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  2. What's a Mets win without an agita filled 9th inning? Was happy for Familia though. He came through in a big spot today with the 2 K's
  3. https://nypost.com/2019/05/25/brandon-nimmo-injury-news-gets-worse-with-bulging-disk-reveal/ Probably why Nimmo was struggling. He doesn't seem the type of guy to make excuses for himself and will play through pain
  4. Here is a link to an article which compares the statistical advantage of hitting at Coors Field. It is full of numbers but I think it is worth the effort. Note he does some other comparisons, some which might be of interest to Met's fans. One thing he points out is hitting at Coors makes it more difficult to hit when not at Coors. https://tht.fangraphs.com/the-other-coors-effect/
  5. I hear you..things are rough right now.He's fine though.. Nice crowd this afternoon..must be "student day"?
  6. Current injury list includes: Conforto, McNeil, Cano, Nimmo, Lowrie. Have to give VW credit for having a backup plan and guys like the J.D. Davis, Carlos Gomez, Rajai Davis, Hechevarria and (I cannot believe I'm typing this) Dom Smith ready to step in. And he still has Danny Espinosa and Gregor Blanco in Syracuse.
  7. Alonso hits a moon shot close to but way over the foul pole and the HR gets upheld on replay. Gary was emphatic during the replay that the Citi Field foul poles are much shorter than other stadiums. Never heard that before. Seems like that should be a standard. Probably obstructed someones view of Venus home plate from the Acela Club (or whatever they call it these days).
  8. Kilome was assigned to Binghamton...seems early after the Tommy John.
  9. Anthony Kay is smoking in Binghamton..I would guess it won't be long before he gets called up to 'cuse.
  10. Kelenic is knocking the piss out of the ball....he spends afternoons in the cage on night starts.That kid is in for a great future....Cano is ready to retire. vw can kiss my (blank).
  11. Some agita in the 9th but good win. hopefully the start of some positive vibes with the club.
  12. 48 million for Cespedes and Cano.I really liked Cano's hustle over the weekend...what a joke.
  13. VW gives Mickey a vote of confidence. Lugo to the injured list Cespedes fractured his ankle in a non-baseball related activity on his ranch in Florida. The hits just keep coming. Well everywhere except on the ball field.
  14. It would be too easy to start Gagnon tonight (5),he's been off the mound since the 15th....so Callaway is going with Font.
  15. To me, if you mortgage the future to make a run at the World Series, you'd better not be sub-500 and damn well better not have just been swept by a AAA team -- against your aces. What a ***** embarrassment.
  16. At this point I really don't get too worked over losses. The only thing I found a bit grating was the post game show if any of you guys watched it. Mickey was making excuses for Cano's lack of hustling as did Cano. Jim Duqette called them both out for it.
  17. At this point, what can it hurt? Give the reigns to Riggleman, who has prior experience managing. Hope for the best. But Mick, as great a guy as he seems, has been in over his head from literally almost day one. I'll never forget the batting out of order debacle. That was the first major red flag ... followed by many others.
  18. Uninspiring pretty much sums up Mickeys tenure as Mets manager. I don't know that changing the manager will make a big difference, but now is as good a time as any to move on.
  19. Swept by a team that's not even trying to win. Three hits in 18 innings of baseball against the worst team in the league. That, my friends, is uninspired baseball.
  20. From what I can see, he seems to be a great guy. He's simply not a good manager.
  21. At the moment MLB is offering 50% off on their MLB At Bat which lets you watch all out of market major league games. I posted this in a thread on the Wall but then thought it might be good to let the baseball lovers know.
  22. From a personal standpoint I like Callaway. Seems like a decent man It would be nice though for him to show whatever Billy Martin blood he may have in him. His press conferences are always we're still battling, we left it all out on the field, were gonna keep going at it, etc... So generic
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