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  2. The ratio I use is as close to 50/50 as possible. (I really just wing it and drop it in the coffee.) But the more I think about it, it's closer to 1, maybe 1.5 teaspoons of each. And the garlic and onion is for heart/GI health. I'm pretty ridiculous with what I consume since those 275 days. I figured I'd share this tidbit because it worked wonders for me. If it helps one person, that would be awesome. Convinced a good number of friends/acquaintances to give it a shot and all had various levels of "success" depending on dietary changes. Even the one's that didn't change their diet lost a MODEST amount of weight.
  3. Things went south for me this winter.About 3 days after my last post I came down with pink eye, followed by a stomach bug, followed by Bronchitus, followed by sinus infection. Im now doinf a herbal system cleanse. As soon as that is done I will continue with my celery munching and keep you updated. Before all of that it was going great!
  4. 2 teaspoons a day seems like a lot of ACV, but simple enough to be worth trying...any idea what the ACV/lemon juice ratio is? I don't think I could handle garlic and onions in the am, except maybe a small amount in a Western omelette or something
  5. I really don't measure it, but I would guesstimate that it's about 2 teaspoons of the ACV and the lemon juice. I actually put it in coffee because I'm weird like that. As an aside, I also eat garlic and onions in the morning, but I don't think that factors into the weight loss.(Lots of mouthwash) All of this can cause stomach issues, especially at first, so I eat ginger to alleviate any GI issues. Not a fan of OTC meds to treat minor issues. The real constant is the ACV/Lemon Juice. If I consume that daily, my metabolism is NOTICEABLY better, so that's ultimately what it came down to for me, other than the obvious stuff. If you can handle the disgusting taste, I can pretty much guarantee your metabolism will increase.
  6. Studied ~27 people in 3 groups: 1) had lost average of 57 lb and maintained for average of 9 years 2) always normal control group - people who were never overweight and had similar average weight to group 1) 3) overweight/obese control group - people who averaged around the initial weight of group 1) They used some clever science involving deuterium-labeled water to directly measure energy intake (how much being eaten) and energy expenditure, backed up by some other techniques (counting steps with accelerometer attached to thigh). So they weren't just relying on what people said they were eating or doing. What they found is that group 1), the lost-weight-and-kept-it-off gang, were actually still eating about as many calories per day as group 3) the overweight control group, and significantly more than group 2) the always-normal weight control group. The difference was about 300 kcal/day. But they were more physically active to compensate - maybe about 10% more, maybe as much as 35% more. They did not find a decrease in metabolism (resting energy expenditure). Careful work, and in some ways more encouraging results than some other studies relying on what people say they're doing/eating https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/oby.22373
  7. Interesting. How much of what exactly are you consuming? Ratio? Quantity? I'm sorry about the loss of your bro and congrats about losing the weight. How's the celery-munching going on?
  8. Just a quick tip to anyone perusing this topic. I ballooned from 170 to 270 after the loss of my younger brother. Other than all the obvious stuff(less carbs, exercise, etc), I found that a combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice do WONDERS for your metabolism. I probably lost the weight too quickly, but meh. Went from 270 back to 170 in roughly 8 months. The apple cider vinegar/lemon juice is disgusting, but it's 5 seconds of your day. Just wanted to offer up this tip in case it may help someone. As I've reached my goal and ideal weight, I continue with the ACV/Lemon Juice and find that I can eat more junk(in moderation) without gaining any back.
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