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NFL's next great dynasty? Chiefs, Cowboys, Bills among candidates

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On 5/22/2020 at 5:02 AM, TwistofFate said:

Right now the Chiefs should be the only ones who are talked about as a real chance to be a Dynasty. 


Andy has built sustained winners before.   He did it in Philly years ago. Philly fell short of winning the NFC championship 3 out of 4 years in a row, otherwise they would be sitting with Buffalo as the only other team to be in 4 straight super bowls.  The problem with that old Philly team was Mcnabb. If Reid had a Mahomes back then the patriots dynasty probably doesn't exist. 


I dont see a single team right now that has a better shot than a team with a super stud at Qb, a dominant offense, and one of the greatest coaches ever at the helm. 

Yeah, Andy Reid has proven he can have sustained success, and now has the best QB of his career with Mahomes. Back in the 90’s you had the Cowboys, Bills, and 49ers who all had that potential. Later on you had teams like the Packers and Broncos. In today’s NFL, the Chiefs are the only team I’d even think about as a potential “dynasty” when mentioned. There’s way too much parody now to apply the term dynasty frequency.  

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