with this regime (and others).  The Houston playoff game.  The Arizona game.  The Chiefs playoff game.  The Chiefs playoff game.  

    Half the time, we crush bad teams.  The other half, we play to the level of our opponent (good and bad) and in more than half those games we come up short.  And there are very few bad teams in the playoffs.


    As much as I've supported "the process" and who brought it to our team, I've accepted that he is not a good gameday coach.  I'll go so far to say he's a liability on gameday.  And everyone knows it, including our team.

    Austin Powers Doctor Evil GIF

  7. 1 hour ago, Virgil said:


    I'm not necessarily blaming Josh, but I do see how you would take it that way.  In this scenario, Josh so happens to be the one delivering the plays and commanding the offense.  


    While I'm happy the offense appears to be back, it just sits weird with me that it was fixed so easily and not really addressed sooner by anyone else

    Here’s my take on this. It is McConservativity. He let go of Dorsey and gave the go ahead to let Brady and Josh be what they are because his seat is hot and his back is against a wall. Josh prolly got a rock hard 6’ erection when McLoser took the handcuffs off. But even though he allowed the offense to do what they do to win games. He is still in charge of the defense and the team overall. And his bend but don’t break conservative values took over at the end. 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, HumbleAndHungry said:

    Next, the equipment staff and water boys will be fired to try to rekindle the culture 

    Well. Maybe a joke I bet he has something to do with the training staff. Or whoever he will blame for all the injuries the past 2 seasons. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Yobogoya! said:


    And the Process' mandate of self-reflection and learning from mistakes doesn't seem to apply. 


    Why is he so scared to play tight coverage and go for the win on those late drives? I mean, we lose anyway... surely there's no reason not to try it at this point, right? 

    It all makes sense now. Before I thought maybe Elam just wasn’t good. He might be the best CB in the league but he refuses to listen to McDonalds-Clappy-Meal and his philosophy of giving WRs 10-15yard cushions all the time. 

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  10. I can’t link because I didn’t save them and cannot provide screen shot because the files are too large. But here’s a copy and paste:


    Nick Veronica @NickVeronica


    The Bills have managed to lose 6 games by 6 points or less in the first 12 weeks of the season.

    Congrats, no team in NFL history has done it more than that.

    20 others matched that total — most recent were the 2015 Ravens & 2012 Panthers, whose D coordinator you might recognize.



    Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio


    Josh Allen threw for 339 yards and 2 TDs, while rushing for 81 and another 2 TDs. Scored 34 points. They lost.

    3 times this year Josh Allen has scored to give the Bills a lead with under 2 minutes left and they've gone onto lose. It all comes down to one person

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