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10 hours ago, DrPJax said:

Humor me please, I just thought I had an enjoyable, unusual Bills related story that happened to me today and I thought I would share it. 

I was out after getting a hair cut today while recording the last rounds of the draft to watch when I got home. On my way home I stopped in my local Target in Jacksonville Beach to pick up a few things. Grabbed a Starbucks , put in some earbuds and grabbed a cart as I headed toward the men’s area and also to check out if there were any new vinyl records I might want to add to my collection. 

I had my required mask on and was wearing a favorite Bills hat as I stopped to take a sip of coffee.  I looked up to notice this petite, cute girl gesturing and saying something to me and I had to take out my earbuds to hear what she was saying. She was pointing at my Bills hat and asked me if she could take a picture of me. Not a common request so I asked why and she said her boyfriend was a football player for the Bills , and she was headed from a different part of the country to meet him in Naples Florida. She said her boyfriend had told her it was really unusual to see people in Florida with Bills gear on or see much about the Bills in the area he was. She told me she already had pics of two cars that had Bills decorations on them during her trip and that I was the first person she noticed with Bills gear on and she wanted to take my pic to send to her boyfriend proving  there were more Bills supporters around than he thought.  I told her I was a long time Bills fan and actually had Been watching the draft this weekend. I asked who her boyfriend was and she replied I probably wouldn’t know him, but his name was Matt Milano!   She said he was currently in Naples doing OTA’s with some other players. 

So needless to say I said I knew exactly who he was and that he was a really good starting LB and had just signed a new contract making Bills mafia very happy!  She was so nice and we talked for about 15 -20 min there in Target !   I did ask about how they met , how long they had been together , and just some basic questions about her background. To give her a little background about my Bills journey I told her I was a local dr originally from  Ohio and had been a fan long enough to go to two Superbowls ( 27,28) , had my office decorated with Bills memorabilia yet had never been to a game in Buffalo sadly,  was a Milano fan and hoped his returning was part of the Bills making it to the Super Bowl this next year. She told me they had met on Instagram and that Matt kept being persistent until she agreed to go out with him. She admitted to not knowing much about football, saying Matt tried to explain his position etc but she still didn’t get it fully!  She said she ran her own tech company ( I didn’t press her for more as I didn’t want to seem intrusive ) and that prior to dating Matt she had dated a professional golfer for some time, explaining why she didn’t know about football and didn’t know Matt was a well known, very good player prior to agreeing to go out with him. She said she has been with Matt about 6 months now and was headed to Naples where Matt apparently is currently and according to her,  he really  loves the area. She told me they agreed to not talk much about football when they were together, and she made a big point of telling me how intelligent Matt is, being one of the most intelligent men she has met and that’s why she has continued to date him. She mentioned how they both were avid readers and enjoyed discussing books they enjoyed etc.  She really emphasized how she enjoyed being around him and a couple of more times complemented his intelligence and quiet demeanor.   I asked if it was true about him being minimalistic and she told me he usually wore T-shirt’s and made a point to do laundry very often so he didn’t have to buy lots of stuff to wear. It was pretty cute. She told me he was working out quite a bit now , “ lifting and working with these 100 lb chains “ and other stuff as he was participating in the Bills OTA’s like she previously mentioned.  

She couldn’t have been nicer and was a real pleasure to talk to. I wanted to post about meeting her because what were the chances of me meeting Milanos GF in a target in Jacksonville fl , having her come up to me because I had a Bills hat on , and then enjoying a conversation with her willing to talk openly ( I actually said I would let her go and didn’t want to keep her too long , yet she seemed in no hurry and probably would have kept talking for a while ). I was just so impressed by her kindness and not having any aloof attitude  that sometimes you experience around professional football players or their entourages.   I have met several players in different circumstances over my years here in Jax and I can’t say the same for some of the Bills I was introduced to ( tho time has changed a few of them ) and the GOAT receiver I met when the SB was in Jax had an ego to match !  Lol !  So Matt seems like a great, intelligent guy , and his current  GF is extremely nice and I hope things work out for both of them. 

 We finished up with her taking my pic with my Bills hat on and sending it to Matt ( I did take my mask off since I will at least be on his phone for a few min ! ) and she posed for a quick pick for me as I told her I would always have proof that I met Matt’s possible wife prior to him going to the Super Bowl this year !  ( she did keep her mask on which I get since she obviously doesn’t know me ). Forgive me for taking space to post this but it was so unexpected on draft weekend and I thought it was a nice experience along my journey as a Bills fan. Also a pleasure  to post something that was all good about a Bills player we all know at a time when you so frequently read bad things all too often about players.  . Maybe it’s a sign that Matt will have a good year with support from his kind GF on their way to a SB title and maybe more!  I don’t want to post her pic because I didn’t ask or say I would ever do that, so all I have is my word as a long time TBD member and Bills fan that this is true and I am not creative enough to make something like this up ! ( Her first name starts with  an A,, ends with an N if any of you know her ; seemed totally legit to me ! ) Have a great weekend and rest more easy knowing Matt and the Bills are hard at work with OTA’s as they get a jump on the next step to our first SB win!   



Thanks—this is a great story.  “You probably wouldn’t know him...”.  🤣

Probably best not to

mention there are 18,957 posts, threads, replies and arguments about him on a website you visit.  about him.  Makes us  sound stalkerish. 






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11 hours ago, Beerball said:

pic or it didn;t happen

Haha!, I knew that was going to happen.  It caught me so off guard I did  not think to ask if she minded if I posted a pic. She was kind  to let me take one and she was such a nice person, I wouldn’t feel right just posting it.  She was very casually dressed as she was traveling and it’s a beach area as well , so A quick pic in Target is probably not her choice ( esp with mask on) to share publicly !  Now if she was someone full of themselves,,,,,might be a diff story !!  I will just say Milano is living life well right now !  

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8 hours ago, thurst44 said:

You left out the most important part!!! Did you find any good vinyl?


(also it was a fun story)

Picked up the latest Greta Van Fleet LP in a cool , heavy green transparent vinyl.  ( excellent album if you like rock, zeppelin sound). I’m an old dude who grew up on cassettes, then vinyl and finally to cds and downloads. So I love all the new vinyl coming out. I’m a visual type person as well so the new vinyl spinning adds to things and makes me wish this was around way back in my early rock days (70’s) when I occasionally enhanced the experience with mind altering things forced on me by peer pressure!!!  Haha!!  Vinyl still has a sound I love , and the whole experience of just hands on the  cover, etc is more satisfying than just downloading. 

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13 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:

Milano just posted an entertaining little workout clip on Instagram





Thx for sharing that!  Looks like he is working out like crazy just like his GF said! Hope it all translates to a great year for both of them and the Bills! Sounds like a really quality, hard working , nice guy and I can at least say I know he has a good support system and maybe the best is yet to come!  Wish him much success and happiness and I know I will be following his season even more so hoping he stays healthy seeing how much work he is putting in after getting that well deserved new contract. 

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