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Sure Miami fans are pissed at Poyer!


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6 hours ago, Bobby Hooks said:

That’s fair. But at the same time so is my question. Regardless of apples to oranges, I’m giving you that choice right now. Who are you choosing? 

I know who I’m choosing. And guess what? My favorite player on this earth (Josh Allen) is not it. 

It’s nothing against Josh, I think he’s great, the most entertaining player I think I’ve seen in my lifetime. Mahomes, imo, is better at staying cool. Is that really that bad? I mean, the guys great, what is so wrong with him being better at something? 


I'd take Allen.


That's not homerism. I believe Dan Marino was better than Jim Kelly, Reggie White may well have been better than Bruce Smith, Barry Sanders was better than O.J. Simpson. Just because a guy dons a Bills uniform, doesn't mean he suddenly becomes all bright and shiny in my eyes.


In this particular instance, however, I believe that Josh Allen is a better quarterback than Pat Mahomes. But, the Chiefs are plugging their QB into a much better, more effective offensive system than is the case for the Bills.

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On 5/20/2024 at 7:44 PM, Beck Water said:


Well, he can try, but it's the same principle where it took years to get people to stop calling photocopy machines "xerox"

Things are moving a lot faster these days.  There could be a colony on Mars by 2030.

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