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  1. Says something to the culture of our team that players WANT to come back here.
  2. Big yikes on that one... I guess that's why you gotta wait til the actual start of free agency. Maybe JD decided that Washington would run more of a dink and dunk offense on account of having no actual QB so he'd get more touches.
  3. Shut it down, folks! Nothing to see here!
  4. Here's that attention you ordered and so desperately crave...
  5. Crowder is a fantastic route runner and has very solid hands. His downside is he's rarely healthy.
  6. If there's even a remote chance you can roll up a Brinks truck to Flores' house and ask him to be our new DC, if I'm Pegula...I take that chance.
  7. Guys, this loss stings HARD. But losing this game in no way means we "just lost another Super Bowl". This is the friggin' NFL where games aren't won on paper or 'feelings'. There is absolutely no guarantee that the Bengals would have just come to Buffalo and laid down for us. And even if we did beat the Bengals, the Rams/49ers ridiculous pass rush may have eaten our shabby O-line for dinner (the way the Bucs did Mahomes last year when everyone thought he was untouchable). We lost a tough game to what is now our only rival in the AFC. But it was still just a divisional game. No promises that the Chiefs win next week.
  8. Well. I’m just gutted. That was a punch to the nads
  9. Hope he doesn’t get Covid from those filthy, dirty Cowboy fans… seriously tho Diggs, be safe…
  10. Jones is painfully average. He’s Trent Edward’s before the concussions. And he’s so slow in the pocket that the injuries will probably pile up from taking a lot of hits.
  11. The one positive these last few games has been Singletary proving he’s a good running back if he gets his touches.
  12. Time to move on from Beasley. As for Davis, he’s an enigma. One week he looks like a genuine #2 receiver, the next week, he’s invisible.
  13. Both Aaron Rodgers and Favre both thrive in the lousy weather of Lambeau. Allen needs to man up and learn to play in the elements.
  14. The only thing he’s good at catching these days is Covid.
  15. It’s concerning that they go down to the level of their competition every week. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be a blowout.
  16. He alligator armed that last throw. Beasley is looking washed or he’s injured worse than he’s letting on.
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