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  1. 3 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:

    Thank you.   That's all I can ask for at lunch.   That and no f*cking tuna fish.


    Tuna fish is an inexpensive and nourishing high protein food.  Tuna fish, Perry's Frozen Yogurt, what's next, hate Apple Pie?



    8 minutes ago, Thurman#1 said:

    I believe that was Eric Wood.


    Whose example was a play that was easy that was actually a mistake by a rookie which on film looked just like a mistake by a rookie. It was pretty funny, his best example was a play that he explained was actually just what it looked like.


    Every NFL team pays them for their data. If they sucked at their job, nobody would pay.


    Now, if Lewan is correct, it would be indefensible. But he didn't appear to have any proof. 


    I'm not sure what play you're talking about, but Eric Wood did a segment where he pointed out why sometimes players get treated by teams (extended, asked to take salary cuts) in a way discordant with their PFF ratings.


    His example was a play where he was graded as apparently whiffing on a blocker.  He was playing next to Richie Incognito (no rookie) whose assignment it was to block that guy.  The Bills won, and Wood said he and Richie joked afterwards that PFF would assign the fault to him (Wood). 


    They did.


    It's the reason why I personally feel that PFF's OL and DL grades are particularly to be taken with a large grain of salt.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, billsfan1959 said:


    Honestly. Nobody is trying to minimize the murder of ten people or the fact that the offender did it for vile and reprehensible reasons based on race and views of other human beings as inferior and worthless in some way. It should turn everyone's stomach and be condemned in every way possible. 


    People can express an opinion about something without their motivations turned into this.



    I hope it's true that no one is trying to minimize the murder of 10 people or the fact that the offender did it for vile reasons based on racist views.


    On that we can agree.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:

    how about: “who gives a ****?”


    the poster I was responding to wasn’t making this argument.  He simply “despise(s)” PFF regardless of this claim by the player if bribery.


    The poster I was responding to said something like "Talk about going out of your way to find something to feel contempt about"


    My point is, we're in a thread talking about PFF taking bribes, that doesn't seem far "out of the way".


    It's not like he popped into a thread about Perry's Frozen Yogurt to explain his feelings on Pro Football Focus or something.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    There is some significant real estate between just not liking something and despising it.


    I don't like Perry's frozen yogurt........I think they allow uncultured milk to end up in the product.........but I don't hate them for making it or anyone else for liking it.  


    It's just a product...........like PFF.


    It's on you to know the different meanings of words in the english language,  not someone else to understand your misuse of them.



    I'm not quite sure at whom this is directed, but I'll bite.  Sure, there's some significant real estate there.



    Definition of despicable

    : deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation despicable behavior


    I'm not sure what you mean by "uncultured milk"; I don't think there's anything in the definition of "frozen yogurt" that specifies the period of time milk must be in contact with microorganisms to produce a cultured milk product, but I could be wrong.  It might give the product a flavor you dislike, or produce a GI reaction in you personally.  DIslike would be an appropriate description.


    On the other hand, if it were to be alleged that Perry's was not following good manufacturing practices, mixing in unpasturized milk or using cultures contaminated with bacteria not generally regarded as safe, I would say that would go beyond personal dislike.  It might not be despicable, depending upon how it occurred or intent.


    Now if it's alleged that Perry's knew damned well they were following unsafe manufacturing practices and producing a contaminated product for sale that could sicken immunocompromised people, elderly, and young children ..... and further that they were bribing their contracted microbiology lab to falsify test results by lowering the bacteria count to allowed levels, I would call that despicable if true.


    Same thing - I distrust PFF's methodology, I don't like their grades.  That's where I normally am on PFF.  I don't like the products they sell to the public; I don't subscribe; I don't give them a lot of weight because they don't pass the "eyeball test" to me.


    On the other hand, it's been alleged by Lewan that they are actually taking pay to alter player grades that they assert (to their betting and fantasy customers) are objectively determined.  If that is true, IMHO it amounts to bribery and is correctly described as despicable.


    So it doesn't seem like a stretch to me for someone to come into a thread on this topic and opine that they despise PFF.  That's their opinion.


    YMMV 🤷‍♀️


  5. 26 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:

    why would anyone need to “despise” something like PFF?

    how is it possible to be that worked up over it?



    Well, it is PFF's apparent goal to be accepted as the definitive source for objective football information, and it's relied upon by people who bet on football or play fantasy football



    In general, taking bribes is regarded as despicable


    Adding the two, if it were true that PFF took bribes from players to inflate their statistics, while holding forth as a source of objective football information, that would probably be fairly described as despicable.

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  6. On 4/30/2022 at 3:24 PM, MAJBobby said:

    Like I do every year I will keep all the reported signings below. However they tend to come fast and Furious. So if you see one not listed here feel free to say it and tag me with link. Will update the main post. 

    as we are in the rounds players are sitting there thinking might be better to go UDFA at this point I figured I would start the thread to be ready to start updating it. 

    I know in past I loved UDFA looking for players to still contribute right away. Bills are no longer at that point but get me players with at least ONE elite trait 


    RB Raheem Blackshear 


    TE Jalen Wydermyer - there is a chance to make the team here  

    CB Travon Fuller 


    DT Prince Emili


    WR Malik Williams

    WR Neil Pau’u


    IOL Alex Anderson 

    Edge Kingsley Jonathan

    WR Keith Corbin


    OL Derek Kerstetter


    OL Tanner Owen


    75 on Contract (with draft picks)

    11 UDFAs reportedly signed 


    86 on roster (4 open spots)


    Rookie Camp Invite (3)

    S Jay Lenard 


    LS Cole Jenkins 


    CB Ja'Marcus Ingram



    Thanks for your hard work!  The Bills are reporting 9 signings not 11.




    Apparently Prince Emili was a Rookie Camp Tryout, and one other?

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  7. 23 minutes ago, Einstein said:

    “[PFF] is a complete liability, it’s a lie,” says Lewan in the video. “Do you know there’s NFL football players who go and pay $50,000 a year to PFF so their numbers are inflated?”






    4 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:

    Talk about going out of your way to find something to feel contempt about.


    Errr....this is a thread about PFF allegedly taking "bribes" to inflate statistics?

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  8. 1 hour ago, billsfan1959 said:


    There have been between 14,000 and 22,000+ murders a year in this country since 1969. That is an average of over 17,000 per year, and a total of over 1 million people murdered in this country in that period. The only time people seem to really care is when they can use a murder (or murders) for their own ends.


    The real impact of lethal violence on victims, their families, and communities, as well as any real honest discussion about it seem to get lost in the rush to use tragedies in a way that best suits our needs.


    This could be just me, but I find "Whattaboutism" antithetical to the "honest discussion" said to be desired . 


    This appears to be a form of "Whattaboutism" (citing an overall murder statistic of 17,000 people per year in a response to reporting on a specific tragic event of violence). 


    I think a specific event involving the deliberate planned murder of 10 people who were grocery-shopping, based on their skin color and the murderer's self-expressed racist white supremicist beliefs, is horrific.  It seems natural and normal to care about this and discuss it, and somewhat puzzling to dismiss or minimize this discussion as a "rush to use tragedies in a way that best suits our needs" if it doesn't address a broader category of issues (murder in this country)



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  9. 16 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    What some people don’t seem to grasp as you don’t have to actually come out and say all the right words to make it supremacy if you have weak minded individuals who will decipher it as such are there people out there with white hoods and hang nooses no that’s too direct they take words that they see come out of people that they trust that gets close enough


    This may have been linked upthread, sorry for not looking




    On how he was recruited into believing the white supremacist ideology

    It started out with Clark [Martell, the former leader of Chicago Area Skinheads] and several of the older skinheads in this group appealing to my sense of pride, of being European, of being Italian. And then it would move on to instilling fear that I would lose that pride and that somebody would take that away from me if I wasn't careful. Then it went on to name specific groups through conspiracy theories that were bent on taking that pride or that privilege away from me.

    So it was the fear rhetoric


    I can tell you that every single person that I recruited or that was recruited around the same time that I did, up to now, up to what we're seeing today, is recruited through vulnerabilities and not through ideology.



    I do think that there were a lot of concerted strategies in the '80s and '90s that we're seeing take hold today. We recognized in the mid-'80s that our edginess, our look, even our language, was turning away the average American white racist — people we wanted to recruit. So we decided then to grow our hair out, to stop getting tattoos that would identify us, to trade in our boots for suits and to go to college campuses and recruit there and enroll, to get jobs in law enforcement, to go to the military and get training and to even run for office. And here we are, 30 years later, and we're using terms like "white nationalist" and "alt-right" — terms that [the white supremacists] came up with, by the way. They sat around and said, "How can we identify ourselves to make us seem less hateful?" ...


    Here we are in 2018 and we have a lot of hallmarks coming from political figures, the administration and policies that are very similar to what we espoused 30 years ago. The language may be a little bit more palatable. Dog whistles may be used, but it is still the same underlying theme. It is a white supremacist culture that is being pushed.



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  10. 15 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    It is with no joy that I have to say that after years of arguing the opposite point, I now have to agree with you.

    The internet in general? A net positive. Social media? A net negative.


    I think the thing to remember is that before there was Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Discord, there were AOL groups and newsgroups and then specialized bulletin boards and websites that were dedicated to pushing various ideologies. 


    So IMHO it's kind of hard to separate the internet from social media.  I guess the latter makes it more widespread and readily available 24/7 since it's on smartphone apps?



  11. 8 minutes ago, jkeerie said:

    They're not really quoting from it, but just citing how he researched the shooting venue and planned everything.  Also they cited his influences.  This was in an article in the NY Times.




    TBN article about it:



    No paywall on this article


    NY Times coverage:




    Maryam Akaic, left, and a friend light candles across the street from Tops, where they shop often. “If this happened to anyone in my family, I’d want them to light candles for us.”


  12. 25 minutes ago, JoPoy88 said:

    if you have a strong stomach you can find out why he chose his target in his “manifesto.” He chose the 14208 zip code specifically because it had the highest concentration of black people he could reasonably drive to. His motivations could not be clearer. He can burn.


    My stomach is not that strong.  I will take your word. 


    9 minutes ago, jkeerie said:

    I hadn't realized the media is now citing elements of his manifesto. 


    Wish they wouldn't

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  13. On 5/12/2022 at 11:27 AM, Special K said:

    That might be true, but it’s pretty sad that there is more moral outrage for a guy that kneels for the anthem, then for the multitude of players, black and white, who beat their wives/girlfriends/kids, rape women, or threaten people with guns.......just sayin’.


    I See No Lies

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  14. 12 minutes ago, Andy1 said:

    What bothers me most is the pride some have in their hatred towards others. Flags, stickers, etc. to show they are part of the tribe. Last week I was in a very rural area north of Binghamton. The school bus stopped and three black children got out to go home. Two houses away, their neighbor is flying the confederate flag.    People now feel safe showing others they hate. There is no shame. That still bothers me just thinking about those kids.


    To be fair, some people flying the confederate battle flag don't perceive it as a symbol of hate (seriously, not kidding) and need to be gently walked through why others see it as such, and why, when you pick a symbol to display to others, you don't get to pick and choose amongst its historical associations.


    51 minutes ago, RiotAct said:

    why oh why did NYS get rid of the death penalty?


    Apparently it costs more to exhaust all the appeals allowed in a death penalty case than to just feed and house the guy for life.  Dunno if that's the reason though.

  15. 41 minutes ago, Mike in Horseheads said:

    Binghamton is not far from Ithaca


    I'm aware of the geography.  I've carefully refrained from commentary on my experience with the philosophical proclivities of the area.


    41 minutes ago, Mike in Horseheads said:

     Also I-81 from Conklin to the NYS thruway would indeed take him through Syracuse and Rochester


    True.  It's about 15% longer, but maybe interstate all the way is a push on time.  So he could have.


    I'm not sure if I'm "I guess his reasons will come out and we'll know" or "I don't GAF I just want this guy to burn, and the sooner the better for me" (unfortunately or fortunately  I respect the law)

  16. 1 hour ago, PetermansRedemption said:

    Nothing yet. It’s just so odd. Why Buffalo? He likely passed Rochester and Syracuse. 


    News is he came from Broome County (county seat: Binghamton) which is S of Syracuse near the PA border.  The direct route to Buffalo would be S. Tier Expressway, then I-390 then a couple of US Rts.  It would not pass Rochester and Syracuse.



  17. 12 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    I hear you 


    I've just been in a fog all day because this definitely hurts.. and this is not representative of the city I love and live in


    I know, it's making me sick. 


    I grew up about half a mile from there on E. Utica Street.



    1 hour ago, RaoulDuke79 said:

    He should have been shot on the spot regardless of whether he put his gun down.


    I'm not in favor of LEO taking the law into their own hands for any reason if it can be safely avoided.

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