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3 hours ago, WIDE LEFT said:

For all the snarky,  “know it all” responses about how Josh Reed / Sal Cappaccio really got over on  the OP,  I would invite you to read the article in Buffalo News today, posted on TBD as well, written by News media reporter Alan P. It completely contradicts every thing Josh Reed had to say. It’s says in fact that the local affiliate has plenty of input into what games are shown locally, and their request to change games from what the network originally scheduled “is usually granted”. This of course makes perfect sense since both the local affiliate AND the network always seek to maximize ratings. Makes perfect sense to many, except two Media guys, Reed and Cappaccio, who apparently don’t have a clue how the media works. In fact Cappaccio tweeted out that’s it’s the individual fan who should reach out and complain to the network. Apparently he is unaware that’s the job of a local affiliate, and in fact local affiliates do this all the time. Except apparently the Buffalo affiliate, since their sports “director” Reed is clueless 

Show me on the doll where Josh Reed touched you.

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