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Medical Alert Devices


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Anyone have any experience or recommendations? I need to get something for my mother. Doing some early research, seeing a lot of options. 

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We recently bought one for my mother and one for my father-in-law. The one we chose works through your home phone (link below) so there are no subscription charges. The unit gets activated by pressing a button. There's a call tree of up to 5 numbers, so if my mother hits the button I'll get called first and if I don't pick up it calls my sister, etc.. and when the call tree is exhausted you can have it call 911.  The pendant is really just another phone so if I get called I can speak to my mother assuming she's conscious. It's only good for in-home use though as you need to be within range of the base unit. It came with two rechargable batteries. The pendant uses one and the other sits in a charging bay in the base unit. The battery on my mother's recently needed to be recharged and the unit actually called me to let me know. 



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Lots of systems out there, I install and service ones for healthcare facilities, so ones I deal with would be overkill for home use, unless you feel like spending $10K or more.  


70's brought up some points that I am also including in my list below...


Things to consider...

1) Is it a one-time purchase price, or will there be a monthly monitoring cost?

2) Are the devices waterproof?

3) Who gets notified, does it go straight to 911, an answering service, or a family member? And what if someone does not answer?

4) User replaceable batteries, or does the pendant have to be replaced when the battery dies? 

5) Can other devices be added, like a pull cord in the bathroom, or smoke detectors, etc? 

6) Do the pendants alert for falls? 

7) Is it home use only, or do they offer gps locating if you're away from home? 


I may think of other things to add later.


Check with your mother's local government Office of The Aging, they may already have programs in place with companies for discounts on equipment and service.  


Here's one that I've installed their large-scale system, but they also do individual home systems. 


Lifeline | Medical Alert Systems



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Lifeline is good. My mom bought one for my dad. He has parkinson's and falls occasionally and happens mainly when no one is home. My dad once spent 6 weeks in the hospital and rehab due to one of these falls because he fell shortly after my mom left for work and was down for a long time and scraped his leg as he fell and got a nasty bought of cellulitis. Now he has one he can push and can sensor a quick movement like a fall and alerts lifeline who calls 911, my mom who works a mile away, myself and my brother. Its alerted us 3-4 times since and the ambulance and fire fighters along with my mom were there in minutes. Excellent product and service.

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