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  1. 21 minutes ago, Billz4ever said:

    What kind of player thinks he can join a new team, not be in a game shape, have zero chemistry with a new QB, and have not learned/practiced the offense at all and think he can make a difference in the playoffs?


    He's trying to mask the fact he's not physically capable of playing right now, which means he's not really ready until next season.

    A narcissistic a-hole?


    with that said he’d still be an upgrade as a #2 or very least a #3 WR. If he is healthy enough and can play and wants to be here, and the FO wants him, for the right price they should. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

    If you already have Diggs Davis and OBJ you can’t waste a 1st round pick on a WR. That’s not a smart way to put together a roster.

    I’d agree. But they did do that with DL and CB for years. Completely neglecting the offense 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Beck Water said:


    I wonder what Tre' White would have said if asked

    "when can you be ready to play?" at the start of the season

    or even

    "when will you be game-ready?" October 12

    when the Bills opened his 21 day window to return from PUP?


    I'm not sure the player's judgement is always the best guide here

    Yeah but maybe the player, and doctors say the same thing but the coaches are worried about your plying shape. 

  4. 1 minute ago, HappyDays said:


    Hopefully he has realized that getting a deal that includes next year is impossible at this point. If he's smart he'll prove his worth here with a playoff push where he could be a featured receiver in a top passing offense.

    I think it’ll be the opposite for him. I think he believes he needs a multi year deal and also deserves one. Because that’s how narcissistic idiots think. 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

    If Dallas is out of the running, it's ours to lose IF we feel better about his knee than they do.

    Let’s hope ODB wants to prove it to everyone and really gets himself ready for a late playoff push then. 

    but I’d imagine it’ll be at least this year and next for a contract. With pretty high guarantees. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, teef said:

    and what if josh throws a pick in that territory.  what if he's sacked?  every play in football has potential to be botched.  of course you're done.  you're unreasonable.  you think every loss is on the coach, and that's not necessarily true at all.  players can lose games, and that's happened this year.   try to be willing to look at the big picture rather than just pointing the blame at one person.  coaches can always shoulder some aspect of the game, but what you're doing is just meaty.



    K. Got it. Have fun 

    11 minutes ago, section122 said:


    So you are complaining just to complain then?  If you want no action then what is the point?


    Do you really think McD doesn't learn from his mistakes? He talks all the time about self scouting.  Or do you feel that is just fluff?

    Yes I think it’s Fluff. I 100% believe that he preaches learning from mistakes but doesn’t practice it himself. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, teef said:

    This is such an unreasonable post.  So because Allen slipped once on a qb sneak, he shouldn’t try a qb sneak when backed up against his end zone?   You really want to blame a botched handoff in the coach?   Ok…what play would you have run in the Vikings game?

    I already told you what I would have done. And it would have given you 3 shots at a complete pass or a scramble by Josh on his own if he sees room. Instead we went with a play that could have been botched. Even if it’s not botched, you were on the half yard line, chances of getting out of the end zone are slim. 

    I said it before and got sucked back in. I’m done. I’m not changing your mind and I really don’t care. Keep thinking McD makes sound decisions on game days. 

    16 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:


    It's a freaking QB/Center exchange.  The most basic play in football that starts every play.  4th and 1 QB sneak is our most successful play.  Geezus dude.

    99% isn't good enough.  60% is better lol.  Nice thought process.


    It's so bizarre lol.

    I’m done. Just stop. 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, teef said:

    oh really?  a coach should know when a player will make a mistake?  there can be a failure any game, any play and any time.  this black and white concept that if anything bad happens, it the coaches fault is just lazy.  

    Except he had the same scenario a year ago and he decided to run Allen up the middle and failed. Game on the line. If you don’t get it, you lose. And he lost. 

    12 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:


    The plan was for Mahomes, who was a project, not to play his first year just like Allen.  


    Allen was a massive project, one of the most polarizing prospects ever.  He still has haters today.  Maybe, just maybe McDermott didn't want to put Allen out there because of the lack of talent we had on offense.  We were taking massive cap hits with getting rid of Watkins, Dareus and Darby. 


    Our WR were Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones, Deonte Thompson and Jordan Matthews.  Our OL was Dawkins/Ducasse/Bodine/Groy/Mills.  2018 was a throw away year to clear the cap for the next year and Allen wasn't supposed to start.  What happened next year?  Cole Beasley, John Brown, Frank Gore and Mitch Morse were signed.


    I simply cannot believe you are giving credit to Reid for naming Mahomes starter in 2018 lol.  They traded up for him...of course he was going to name him starter lol.




    99% isn't good enough.  McDermott didn't tell Allen to not slip.  McDermott didn't tell Morse and Allen not to muff the snap.  All his fault.

    His fault he should know it’s very possible that there’s blinders on the play 

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