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1st & 2nd down is the biggest reason Dennison's gone... here's your proof

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On 1/16/2018 at 2:37 PM, MTBill said:

That site is interesting on passing stats...  Taylor is pedestrian with most of those stats - sometimes not even in the top 20.


But - Completion % - 4th quarter.  He ranked 5th in the league.  Ahead of names you'd expect to be higher maybe (Brady, Rogers).  He was 1st in the league in Interceptions/attempt (though Alex Smith was nearly tied at 1% of passes attempted - it's not different by much and Smith had nearly 100 more attempts).


Looking at the 3rd down conversion % by range - Short (<3 yds) 9th @ 68.8% first downs, Medium (3-7 yds) 7th @ 53.2%, Long (8+ yds) 12th @ 29.4%.


I think you can look at statistics all over the place - when we break every data point down - you darn well better be good at a few things.  I would not be shocked (or entirely sad) to see TT back next season - with a long term answer in the wings.  Peterman does not feel like he is the long term solution - but maybe it was just a bad appearance vs. the Chargers (and his 1 attempt in the WC game).


Well said 

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