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  1. Did anyone else watch the 'on the clock' feature?

    I really dont care what the national media thinks but its a sunday morning and

    im bored so what hell?

    These guys went on and on about the loss of mcgahee after revealing the bills were near the

    bottom of the NFL in rushing last season.


    These guys went on and on about the loss of fletcher and clements after revealing

    how badly the bills ranked on defense last season.

    Funny how all of these guys are Donahoe's.


    Saying they were going in the wrong direction and not mentioning the aquisition of darwin on the D line and barely acknowledging

    john dockery. Mort still has wet dreams about donahoe and shouldn't be allowed to talk about the Bills because of how biased he is.


    BTW .. did anyone catch that nugget where mort said an AFC East coach would love to trade rosters with the bills?

    I wonder who that is.


    And don't get me wrong here. I think Donahoe does deserve a lot of credit for the talent on the Bills roster today.

    But he deserved to get fired because he didn't know how to manage any other aspect of his job.


    Mort really needs to let this go and move on.


    Happy Easter everybody



    I did see that. It is one thing to say that you disagree with the Bills' moves, speak poorly of them and then say they were headed in the wrong direction...However, this was more than that. This was a bludgeoning of the team and the organization, equipped with conspiracy theories (thanks Morty!) and outright lies (since when does being 8-9 million under the cap equal out to - paraphrase - "unwilling to spend any money").


    Even though my other comments on this board concerning this subject made me a little sensitive to the a national attacks on the Bills, I was accepting of what some here said when you suggested, "the heck with them, what do they know," but come on, guys, this was ridiculous yesterday.



  2. What a tool....1 year he uses K-State...sad



    Sorry, I have to disagree. I've heard before it was his dream job. Even before the events at the 'Nati he would have left the Bearcats in an instant to take the WV job if it had been offered, even given how much he enjoyed Cincinnati.


    I feel bad for the players, but when your dream job is finally dangled out there for you, you don't pass it up.


    None of us would.

  3. I'm starting to lean so heavily in Willis' favor lately that I will be very disappointed if we don't get him at #12.


    That being said, it partially assumes that AP is not their at 12. However, if AP is their at 12, regardless of the talent pool for RB being better than the talent pool for LB for the remainder of the draft (personal opinion), I just can't imagine passing up on a kid as talented as Peterson when he falls into your lap.


    This coming from a guy who sort of considers RBs to be a dime a dozen. If it were Lynch / Willis, no brainer - Willis.


    I think Willis is outstanding.


    However, I am among those that think that AP is such a special talent that all other considerations, even desperate need positions, go right out the window when the opportunity arises to get him.

  4. Pittman is one of the guys I want.


    If we can't get Patrick Willis, I'd rather trade down and pick up another #2 to ensure we get a guy like Pittman in round #2



    I hear ya and agree with you 95% on this one, Dan. Although I would consider Lynch if he were still there. However, I am leaning more and more towards hoping and praying that Willis will be there...



    ...which means he won't be there. :w00t:

  5. 1- Willis, Patrick MLB <if allready taken> Posluszny, Paul OLB ...both would be monsters on our line for along time to come

    2- Pittman, Antonio RB ....I think this guy has more potential than anyone else available after lynch and peterson are gone

    3a- Hughes, Daymeion CB ...ball hawk and fast solid CB for tampa2 defense

    3b- Alexander, Rufus OLB ...another great Lb perfect for tampa2 defense

    4-McClain, Le'Ron FB ...monster Blocker and can catch and get yards after the catch

    6,7a,7b - all depth at wherever




    If we don't get Turner then i absolutely love the above. Nice job Horus.

  6. well i did say 2nd or 3rd round but if you really must have a 3rd how about Siler from Flo or Alexander from Okl or Davis from Flo St.?



    DB-94, from what you know of these guys do you think or feel they are ready to start?


    I think that is a fair question b/c i believe there was a feeling last year that Simpson was going to be able to see the field early in his first year at safety, where as they knew Youboty, although highly touted, was going to need a little time.

  7. I think We are going to get Turner so keep in mind this post is after we filled the RB position.


    When I look at this Team the greatest need is at WR. The collection of Price, Reed, or whoever else they have scares no one and D's can key on Evans. Especially when there is no threat at the TE position. We lost some Line backers but we have good young players that are going to step up in Crowell and Ellison and we can get one with a second or third round pick.


    -So our first round pick should be The Best WR on the Board



    I disagree with you that our other young LBs can step up with Crowell and Ellison.


    However, I'll go along with you as long as you can give me the name of a potential LB in the 3rd round who could start for us.

  8. Its an idiotic argument. People sit around and clamour for Turner then the other faction comes in with the backlash, "oh hes gonna cost too much", maybe, but then you cant support us drafting peterson, even if he fell to 12 hed likely be asking for a lot more $$$ than Ngata got last year bc hes an offensive playmaker. I know that its structred but that doesnt stop peoples demands and to be honest if you were ADs agent, wouldnt you try to squeeze the most out of that lemon as possible before another bone snaps without contact.


    THe 2nd argument against turner is: "lets get a rookie with no miles on his tires". This is the one that bothers me, TUrner has a total of 3 years in the league, very light workload, but enough to tell if talent is there. We dont know if he can play every down but as a poster stated the other day he will definatley be part of a 2 back system, so its not like all the weight would be on him. The biggest problem with the argument is that come september these are a lot of the same folks who willb e saying, "oh but we're going with a rookie RB, he could use time to work on blocking, routes etc". Turner has had this time, hes studied behind THE BEST DAMN GUY IN THE GAME for 3 years.


    I support trading for turner very much, but not if it involves giving up more than a 2nd round pick(IMO a swap of firsts is too much because we would not then be able to select one of the last elite prospects on the board). The idea is that it would likely be hard to draft a back better than turner in the 2nd round and I cant help but agree with that thinking. A lot of people on here have been saying, "well this is a deep RB class and there are plenty of guys to choose from". I disagree. Last year was a very deep draft at RB. 2 years ago, the draft was deep at RB. This year there are 2 near-elite prospects and about 5-7 more guys who grade out as day 1 picks. Could I be wrong? definately. The one thing that bodes well if we draft a late first day RB to start is that our OL should resemble a steamroller.


    I got way off topic on this one. Sorry. The point is I believe that if we can snag turner for a 2nd rounder (or even a swap of 2nds and a third next year) that it would allow us to field the best team because we would still have a chance to draft Patrick Willis or trade back and pick up Puz(Poz, pus, puss, whatever you wanna call him) or address other positions of need. Imagine if our draft looked something like this:


    1(trade back): Robert Meachum

    2: Michael Turner

    2(acquired through trade down): David Harris or Jason Durant.

    3a-Daymeion Hughes.



    1: Patrick Willis

    2: Turner

    3a: Anthony Gonzales, Steve Smith, Craig Davis etc. or a CB.


    I think that would address our needs most sufficiently. In either scenario we could choose an upper eschelon player with our first pick, fill needs with our top 3(one of them being Turner RB) and use our final 3rd rounder to either move around in the draft or sit on it and choose the absolute best player available for depth.


    Jeez, I think i just turned into the type of poster whose been driving me nuts lately. Time for a TBD break.





    I'll agree with you, mainly b/c I don't want to appear idiotic. :rolleyes:

  9. I like this fine but why in the world would we want to bring in Lavaar Arrington or Chris Brown? Enough of second rate guys who couldn't cut it on other teams and who can't find a team to sign them. They're just names...but they've not been successful enough to take a risk on - particularly Lavaar. Brown possibly - but we've already got our 2nd string back and there are better options for our first.




    I agree completely, disco. You can't see it but my emoticons eyes were rolling.


    I just was using those two as examples of what gives todays NFL bloggers the warm and fuzzies with respect to what teams should do.



    Additionally, I wish I could remember it exactly, but I remember Marv Levy's press conference after the draft last year when one of the reporters seriously questioned the Bills' picks and (I believe) stated that most NFL analysts said it was a bad move and Marv simply replied that he trusts his scouts and staff for putting the Bills together more than NFL analysts.


    I might be a little off on that but that is essentially what happened.


    Priceless! Nice job, Marv. Although i would hate to lose Modrak, but I'll believe his gone when I see it.

  10. How does Triplett, Dockery and Langston = signing guys that did not pan out...?








    Guys, I know we're "homers" but come on, lately, any 5 of us can knock the hell out of most of these arguments or comments that the "analysts" have been saying about the Bills.


    It doesn't necessarily make us right, it just makes them look bad.

  11. Jeez, I'm so sick of the "sky is falling" national media outlet commentaries with respect to this team.


    A couple of quick hits here, If I may:




    1. I believe I am correct when i say that come the 2007 season, we'll have only 3 starters 30 and over and no one over 31 - youth;


    2. After we draft or trade, almost the entirety of our starting defense we'll either be contractual obligated or restricted free agents for no less than 2, most likely, 3 years to come - stability;


    3. Most of the current (Triplett), new (Walker, and McCargo - remember him) or possibly, soon to be (Willis) defensive players are compatible with our implementation of the Tampa 2 defensive scheme - experience or scheme knowledge;


    4. There is little argument that our OL that got better last year (5-4 finish) was made, through free agency, better this year, and with a little depth - upgrade;


    5. I have little doubt that either through a trade (Turner) or the draft (Lynch, Pittman) we will get a faster, more hands efficient RB that, at least for a little while, wants to be here - stability, consistency, youth, skill;


    6. The guy protecting JPs blind side should probably come into his own this year as one of the best tackles in the business - experience, skill, stability, youth;


    7. Cap wise, we are going to be in a good position after this year to sign JP and Evans (should they flourish) which along with our upcoming draft moves, FA so far, and our recent signings will contractually obligate a majority of our improved and improving OF for no less than 2, most likely, 3 years to come - stability;


    8. We are getting back the NFL's 11th rated QB, along with our "should have been a Pro Bowler" WR - youth, stability, experience, skill and I could go on and on.



    Please forgive me for not feeling worse about my team, its direction and its leadership.


    Can anyone tell me how we go about signing Lavaar Arrington or Chris Brown? :)

  12. I think the word you're looking for is awful.



    I can't stress this enough: I have honestly felt for years that Lavaar Arrington is and has been THE most overrated player in NFL. I watched teams throw money at him after essentially having only one career year.


    I've talked about this with friends and it has always been one of the more baffling things about the NFL. It was even more annoying during nationally televised games when announcers would repeatedly comment about how great he is; only to watch him play poorly during that particular game.


    I ask you honestly, did this guy make a deal with the devil?

  13. Like the idea but what about LB?


    It's almost as if with all of the Bills needs right now (LB, RB, CB, DT IMO) that one of the positions will have to sacrificed until next draft or put on the backburner for a while.


    My guess is that CB is where the Bills will cool off a bit, it goes against Marv's reputation of DB's in the first but I think the other positions have greater need.





    Willis Branch will fit right into are system at LB...generallee83, we'll be reeaaaaaaal good at the position if we get him, and we'll be real young with a core of starting guys that will be around for awhile.

  14. I'm definitely cool with all the moves we've made so far in free agency....But if we trade our first round pick for Turner, who does have a lot of potential, it would be a mistake...


    If we can package a 2nd and a 3rd let's roll with it.



    I think I agree. Get Turner, pick up Branch in the first round, possible get a DB with our other third round pick...that's a mighty fine day one to me.

  15. But would you all agree that we are years away?


    Can you remember a worse offseason?



    Sorry, I must be out of my gourd b/c I am quite pleased with this off season. Nice pick-ups, question marks removed from the team, draft picks acquired, malcontents ejected (sorry, I love TKO, but he also qualifies a little bit as a malcontent - see last years comments about JP).


    I will miss TKO, as well as you do. However, I will miss the 2004 TKO, not the 2007 version.


    The same way I missed the Chris Spielman we signed and not the one we let go.

  16. Carr will start somewhere next season. It is pretty much laughable that anyone would think we are interested in him for any reason, considering that the trade bar is being set as "trading a starting QB".


    It will be interesting to see what he can do behind a decent o-line.



    Agreed. It is also ridiculous and, additionally, a little annoying because essentially it appears it is coming from lazy reporters who did not realize that JP Losman had a good season last year (especially in the 2nd half of the year) and are lumping Buffalo in with other teams with QB problems based upon there memories of, "JP = Bad QB."




    I get so tired of this from national reporters. Please, some genius tell us again how bad our 06 draft was. :worthy:

  17. That being said, a draft day trade would be the preferable way to pull this off.



    A draft day trade for an unproven back-up that everyone seems to love.



    hmmmmm, where have I heard this before? ;)



    No matter what, though, i want a RB either in the first or second round, or by a trade like this for Turner.

  18. I was at the game.


    And why should anyone believe me over the 500,000 other people who have said that they were at the game? I was lucky enough to have a box seat on that day.


    28-3 at halftime, so what. No way i was going to pass-up free chicken wings, roast beef, pizza and drinks. ;)


    I still went nuts, though, in that third quarter. When I was driving home i called my buddy who was sitting in another section and left the game at halftime (by the way, my cell phone back then was almost the size of a one liter bottle today) and I could not stop screaming to him about "The greatest comeback in NFL history!!"


    What i really miss is that I lost my VHS tapes that i made of Gameday later that evening.

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