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  2. I'm intrigued by this intermittent fasting idea. Can you say more about what you're doing? I've lost 36 lbs between February and August. Mostly between February and April, but maintained/lost 3 lbs slowly over the summer. I'm done with vacation and ready to get back to it, but having trouble with motivating myself to really be disciplined and log everything I eat, which seems to be what I have to do to lose significant weight.
  3. Guess who's back...yes its the one and only professional dieter!!! Down 20 pounds since February. On and off doing 16/8 Intermittent fasting. lots has to do with my surroundings. When I travel, I eat and drink like a pig. When Im home I can get back in the routine. Next week starts the traveling for 3 weeks. but October and November will be all mine!!! Im expecting to lose 10 pounds in October and November. The race is long. Not in a rush at the moment, just accepting that some days are diamonds, some days are rocks!
  4. How is everyone doing? I lost 18 and maintained. Going to kick it again Jan 1. Going for another 10-15
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