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Vehicle Explosion at Rainbow Bridge


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3 minutes ago, BillStime said:

Dont believe what?

Anything you post.


you see the bot profile over on the bills page?  Its being blown up for bumping some old thread


reads a lot like you.  is it one of yours, or another of you?




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Mechanical failure? Sounded far-fetched when I first heard it, but ...




Not sure what year/model of Bentley they were driving. 


But ... wow. Spend 300K for a car and get this?


The recall notice, lodged with the Department of Infrastructure, says: “Due to inconsistent fitment of the fuse box and the electrical harness the A-post lower trim can protrude into the cabin reducing clearance to the accelerator pedal. If the accelerator pedal is fully pressed whilst driving and is unable to return to its resting position, the vehicle will continue to accelerate, even when the driver's foot is removed from the accelerator pedal.

"This could increase the risk of losing vehicle control, potentially resulting in a collision and/or serious injury or death of vehicle occupants and other road users."

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