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  1. I think it's great! Never tired of it. It's not that serious folks, just some playful banter between rivals. No one is pinning it to their bulletin boards.
  2. I totally get that! That's why I used the word "Almost". lol Does not matter anyway, I forgot that would be for next year. I was just saying that If we got the pick this year, it would help ease the blow of losing a second. we would get D Hop and still have 6 picks. Not even by any means, but I like getting a proven player, knowing he might be what we need for THIS YEAR to get over the hump. forgot that minor detail.
  3. Yes. Won"t we get another 3rd rounder for losing Edmunds? Almost a replacement pick for the second we would give up for a proven player.
  4. Either way, I guess the point is that no matter which it is, according to the rules, the play should not be allowed to go off. unlike Offside which can result in a free play, pre snap penalties are dead ball. No Play. No free seconds, or 2 seconds. I just believe it matters. Agree to disagree.
  5. So, you wouldn't care if they missed a false start on that same play? Sometimes it's only a twitch. Or an illegal formation? Sometimes it's only Inches off the line. Why should 1 second be any different? I'd be mad they gave up a 4th and 8 too. But every team is supposed to get a specific time to get the play off. if they don't its a penalty. The 4th and 8 should have never happened.
  6. I don't think this is ridiculous. It's a valid concern. If the Dolphins convert a 4th and 8 to get into field goal range to win the game against us with 15 seconds left, but snapped the ball 1 second after the play clock ran out, you would be pretty pissed they were not set back 5 yards instead. No exploding balls. In the year 2023, we should be able to notify the ref in some way where he doesnt have to take his eye off the ball.
  7. Absolutely. Or at least we should. How many big plays have happend in key moments when it clearly should have been a 5 yard penalty in the opposite direction?
  8. Milano is starting to get some love from the media, but no where near where it is deserved. I love how TV guys always look to the script and say "he's one of the best coverage backers". While that is true and should be mentioned, have they watched this guy tackle?? He is one of the best linebackers, PERIOD.
  9. My First Post! I'm actually suprised more Special Teams Coaches (i.e. John Harbaugh) don't get hired as head coaches. I would think they would have ability to see the bigger picture on how the team as a whole is run. When the special teams play, it's always right after an importnat decicison by the head coach, or after what the coordinators do (Do we punt?, do we kick a field goal? Did we score a TD and now we are Kicking off?) I always wished Bobby April would have been given the chance in Buffalo.
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