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  1. I watched highlights and saw Lymons (U Cal?) catch passes while fully extended. How good is this guy?

    As for Moats (La Tech?), for some reason he reminds me of Travis, with much more speed, and of course, less strength. He was making people miss tackles. Do you know anything about him?


    Btw, the LT on Florida. St is not in the top ten in the other thread, but I am guessing that he will be a top 5 pick.


    Of course, these questions are directed to R.Rich, but I would appreciate answers from anyone who has seen these guys.


  2. First of all, you are boring us. The ENTIRE problem is the fault of Drew. OK? Thank you very much.

    Next, McNally has arrived. Soon, every scrub up front will resemble Gene Upshaw on his best day. Why? Because of McNally and the "scheme." Are you with me yet? Great.

    Last but not least, do you care to admit how totally wrong you were about wanting the Bills to draft offensive linemen? Suck it up and tell us how we really could NOT have used Snee. What this team DID need were more receivers and qbs, despite the abysmal offensive line. We dont need a #1 pick next season either, no matter what won/loss record we finish with. McNally is worth FAR more! You feel dumb, dont you?

    I am hoping that some day, you will see that blocking means little to nothing. It is ALL about the "scheme," and Coach McNally.

    Wake up and worship, OK?

  3. Absolutly NOT!


    (I only get to have Blue when i come home, I have to have BLUE! :devil: )


    Plus Bill, I swear, one of these days, Im making it to NYC to hang out with you and the NYCBB ...



    Tell us what you mean by "Blue" and I will buy a six-pack. In the meantime, could you be cool with BiB? OK Bro? :D:P

  4. _bib_ said he would like to meet me. I said i would love to, along with Aussie again because I want to drink a beer with her. DC Tom took my mention of me being at Lot one Pole 7 as an indication that there would be some sort of altercation.


    Not me. Im only 14. And my dad won't let me fight. I woulndt want to anyway.


    BUT, the offer still stands, Aussie (or anyone). There will be COLD Blue there On Halloween...



    I have a better idea. How about both you and BiB come meet us on 10/31 at 1/6 (5?). I will have Corona Lights for both of you.

  5. The OLine hasn't looked bad with Drew at QB either.


    And rookie QB's absolutely can learn a lot by sitting their first year. It has been a succesful strategy recently for several different teams.


    Not to mention the kid is coming off a broken leg. If it was a twisted knee or some bruised ribs, maybe you're more likely to think about it. But the boy just broke his leg and now is not the time to be throwing him into a pro game for the first time.





    You know, in game one I would tend to agree. The OL did look a tad improved, in that they looked like they sort of knew what they were doing.

    In game two, even Big Mike played OK, but then was apparently victimized for at least one sack. That said, they are almost exclusively running short routes, which one would think require less protection, and they STILL have given up 8 or 9 sacks!

    Imo, there are 3 problems:

    1) Lack of cohesion. There are 2 new guys in there.

    2) Sorry, overall lack of talent.

    3) Travis Henry. Simon, I dont think that he needs to nor can turn into a Carwell Garner type tough guy overnight, but he is a very strong guy who is well capable of pitching in on pass protection. If he is unwilling to, or mentally incapable of blocking, I think that he should be promptly sat on the bench in favor of MaGahee. What is your take?

  6. The same thing happens to almost every QB - especially the less mobile ones.  The hits simply start to add up and the effect is diminishing returns.  There is a distinct confidence problem at work here and Drew's teammates ain't helping a whole lot.



    I totally agree Darin. Note the similarities with Drew and RJ.....both had GREAT arms, wonderful athletic bodies, and were not too old, yet both are done.

    Drew is yet another victim of the Bills' poor management.

  7. No, no, no, no, no!


    I do think that DB has the leadership ability necessary to lead any team.  What separates DB from the group you mention is field awareness.  He doesn't have it and it's killing the team.



    Drew once had everything he needed to take a team to the superbowl. Now, after being beaten within an inch of his life playing behind the Bills OL and Travis Gump, he is through.

    I just hope he gets out of this with all of his marbles. The shot he took last week (you know, the one where Josh (Bust) Reed dropped the easy pass), was not pretty.

    Time to rebuild.

  8. Yesterday and it was very intesting listening to those that are not common posters on this board (*)


    The general concensus is this....


    1) Bledsoe is done.  They, like me, are tired of excuses.  As all know I feel this team has the talent and coaching to still go 10-6. Look at yesterdays games folks. Other than Philly there are NO dominate teams....not even NE.  If Philly and NE played right now, Philly would B!tch slap NE all over the field.


    I posted about the OL's how the top two OL's in football are struggleing. Esp the percieved #1 OL in KC that is 0-3 on the season.  Enough blaming the OL.  It is average to above average.  We are 6 weeks into McNally REALLY working with a starting lineup.


    After going back and watching tape of BOTH games....Bledsoe is done.  It honestly pains me to say it. and Yeah I am gonna take some heat for saying it, but that doesn't change Fact.  This guy is done.  When ANY player has to tell the press "I am the man...deal with it"  He is done.

    My two cents would be to bench bledsoe, start our backup and the minute Losman can play...he plays.


    2) Start McGahee.  I am sick of the "His knee needs time" bull stevestojan.  I have had a knee injury that orthopedists say was WORSE than his.  I was back on the HG Field in 18 months. ( and yes folks take a video of the HG's to an orthopedist and he will easilly say the HG's are as hard if not HARDER on the body than football).  That aside, I see other players making it back in the same to less time.  The ONLY Way this guy gets better is to PLAY.


    Hey Tefflon Tom drafted this guy instead of an offensive linemen.  PLAY HIM!  You spend a 1st on the guy...PLAY HIM!


    I call up Tampa and Oakland and say "Your 1st next year for Travis Henry".  I bet we have a trade in 48 hours tops. We have backups, do the trade NOW and let WM get some time in.


    3) trade Moulds. YES trade moulds.  "But ICE he is our best Offensive weapon".  Bull Crap he is!  EM is a shell of his former self. He will NEVER be "Eric Moulds" again after that groin. Just like Andre Reed was never "Andre Reed" again.  Let Evans and Reed develop together.

    Why waste any more time? New coaching staff, new system...play your "Future" NOW!  Enough waiting around.  We have wasted enough time trying to plug fingers in the dam.  Tear the SOB down and put the new on up and let it get to work.


    Some will say "but what about the defense"?  I say What about it?  They are getting paid. So what if they have to wait one friggin season for our new QB, RB and WR to develop.  When DO they want to win?  If we did this NOW, right now...we would be prime to do some REAL Damage next year!

    But you know what?  It makes too much sense.  Why didn't we do this in the offseason?  Why not cut bledsoe, trade Henry and moulds. Use that cap to outbid Detroit for Damien Woody for Center. Keep teague as a backup then his contract would expire this offseason.  SIGN a decent LG, re-sign Jennings and NOW....NOW you have some serious talent for McNally to work with.


    We could have signed a much better backup/mentor to Losman.  As for RB I know Eddie George would be sitting there if we had made Henry part of our trade to Dallas instead of next years 1st rounder.  Hell Antoine Smith could have been a backup for God's sake.  WR? PLENTY of vets to act as a backup there.


    I guess the thing that bothers me the most is how a little common sense in upper management would have had this ship in much better shape in just this last offseason.  As is, we wait....and wait.....and wait....and wait.  It's too bad. A few simple LOGICAL moves and we are contending for the AFC Title by the end of next year.

    Am I off the band wagon? Nope, never will be. But it gets to a point when you look at something and say "Damn man...how hard is it?"  I think this management out thinks it's self.


    0-2 is one thing. If we go 0-3 and don't put up more than 17 on the Patsies...we are done. No more wishing, hoping nothing. Logic and history dictates we are finished for this season.  I know this bucks what I have said before...but if we do and we do it ugly....Tom Donahoe must be fired and Tom Modrak needs to take the reigns.



    Interesting post ICE. My response:

    1) I sadly agree. Bledsoe has been beaten half to death. The Bills OL cut his career short. No surprise there.


    2) I fully agree. At this point, I would trade Travis in a heartbeat. It has been said that I am obsessed with MW. I LIKE Big Mike compared to Travis Gump. He cant/WONT block, cant catch, is not fast, and fumbles away the football. I would love a #1, but would gladly take a #2 tonight.


    3) As for Moulds, I think it would be best to keep him and renegotiate his deal. This would give Losman a combo of Moulds/Evans, assuming he doesn't get killed behind this OL.


    Btw, do you recall the time when you (and I) stopped supporting RJ? It was the same circumstances. They both were victims of the Bills management neglecting the area of blocking.

    To add to your list, I think it is time (after the season) for a new GM, and perhaps a change in ownership. As much as I admire what RW has done for the game of football, I think it is time for a change.

  9. I agree Henry is the biggest problem!! He can't catch ( Pass goes right threw his hands and gets intercepted but it was too hi so it must be Bledsoes fault), He can't block ( Just watch him totally whiff and wind up on the ground while Bledsoe gets creamed, But Bledsoe should of thrown it sooner since he knows first hand that Henry can't block), He fumbles too much( Hasn't lost 1 yet this year but will soon and it will cost us but it will be Bledsoes fault because he didn't put it in there just right), Fell down without being hit several times, Doesn't have breakaway speed, Doesn't  know the plays( Watch him on two obvious occasions in game one go the wrong way causing losses), But he runs hard so he is great. Remember He can't catch he can't block has no speed but other than that he is great!!  Doesn't anyone remember Thurman ? How many receiving yards did he get? How many times did he fumble? How many receiving yards does Henry have in his career?  TRAVIS HENRY SUCKS PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! Bledsoe might suck, The O-line might suck I will concede, but TRAVIS HENRY IS MORE OF A HINDERANCE TO A GOOD O THAN A HELP!!!



    Prepare to get flamed. Travis is probably the most popular player on this board.

  10. lol, I would like to see these stats that prove MW is better than BM...


    I also would like to see the Viking front office and fans polled as to who they would rather have, BM or MW... I bet 100% would say BM.


    Hell, I'd like to see the BILLS front office and fans polled with the same question... wouldn't surprise me if it's close to 100% for BM, too.



    I fully agree. It would have been different if MW was a great RT. I would have gladly used a #4. To go a step further, I would be willing to part with an early pick for a great guard.

    The ugly truth is that MW is still struggling in his 3rd season, raised eyebrows in the offseason, and is killing the team's salary cap.

  11. I live in Minnesota and watch quite a few Vikings games.  BM isn't that good.


    Research was done during the offseason that showed, STATISTICALLY, that MW was actually *better* than BM.  If I recall correctly (and the person who had the link to stats for OL can maybe chime in), BM had given up MORE sacks than MW -- and to make matters worse, MW is blocking for a pocket passer while BM is blocking for a scrambler, thus the stats probably would've been even more in MW's favor had roles been reversed.


    Culpepper has been sacked 6 times through the first 2 games (excluding yesterday, since ESPN hasn't updated it yet).  DB was sacked 8 times.  Culpepper has fumbled the ball away (in the red zone) multiple times as well.  Both have thrown only 1 interception.


    So stop saying that BM is leaps and bounds ahead of MW, because it's simply not true.  People around here get it in their head that something is a certain way and they never veer away from that, even when presented with evidence.  Reuben Brown "always getting a flag every game" was another myth that was proven to be false, yet people still say it like it's true.





    Did you watch the vikes yesterday? I did, and McKinnie was awesome. Thisis not to say that I watch him every game, because I do not, but he had the blindside secured yesterday, and opened holes for running plays.

  12. Yes, and they bulldozed numerous neighborhoods also, in addition to their illegal border crossing.


    Great solution... find one terrorist in the middle of a city, and bomb a hole through the block. BRILLIANT!  Israel, :I starred in Brokeback Mountain:



    Well VT, it IS interesting that you point the middle finger at Israel, while ignoring the little part of the article which states that Hamas has murdered hundreds of Jews.


    Have you any pointers for Israel in terms of how they should defend themselves from those who murder their babies because they are Jewish? If so, by all means contact them.

    In the meantime, I wonder if they have found all the body parts yet of this latest dead Hamas terrorist scubbag. :devil:

  13. I guess I really fail to see your point.  The offense is as bad as we think.  I dont solely blame any one individual (except Donahoe, for failing to address key needs). 

    Our OL is terrible, yes.  They fail to adapt, they miss obvious assignments... 


    Bledsoe is washed up.  He has no confidence left, only a strong throwing arm.  He proceeds to use that throwing arm by missing wide open receivers, throwing above their heads or at their feet.


    We have no full back.  Who can block in the backfield?  Shelton?  Henry? ???  At least with L. Centers, Bledsoe could just throw the ball his way to get rid of it...


    We do have one of the best receivers in the game.  Unfortunately, there is no real threat otherwise.  Josh Reed has fallen of the face of the planet after a strong rookie year, and Lee Evans is being sorely under-utilized.  Bobby Shaw is what he is...a decent depth receiver, but nothing more.


    The only thing I do wish that this team would utilize more would be more two-back plays.  If we dont have a good FB, at least we could throw a few defenses off with the ball going either way...to Willis or Travis.  If they dont like sharing time, screw em.  Its a team sport, and theyre currently 0-2



    If you are going to give us such good posts, please register.


  14. So basically what you're saying is that every time he only has 2 seconds to throw he's going to take a sack instead of reacting to the pressure by dumping it off, sliding in the pocket, or throwing the ball away?


    I've seen TONS of QBs have guys come unblocked at them and many times they still make positive plays.  That rarely happens with Drew.


    Jimmy Johnson had an accurate statement at the half of the Indy/GB game today when he said, "defenses should defense good QBs and Blitz bad ones."  Tell me, what do defenses do against Drew?  And I don't even want to hear the oline argument, if the D sends more players than the O have blockers someone is going to come free, its up to the QB to make a play.



    You and Jimmy Johnson are right. Now, all we can do is hope that Losman doesn't get maimed behind this pile of stevestojan, but history tells us that he will.

    It is still a game of blocking and tackling.

  15. For those without the time/desire to click on the link, Israel went INTO Syria and killed a Hamas scumbag. If you scroll down, it describes how they were picking up his body parts.


    I suspect that if/when President Bush is re-elected, there will be lots of filthy, dirty scumbags killed as such across the Middle East. In the meantime, hats off to Israel. I salute such a skilled, wonderful act.Burn in Hell, terrorist scumbag!

  16. You still haven't answered Todd's question about his decision-making. Fortunately for Drew, I don't think anyone outside teh Bills org keeps a stat for that.





    Well, it must be hard to decide whether or not to get another concussion, or perhaps a broken leg while playing behind the likes of the Bills OL. :rolleyes:

  17. GW was ugly but it really only cost us one year of underacheivement. The rosters we had his first two years were JButler specials and we had no hope of reaching the postseason. Even last year with competent coaching we were likely no better than a wildcard one/done team.

    Implying that a single draft pick (which the jury is still out on) is some sort of major setback for an organization is not something I can even consider remotely realistic.

    How on earth can you say that when you are constantly lamenting our failure to cripple our salary cap by giving a huuuuuge portion of it to a single player like Pace, Ogden, etc.? And while Mike Williams has yet to be all we hoped for, he hasn't been anywhere near as bad as many continue to try and make him out to be.

    Nonsense. He's essentially playing his first year of NFL ball and has been pretty effective as a DE on one of the league's best defenses.

    No, his first draft was absolutely freaking spectacular, the best of '02 and one of the very best in the entire league over the last 3 years.

    As for assessing his other ones(which it may still be too early for), I think maybe you should compare them to other teams' drafts instead of some dream draft which nobody could ever hope to measure up to.

    I disagree that our OLine is shabby as they have played pretty well so far in a very tough situation to open the year, not to mention protecting Bledsoe may very well be the toughest task in the NFL.

    And I think first round picks are overrated, with only like 50% ever actually panning out. Besides our 2005 1strounder is already on our roster getting an important year of experience.


    Don't let yourself fall in with the hand-wringers Bill. We are not in that bad of shape.





    Although I am soothed by your optimism, with all due respect, I infer that not all of it is rational. Where do I start?


    1) As "great" as you proclaim the 02 draft to be, Clements is showboating and missing plays. Travis fumbles, and cannot block nor catch. Jennings wants out. Schobel is good, but I want more from him.


    2) Please, for me :doh: , do not mention MW in a sentence with two Hall of Fame LTs. MW is an out of shape, head case RT, who I wish would be tried at LG. The way his contract was structured, according to BuffaloBob, (a seemingly very good source), is crippling. His salary is only 726,000 next year. It will cost millions of cap dollars to cut this blob. Again, this was a NUMBER FRICKEN FOUR!!! Certainly, you are not pleased with this pick, are you?


    3) Protecting Drew is such a tough task because this OL already made sure he was half dead. Again, 110 sacks in 2 seasons plus 2 games. How many other hits? This OL has itself to blame.


    4) As for the first rounder in 05, how DO we improve this OL? McNally? Drew has already been sacked what, 9 times in 2 games? Thanks Coach. :rolleyes: But seriously, don't you think that we need to devote high picks to cure this ill?


    5) What about MaGahee? Why is he not in there? Henry is missing blocks, batting up passes for ints, averaging 3 yds per carry, and he hasn't even started fumbling the football yet. Why again did we pass on Steinbach (sic) if we are not to use MaGahee when our "feature" back is floundering?


    My point is Bro, that it all is adding up to a mess, and someone has to be accountable. Why not TD?

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