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CFB Week 5


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Top 25 lines (not in order of ranking)


Washington -2.5

UCLA o/u 84.5


Oklahoma -6

TCU o/u 69


Oklahoma State o/u 56.5

Baylor -2.5


Michigan -10.5

Iowa o/u 42


Kentucky o/u 54.5

Ole Miss -7


Purdue o/u 52

Minnesota -12


Texas Tech o/u 57

Kansas State -7.5


Oregon State o/u 54.5

Utah -10.5


Alabama -17

Arkansas o/u 61


Rutgers o/u 58

Ohio State -39.5


Northwestern o/u 51

Penn State -25


Wake Forest o/u 64

Florida State -6.5


Texas A&M -4

Miss State o/u 45


UGA -29

Mizzu o/u 54


NC State o/u 43.5

Clemson -7


G'Tech o/u 49

Pitt -22


Arizona State o/u 60.5

USC -25.5


Stanford o/u 62.5

Oregon -17

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22 hours ago, ArdmoreRyno said:


Arkansas +17


I lean towards under in that game. Alabama has 4 (if not 5) very good running backs and their defense has improved. They also have a freshman guard who is mauling people. This should kill some clock but who knows?


The only play I made this season was the under in the dreaded Texas game and it was an easy win.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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