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  1. No, I am not talking about the "most anticipated vice-presidential candidate debate in history." I am asking about "America's Game: The Missing Rings," which airs for the first time tonight at 10.


    As TBD's very own Tim Graham puts, it was the "most agonizing night" of my sporting life.


    I think I have to watch because the commercials promise interviews with my childhood heroes and insight not told before. But it is going to hurt.


    Will you or won't you watch?






    OK, scribo, now I have to explain it to the girlfriend on why we are not watching the second half of the debate tonight.




  2. Is there a better manual out there on "How to Throw Away Your Life and The Future Well Being of Your Children" than what we have seen with Travis?




    This is so sad, and basically, because it effects more than just Travis, but his innocent children.

  3. My grandfather and dad are with your dad, fer sure. All will tell you that the temperature in Heaven for all Bills games is 70 degrees. Much like a suite, except totally free. They have small fridges down in front in case you want bottles of beer. They still have waitresses in short skirts, who will come down front, and bend WAYYYYYYY over to pick you out a cold one. And every bottle, regardless of brand, stays the same temperature as that first taste.


    Oh, and did I mention they come with nipples?


    The beer bottles. I was talking about the beer bottles.






    The nachos.



    The nachos, where the cheese never gets cold and the chips never get stale.


    ...i know they are there, i think you just forgot to mention them.





    And Astrobot, our dads and your grand dad all have Lazy-Boyz with the giant cup holder! :w00t:



    As do all the Bills fans up there!!!!

  4. I mean really fun...all of it, after so long.




    ...and I am not trying to strike a melancholy note in this thread, but my father was a season ticket holder going back to 1960. He died in March of Leukemia. One of the last fully conscience moments he had I mentioned the trade for Marcus Stroud and he gave me an approving wink :pirate:



    He really would have loved this.


    Luckily, he now has one of the best seats in the house.



    Enjoy this, to all Bills fans everywhere.


    ...and I mean everywhere.

  5. (2:36) (Shotgun) 12-T.Green pass incomplete short right to 23-B.Leonard. Penalty on STL-76-O.Pace, Offensive Holding, offsetting, enforced at BUF 28 - No Play. Penalty on BUF-92-R.Denney, Defensive Offside, offsetting.





    Then I recind my prior post.



    ALWAYS willing to admit when I'm wrong. I think. :thumbdown:



    ...and the Bills are still 4-0. :w00t:

  6. Wisconsin ran a 2 point conversion to tie the game v. Michigan at the end of the game Saturday. They scored. A few seconds after the conclusion of the play, a flag hit the ground. Illegal formation.


    Yesterday after the Bills scored the 2 point conversion, the same call took place. I've never seen this called before. And then I saw it twice in 2 days.


    Also, there was a play during which penalties were called on both the offense and the defense....one was an offside v. the

    Bills and a facemask v. the Rams, By Rule, they offset. But I remember in the past that By Rule, they screwed the Bills and enforced the bigger penalty. Apparently they've rewritten the rule.




    Sorry, my friend, both penalties were on the Rams offense - Bills waived them both off.


    Unless I am mistaken about which play you're referencing.



    But I hear ya on your overall point.

  7. Chris Carter just slammed us on Mike & Mike saying we are yet to play anyone. And something like 'wait til they play someone, it'll be overwith".




    Ah shoot, CC. I guess that means our wins don't count. :thumbdown:



    This shows you, WWVBeach, where we are if some of the guys in the bizz are starting to hate on us. :w00t:



    Le him do it all he wants.

  8. Actually, The Lemon Twins were 2 sisters with some sort of musical act (IIRC) in the John Candy/Eugene Levy movie "The Last Polka". The movie was a takeoff of The Band's finale in the movie "The Last Waltz".


    Candy and Levy played the Yosh and Stan Shmenge in regular appearances as The Happy Wanderers polka band on the SCTV comedy skit show.


    Part of the fun was that, as each introduced himself, they pronounced "Shmenge" differently.


    I sure miss John Candy.



    I used to love staying up and watching SCTV.


    I feel sorry for the younger members of our board who never had an opportunity to see it when it was on, but I think they final released some episodes on DVD.


    Candy as Johnny LaRue, plus Bob and Dog McKenzie, the news team, Dr. Tongue, Vic Arpeggio...all good stuff.

  9. The chiefs will never trade gonzalez. He's the one guy that's the "face" of that franchise. They'll stick with him, in spite of getting picks to improve the team. JP for Gonzalez would make sense for both teams, but Carl Peterson is stubborn. They'd want at least a 1st rd pick for him, and stick to that.



    Favre wasn't even a 1st rounder and he has more upside even at 38 than Gonzales does.



    However, I am in full agreement that it would take JP and an additional pick, but we are just plain not going to get rid of JP yet.

  10. I know it's only week 4 but that game against Denver on December 21st could have some playoff implications for both teams.



    Both Denver and Buffalo will have at least (AT LEAST) 10 wins, be vying for their respective division titles, and quite possibly home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


    I had a thread about this a couple of days ago...this is the game that is going to be switched, if any, for the Bills.

  11. ...another solid game by him by my recollection!


    Why oh why, did we give up on Brandon Spoon. (Just kidding)



    Amen, brother.


    That third down tackle in the 2nd quarter that held the Raiders to a field goal...are you kidding me? Youboty came out of no where and ended it about a second after the snap of the ball.


    Honestly, I think it was an unheralded play during that game.

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