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  1. I think some people are over complicating this.


    The question is - Do we have a better team than we did before the trade?




    We now have a better punt returner.  A RB that is more useful and productive than Moss.   A more explosive and speedy RB room.  A player that allows more scheme versatility.  More weapons for Josh to throw to.


    Basically all for a 6th rounder.  Yes his next years cap is high but the Bills don’t have to pick it back up and since we are clearly in the Super Bowl hunt this year, it’s a reasonable trade off.

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  2. 1 hour ago, YoloinOhio said:


    I saw his locker room video and I do believe he has greatly matured.


    I sensed a bit of “What if I had taken this NFL career more seriously” sort of vibes through that interview.  Kind of a what could have been.


    His best NFL moments were probably with the Bills, he was viewed as a potential star and very early on he was flashing and at times producing like a potential stud.  He just didn’t take his craft seriously enough and if he had then we would probably be looking at a very different career track for Sammy.


    As unpopular as trading him was away with many on this board, it was now without question the right move by Beane.

  3. 1 hour ago, Big Blitz said:

    Speaking of 2020….remember that stretch where it was a thing whether or not Josh could play in front of huge crowds…..because his 2020 season was the empty stadiums Covid year and somehow it bec……


    Good times good times. 

    Right up there with 2019’s “but where are the 300 yard games??”

    And in 2018 it was “He’s not accurate”.


    Just a week or two ago it was “He can’t win close come from behind games”.


    He’s been busting these myths ever since he got into the NFL.   

  4. 9 minutes ago, Stank_Nasty said:

    i really havnt been on here since before the game and i'm not swimming through all 40 pages. So maybe its been mentioned already. But a huge takeaway for me is the Bills being able to stifle run games with light boxes. Thats such a HUGE freaking advantage. All year long we've heard about this dominating interior OL in KC. if you take out Mahomes 4 scrambles on pass plays the chiefs ran 14 times for 57 yards!!! 3.3 a clip.... This team is going to be REALLY hard to beat if they can keep that up.


    After a whole season of being labled soft in 2021, the #1 run defense in the nfl now resides in orchard park.... This also should pay large dividends come january when teams have no choice but to run the ball. 


    All the talk on the defensive side is about Von Miller and rightfully so, he without doubt has brought an extra edge and for this particular game he was the "closer" that we all envisioned and hoped for him to be.


    But what is not talked about in my view nearly enough is the pickup of Daquan, Settle and Phillips.   These guys have completely changed the complexity of this defense, we are now one of the best run stuffing teams in the league and as you noted a lot of it is with light boxes.   It allows the defense so much more flexibility to run the sort of nickel base defense that they want to run.



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  5. 47 minutes ago, Process said:

    This is beautiful. Hyde White and Phillips are obviously key pieces but this is the healthiest we've been since week 1. Hopefully White and Phillips are good to go after the bye and we are pretty much back at full strength.



    I mentioned that we were looking better yesterday when I posted the injury report and some poster snipped and complained that he didn’t see it that way.🙄

  6. 15 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    Yeah, but then $11.8-$12M next 3 seasons.

    It’s not guaranteed and probably could be restructured.  

    If he could be had for a third rounder and he helped this team win a SuperBowl, a one year rental to possibly help win it all for a third rounder would be worth it.



  7. I don't think he made a big difference in this game.  The Steelers saw that the 5-10 yard passes to the boundary near the sidelines was there for the taking because of how far off the DB's were playing off the receiver.  The strategy was to not give them explosive plays, and nothing up the middle and to their credit they recognized that vulnerability early on.  The Bills were for the most part ok giving up those plays until they got to the red zone at which point they clamped it down.

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