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  1. 1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:


    See I think there were signs of regression last year. And then suddenly when the playoffs were on the line he played great at the end of the year with a cast of nobodies but it all felt a bit desperate and I think he was making plays despite everything through his natural talent. I think his fundamentals are absolutely shot. I would be surprised if he ever looks like the QB he was in 2017 and 2018 again frankly.


    I agree with this...it was kind of unsustainable some of the things he did at the end of last year...more like "however I have to get it done" type of stuff...almost like Allen in his rookie year.

    1 minute ago, Man with No Name said:

    this is probably wishful thinking. head coaching opps might be once in a lifetime. you are only one terrible season away from no longer being considered a shining candidate. Maybe he doesn't leave for a sh!t job like the Jets or Detroit, but he will leave if given the chance at a promising opportunity. 


    i think


    I agree...but that doesn't mean he will be a good HC...huge skill set difference between what you need to be a good OC/DC and a head coach...much of it has nothing to do with football.

  2. I think Lawrence stays in school rather than be drafted by the Jets.  Didn't Manning spurn them in this way as well years ago?


    Also, Beane has some relatively easy methods to generate enough cap space to do whatever he needs to do in the offseason. Some big cap space players have relatively little dead cap space(like Butler and Jefferson) attached to them.  One of these players likely is expendable when Star returns.  In addition, there are some relatively easy targets for either pay cuts, restructures or cap maneuvering extensions.  


    This is a long way of saying Beane has plenty of flexibility to get whatever he wants done under the cap for next year.


    Special Teams, I think we are good, but according to DVOA, Miami has the best special teams in the NFL at 10.2 and NE is actually 4th at 5.0. Bills are at 8th at 3.5, which is still very good but not quite up to NE or Miami. Sanders the K for the Dolphins has only missed 1 FG and been perfect on XP.  Grant is the leading punt returner in the NFL, thanks to an 88 yard return for a TD against the Cards I believe.  Hauck has been solid if not spectacular as a punter for them. Jets are terrible at -4.8 which is 28th.

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  3. What I was expecting even when they were not playing well early in the year...this D is too well coached and too talented to play that poorly all year.  Had some new pieces they had to figure out how to best fit in there, and they have done a pretty good job as of late, especially with becoming a pressure defense.


    As reported by Aaron Schatz at Football Outsiders:



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  4. A lot better than the Bills 2010 class where the highest Career AV is Arthur Moats taken in the 6th round with 21...most of that coming with Pittsburgh after leaving the Bills. His AV with the Bills was 9.  What a terrible class that was...actually shocked to see that it was worse in terms of career AV than the amazingly bad 2000 draft class which was highlighted by Sammy Morris' 28, again, most of which after leaving Buffalo.


    However, came across this, listing the worst draft classes of all time using DrAV from 2017...


    Bills 2000 class ranks as 15th worst in NFL history(the only Bills draft class on the list) with a Total DrAV of 13...the 2010 class was good enough not to make the list. Actually...now that I look at it more closely, they are only taking the worst for each team and how they compare to each other....



  5. Very nice....and this won't even include the Diggs trade since he wasn't an FA but has added a huge amount of AV for this year...


    I think sometimes it helps to see things in perspective compared to other teams when we might be upset that player X from round Z hasn't produced more, but then you start looking  around the  NFL and realize that we have done really well overall...

  6. 2 hours ago, buffalo2218 said:

    Out of all those coaches listed, how many of those are in their 4th year? Maybe Vrabel? Shanahan? Tomlin inherited a team that Bill Cowher built. Belichek wasn't exactly lighting things up in Cleveland. Reid I would say was naturally a good HC. Payton? Cmon dude, what you're leaving out is the majority of the coaches listed here had a TON of time to right the ship. In Tomlin's case, Pitt's FO did him a world of favors. But let's face it, Roethlisberger won't be around much longer, then what? We saw how good Tomlin was without him last year. Bellichek? The Pats are below .500 for the first time since I don't know when. Reid is still the best of all in the league IMO. It's only fair to be patient with what we have, because it will take longer than 4 years. Just the same tho, things are looking up. Rome wasn't built in a day


    Tomlin has the 6th highest career winning percentage for coaches with more than 200 games at .658.  His worst record as a head coach has been 8-8(3 times). He has won double digit games 9 times out of 14 seasons.  Pretty sure while the FO might have helped, he is a damn good coach.

  7. 5 minutes ago, dave mcbride said:

    To reiterate, Wentz actually played well last season, two years removed from Reich. The Eagles offense did reasonably well too despite real talent problems at the skill positions (12th in points, 14th in yards). 


    But even last year people were talking about that there was something wrong with him and that he wasn't playing well...I think this is a case of the stats not lining up with how he was actually playing.

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  8. Watching Wentz looking absolutely clueless this year and badly regressing makes me really wonder...how much was Reich responsible for his successes? It seems like he started downhill once Reich left and this year he has hit rock bottom...he may no longer be a starting caliber QB in this league.


    And that is what I worry about with Allen a little bit...Daboll has been instrumental to his success and maturation into a star for us...how much would Allen regress(if at all) if Daboll leaves for a HC coaching job this offseason.  There are expected to be a lot of opening, more so than any other year in recent memory perhaps, and Daboll has been a hot name for a year or two now.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, CorkScrewHill said:

    The difference of course is in one case Tyreek Hill is quoted as saying it by a reporter who would be at risk of losing his job if he makes it up and in the other some guy on an anonymous board claims to have spoken to Ed.  Hmmm. It is a source credibility thing. On the bright side, even if Ed did think that I am certain he doesn't feel that way anymore given the on the sidelines Jerry Hughes emphatic declaration that Josh should be in the MVP conversation (he shouldn't be, but that shows the confidence the team has in him).


    Some games he definitely would be in the discussion, others not so much. Still working on consistency but his floor has moved up tremendously since his rookie year.


    Josh playing his worst game is still good enough to probably beat half the teams in the league of not more.


    Also...as an aside...has Josh ever thrown a pick 6? I don't recall seeing one...some QBs have a tendency for those type of INTs like Winston(and Matt Schaub going back a while) and others never seem to have them happen...

  10. 2 minutes ago, Motorin' said:

    No one has really said it, but the one thing our wr core seems to be lacking is the bigger possession receiver that can be that security blanket. Bease ends up being that a lot out of the slot, and Kumerow's singing may end up being more for special teams. But I'd love for Josh to have that big target he can look to in the crunch. 


    Wouldn't Hodgins be that? 6'4" and some said he had the best hands in the entire draft.

  11. The crazy thing is, every one of them has worked!


    And not just worked, scored a TD.  Very few teams scheme up trick plays that well...many times they are covered and we only get to see the highlights of the ones that actually worked.

    2 hours ago, HOUSE said:

    This is a tricky thread, I am not falling for this....


    Some of these plays are pretty awesome...would like to see Daboll try the one at the 1:33 mark of the video...


    Best trick plays of all time(college and pro)


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  12. 4 hours ago, MJS said:

    I think he still takes part in contract drafting and he seems to be doing a good job.


    He was vilified by association, in my opinion. I can't think of anything concrete that he did to draw the ire of fans.


    I can't either...basically the GM tells him this is what we want to do and Overdoff would give them the implications for that and if they decided to do it they would give him the general terms and he would draft up the contract. I don't see how he got thrust into being some type of bad guy.

  13. 46 minutes ago, Rochesterfan said:


    I am not sure what to say.  The negotiations for that are done.  The players are not accepting less.  The owners knew it was going to be bad.  They expected the cap to drop into the 150 million range and that was with stadiums opening more later in the year.  They haven’t and others have closed more.

    The NFL and NFLPA agreed to set a minimum at 175 million and any additional loss below that was going to be spread out over the next 3 years.  

    The 175 million gave GMs something to plan for in giving out contracts and structure.


    It is part of the reason teams are looking to roll money and it is why a team like the Jets think they might turn it around as they will have a ton of space to pick up guys that are cut around the league.


    I am shocked they didn't ask for concessions from players...in the long run they are the ones getting screwed in all of this...the stars will get paid its the guys on mid term contracts and vet minimum contracts that will end up bearing the brunt of it.

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  14. 4 hours ago, dneveu said:


    I feel like anyone can?  Once you hit that 21 day activation window you either get activated or you go on season ending IR.  I thought that was the rule, but maybe theres more to it. 


    I know Sweeneys done for the year.  Same with Ford.  Phillips hit IR twice, so he's done. 


    Milano should be possibly available against pittsburgh, but I'm not counting on it. Hodgins is interesting, but i think thats likely dependent on brown.  He's in his DFR window currently, but I'm not sure they want to activate him and have to either carry 7 WRs or try and hide him on the PS.  Dodson/Lewis should be available to be activated soon.  


    Rule also is if you go on IR a second time after coming back you are done.

  15. 1 minute ago, Rochesterfan said:



    This is already done and agreed to prior to this year starting.


    The salary cap was set with a minimum of 175 million to prevent a huge drop, but the expectation is once done and calculated- the future salary cap over the next 3 years will have to absorb another 20+ million in lost revenue for 2020.  


    The only advantage is the upcoming TV contract that will cause a healthy increase in the cap.  It is just going to take awhile to totally sort out after this years fiasco.


    I just can't see ot dropping that much...unless they get players to accept 90% of their salaries or something for next year to avoid a huge number of cap casualties and low contracts in FA.


    The players may be smarter to accept 90% of their salaries versus have a huge number of players get cut and then have no money to sign them.

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